Study Motivation: 10 Hacks to Start Writing Your Research Paper

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Students find the process of studying and writing a hectic one due to the lack of motivation. Therefore, if enough care is not taken, students can find themselves performing poorly in class and, in turn, blaming their professors yet, on the other hand, it’s as a result of the student’s laziness. In most cases, this is evident in the case of research paper writing.  As a result, they end up relying so much on custom research papers from different essay writing companies.   

Thus, the EssayKitchen team provides some of the useful hacks through which students can motivate themselves into studying and writing.

Join a study group

One of the hacks through which students can use to get motivated into studying is joining a study group or participating in study competitions. Studying with friends is known to be a great way of enhancing a person’s willingness to study and therefore, whenever any of the group members are bored, they can get the motivation that they need from their friends. Also, competitions motivate a person because their main aim is winning and, therefore, every participant will work hard to become the winner.

Learn to sacrifice other activities

Learning to sacrifice other activities in order to achieve the set goals is another great hack of getting motivated to study. The main goal of a student should be directed towards their future career. To succeed in that career, a lot of effort is required in-class work and hence focusing on their achievement can motivate the student into working hard. Activities that do not contribute to the achievement of goals can wait until a later date.

Find a mentor

Also, getting the right guidance from an expertise or a mentor is another great way of being motivated into studying and writing. Mentors provide individuals with useful tips for gaining success in whatever activity that they have engaged in. Therefore, in the case of studying, following the tips are given by the mentor acts as a great motivation because they are known to produce early results that motivate an individual to work up to the top.

Avoid noise and poor time management

Avoiding all the sources that demotivate a person is a good start to being motivated. Among such sources of demotivation are noisy friends, bad company and poor time management among others. Therefore, replacing such factors with the positive side of it can provide great motivation to an individual. This brings about the idea of making the right choices at all times to avoid regrets in the future.

Do what you can

Also, many individuals find themselves in situations whereby the work hard expecting a lot and end up getting little. As a result, it is important for a person to have big dreams but the key idea is working on what they can, and not the society expects of them. In turn, this would aid in the achievement of their goals and the avoidance of getting demoralized. Failure to achieve a certain goal demotivates a person and causes them to put fewer efforts in the goal’s achievement.

Be flexible

Besides, another hack of getting motivated to study and write is by being flexible when it comes to trying various alternatives during the process of seeking success. Such flexibility means that whenever something comes, then an individual is ready to change their study schedule to fit the emergency. As a result, they will remain motivated and ready to carry on with the study at a later date. On the other hand, if someone lacks that flexibility then they might get bored whenever their schedule changes and fail to recover the time lost.

Failure can work for you

Failure and the consequences that come along with laziness is also a great way of motivating someone into working hard. In many cases, people learn the hard way, and this can be the results of ignoring a certain achievement that was coming one’s way. Therefore, the pain that they go through after the failure is a great starting point of hard work to avoid going through the same pain again.

Find people who inspire you

Another hack is the idea of hanging out with the people that you aspire to become like in the future. Their hard work and enjoyment of their fruits act as a great way of motivating a person into studying hard in order to achieve their career goals. This entails the avoidance of friends who drive someone towards the negative side of their goal achievement.

Motivational books

As well, reading motivational books helps someone in the process of setting goals. As a result, they end up being motivated into achieving the goals that they have set. A person can also watch motivational documentaries or listens to similar music whenever they feel bored. Such activities open up a person’s brain hence motivating them into doing something constructive.

Keep track of a someone’s progress

Keeping track of a person’s progress is also another hack of getting motivated to study. Once someone has put effort into doing something, the only determinant of the success of their hard work is the outcome. Therefore, keeping records of the outcome motivates the person into working harder so that they can achieve better results as compared to the previous ones.


Concisely, following the above hacks not only motivates students in class work but also motivates them in their daily life activities. However, people have different preferences and, therefore, not all the hacks work for everyone. It is important for a person to identify what works best for them so that they can fully exploit the tip.

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