Daily Affirmations – Law Of Attraction on Money

Affirmation Investigation – Have you ever thought about how you’ve been programmed since 
you were a kid to accept whatever life hands you?No offense, but that is the biggest load of horse puckie since 
THEY said the world was flat! You can truly RE-program 
your thinking to attract the most astounding things into your life. 

Just watch the video, OK?

Bob Explains It All—RE-Program Your Thinking!

Some people swear by them, other people have sworn off them, and some people swear as their ‘daily affirmations’.  Regardless of where you stand there is sure to be someone who completely disagrees with your view.  So, where does that leave us?

I’ve used affirmations in a variety of situations with varying degrees of success.  When I reflect on the situations where they worked and where they came up short, a couple ‘key points’ of what made the ones that worked successful jump out.  And we’ll get to that in a moment…but first, you need to watch this little girl in action.

It’s hard NOT to smile at how she approaches them.  I’m not saying what she’s done here is the one and only way to do affirmations (everyone is different) but she absolutely OWNS her affirmations…and I think that is the first big step.


Now if I compare that with the under-the-breath whispers that I used to repeat to myself when I first dipped my toe into the affirmation waters I am amazed by how tuned in she is.  She’s not limply repeating some phrase that she found that is supposed to ‘bring her money’ if she does it 30 days in a row…but she is actually expressing her true gratitude, appreciation and belief in her life and herself.

Compare her affirmations with ones that you’ve ever tried.  What did you say? How did you feel? Did you believe it?  The answers you give to all of these questions help bring us closer to other ‘keys’ to crafting affirmations that work for YOU.

We are being programmed every day by our environment.  Think about it.  How many times have you seen that commercial or heard that radio ad, or seen that logo or brand being pushed by the gorgeous celebrity?  The scary part is, even when you are not immediately around this sea of images they are still playing in your head.  Hmmm…I’m hungry, I think I’ll grab some…

Daily affirmations allow YOU to deliberately create the messages in your mind that get to play over and over.  It is up to you to choose messages that serve you and help you be the best version of ‘YOU’ that is possible.

What kind of life do you envision for yourself?  What kind of life do you want to live?  Even the process of honestly and openly asking yourself these questions can start you a new path with a completely different perspective on how you can live your life.

If you’ve heard other people’s stories about how affirmations worked for them, that I’m sure like me, you must have asked yourself “Why don’t they work for me?”

Well, first we need to understand how they work. By the way, I’m not a doctor or a quantum physicist.  And even if I was one, I wouldn’t prescribe a dose of ‘daily affirmations’ to reattach your broken arm or clean the ice cream from your shoe.  Affirmations are not a magic bullet/cure/mushroom.  But I do think they are a range of benefits that people can experience from using them.

They help focus you on what you WANT rather than what you DON’T WANT.

Our brains have the great task of making sense of the millions of stimuli that we are exposed to each day.  It is impossible for us to be paying attention to everything, simultaneously, all the time…our heads would overheat and explode.  So we pay attention to the things that are important.

Ever notice how you can instantly hear someone say your name in a noisy room.  Our brains sort through all the noise and highlight the important bits…like our name, a gun shot, or a wild lion coming to attack us.  These things are important to our survival so we’ve learned to pay attention to them.


We also pay attention to the things that we THINK are important.  If you’re constantly focusing on what you don’t want then what kind of message do you think you are sending to brain?

“I’m focused on lack and scarcity.  This is important”

With this kind of focus, is it any wonder that you seem to ‘attract’ more debt and money problems to you?

How To Use Daily Affirmation To Your Advantage

Now, try this instead.  Focus on what wealth and abundance.  Focus on the things that you DO have with your daily affirmations.  Appreciate all the things in your life that you have access to that a large section of the world’s population would only dream of.  You are rich. You are wealthy. You are abundant.

Once you recognize the wealth in your life you have started to turn the bus around in the RIGHT direction.  Your feelings, perspective and vibrations change.  What kind of abundance can you start to recognize in your life right now? How can you build on it?  Who can you talk to that can help you create more abundance in your life.

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