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Each week I read and research dozens of sources for something that jumps out at me. That means that I look at a lot of writings …. and what strikes me is that there is nothing new. It has all been said in many books, wonderfully, by many sojourners all exploring the Law of Attraction and how it works. I find myself discovering quotes from the 1850′s (yes 1850′s) to current times, all saying the same thing about our lives and our connectedness to Source Energy.  Today, more of us are ready to hear the message than ever before.  Today, it is easier to spread the message and not be put down by the naysayers and those that would like you to live in a fear based society.  But it’s not new.


Isn’t that just saying that the Law of Attraction is always working for you but you have to believe before you can consciously receive.  Knowledge, belief, faith …. whatever you want to call it …. is not a recent discovery of the producers of The Secret, Wayne Dyer or Abraham Hicks. I think two things are happening.  One is the snowball effect – this is an idea whose time has come and more people are embracing it.  And two, perhaps new writers have to keep saying it until we let go of egos and fears and get it. It’s not new – it’s been with us for hundreds of years. Yet when we come across it, we treat it like we’ve discovered gold. But like gold, it was always there until we dug it up.   The question now is: What are you gonna do with it, now you’ve found it?

I was looking at a rather long bridge across a bay. I noticed at the top of one of the pylons, a small gap which had become filled with wind born soil … and there from the crack a tree was growing. It was about a metre and a half tall (5 feet).  Apart from my constant amazement at the miracle of life always exercising the law of attraction, I saw this tree taking on a task that most of us would not attempt if we were that tree.

Just imagine the whining that would go on.  “This is uncomfortable.”  “I deserve better than this.” “I’ll never make it all the way.”  “Why try … someone’ll chop me down sooner or later.” “How come everyone else gets to be along the beach and I’m stuck out here in the middle of nowhere.” “Why am I always alone and having to do all the work of supporting this bridge by myself?”  “This always happens whenever I try something new.”  “Just my luck to end up with this.”  And the law of attraction would give us the outcome we expected. What self talk would you have had if you were the seed that ended up dropped into a little bit of dirt on a not very deep crevice on that bridge?  How you answer will tell you something about how you play the game of life.

You see that tree knows only one thing. It has no choice but to grow. It must reach to fulfil its destiny to be a mighty tree – whether it makes it or not.  Nature … life … doesn’t have time for self-pity or self-doubt. It just is … and it goes for it … it reaches for the sky, no matter what the challenges and obstacles are.  The law of attraction pays off on intention.  Are you ready to bloom right where you are planted … or are you too busy coming up with all the excuses and reasons why you can’t reach for the sky? It’s “their” fault … fill in the blank with the name of who you blame for your predicament.   Blooming is a choice that you make every day. You can bloom even when life puts you in a tight spot and presents challenges.

I want to thank that tree for the gift it gave me. It showed me that it’s not what we do or where we do it … it’s that we do it. Follow your goals all the way. Bask in the sunlight of life … and even grow on a grey day. Live in the present day and achieve all you can achieve today. The past does not exist (it’s just your story) … the future gets created from this moment on. Today’s the day to bloom and radiate joy. No matter where in life you are planted, reach for the sky and let the law of attraction take care of the rest.

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