Fundamental Truths and Success with Personal Development

Here is some personal development articles I really enjoyed reading this week. Perhaps you will too!Personal Development Fundamental Truths

Personal Development Fundamental Truths

Jonathon at Advanced Life Skills shared some  “basic concepts” and “fundamental truths” that we must live by in order to achieve the results we want.  You’ll want to read the article 7 Fundamental Truths of Personal Development and see if your failure to live some of these basic truths is holding you back.A Life Skill That Will Provide Infinite Returns!

This week I was determined to refer you all to some new author blogs.  But I couldn’t let this article is by Stephen Borgman go un-featured.  Stephen was a guest author at Change Your Thoughts this week where he talks about how Innovation is a Skill That Will Provide Infinite Returns!  Stephen outlines some “key success factors” you can use to develop your innovation skills.   You can read more great content by Stephen at Personal  Success Factors.Tips on Achieving Excellence in Life

Celestine Chua, another guest author, but this time for The Change Blog offers up 8 Timeless Tips to Achieve Excellence in Life.  I couldn’t agree more with the tips she outlines in her article.  The question is are you doing each of them?  Read her article and find out.Life’s Messy. How Do You Deal With It?

Life’s messy.  We all know that. But how many of us are trying to cover up all the negative things in life with “positive thinking?”  Like Jonathan I found that doesn’t work.  Don’t get me wrong!  I am all for positive thinking. But sometimes positive thinking doesn’t heal the past.  Healing need to take place.  Often there is other actions that need to be done.  And experiencing the negative thoughts can actually help us develop insight.  Jonathan shares tips that will help you to move past negative patterns in the article  The Beautiful Mess of Life: How to Allow and Move Past Negative Patterns on his blog over at Illuminated Mind and Body. It is worth a read.Are You Chasing After Happiness?

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