Hacks to Boost Your Daily Productivity

At some point in your college life, you will feel overwhelmed especially by the number of actions you are expected to perform. Every semester, you are often expected to complete a number of essays some of which have short deadlines. Panicking in such a situation is common, and most students find themselves in trouble because they exceed the deadline. The punishment for such students has always reduced marks regardless of how good one’s work is. Working under pressure always interferes with a person’s productivity and eventually their output. To complete all your essays on time and to deliver quality work, you need to ensure your productivity levels are always high. When your productivity is negatively impacted, you will not only fail to finish your essays but also deliver poor quality work. Just like the way employers try to motivate their employees and charge their productivity, you should also find some therapeutic exercises or activities which can help keep your productivity levels high. Fortunately for you, you do not have to look any further just keep reading this article for some of the best hacks to boost your daily productivity.

Hack 1: Take breaks during the day

We understand you could be under pressure and time could be running out. However, you need mental breaks from time to time during the day. Working the whole day does not necessarily mean you are doing a good job. Taking timeouts is essential, and psychologists have always recommended naps, nature walks, meditation, etc. as ways of taking mental breaks. Working while you are fatigued will never mirror your true potential, and the brain always needs time to replenish. One of the most common signs of fatigue especially if you are writing an essay is reading the same sentence several times and never getting the communicated meaning. When you find yourself doing this or noticing other weird things in the library or at home, your brain is trying to send you a message.

Your brain cannot maintain the same creativity levels and attention/focus for an entire day. Breaks help you to refocus and to ensure your attention span is renewed. Additionally, they also help to replenish your creativity jar thus ensuring your essays are consistent in quality. Your productivity is, therefore, always revamped every time you take some time from your schedule.

Hack 2: Set a timer for each task

While in high school, students are always encouraged to create personal timetables to help them utilize their study time well. Without a plan, people end up wasting a lot of time on a single task or subject (if you are studying) and hence neglect others. This means that at the end of the day, you do less work than you intended. As the deadline approaches, you end up putting yourself in a lot more pressure than before, and eventually you fail to submit your essays on time.

However, you can escape the pressure if you set a timer for each task or essay. First of all, setting a timer disciplines you. Once you have allocated time for a task, it is difficult to entertain any distractions. You unconsciously become more disciplined and seek to honor your time stipulations which stimulate your productivity.

Setting a timer also helps you to build momentum on a task. Allocating time to a task ensures you are working under a positive pressure which instead of making you panic, helps you find the best solution for a particular task. This self-instigated pressure is always good and can also help you challenge yourself into delivering quality work.

Hack 3: Complete most dreaded tasks in the morning

In his book, Mark Twain advises his readers always to seek to eat a live frog in the morning because it is only after they have done that they will have an easy day. A live frog represents your most dreaded tasks and according to Mark, doing this gives you a positive energy which echoes in you throughout the day.

It so often happens that our most dreaded tasks represent the most important tasks or the hardest tasks we have. This can be a research project or a term paper you were given by your teacher. For most of us, it is always very easy to procrastinate on such works and therefore, the need to do them first and especially immediately after you have woken up.

Completing your most dreaded tasks in the morning also helps you go about your day and other tasks without worrying or feeling under pressure. When we procrastinate our dreaded tasks, we always spend our days worried and thinking of ways we can work or finish it. This, therefore, the opportunity to enjoy our days or even do the other tasks well.

Hack 4: Get plenty of sleep

Apparently, most students believe that having fewer hours of sleep translates to productivity. However, this notion is false and only helps to reduce and interfere with your productivity. Lack of sleep often leads to a rise in fatigue levels, reduced attention spans, and a decrease in creativity levels.

First of all, getting enough sleep helps you to recover from distractions much faster. As earlier stated, lack of enough sleep affects a person’s attention span which means you will have trouble focusing on your essays if you are sleep-deprived. However, if you are having enough sleep, you will find yourself focusing more on your work and avoiding any distractions that might come your way.

Secondly, getting enough sleep helps to improve your memory. While in school, remembering what you have learned in class is sometimes crucial to what you will be required to write in your essays. Having enough sleep is key to ensuring you remember what you learn in school. However, getting less sleep will leave you fatigued and with a low attention span which means you will not only fail to remember your lessons but also miss out on what is being taught.

Secret Hack: Use custom writing service

Aside from the above hacks, there is an additional hack which entails using writing services. Currently, there are numerous websites and companies which offer quality custom papers. These companies often have customized essays which you can buy and either submit as is or change a few things if you wish to.

Time is an important factor for students. However, it is never available, and a majority of you often submit your essays late. We are here to tell you that this should never be the case. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you should employ this secret hack and buy a customized or have you essay written.