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The idea of transcendence kept playing around in my head. In traditional religion the idea has always been that when one reaches the point of understanding where words cannot explain something that lies beyond one takes a leap of faith and accepts by faith as real the God which one cannot express, understand or comprehend. There is an assumption of an end point in understanding. Philosophers and laymen alike would throw up their hands and say I can’t go beyond this point of understanding because I am human and thus either there is no more as with the atheistic point of view or this understanding is beyond comprehension and thus transcendent of human understanding which is the theist point of view. For those who were comfortable living by faith, it became a living with the unknown and for those who were not comfortable living by faith, it became a rejection of the unknown.

It is again a decision point in the life of the thinking human and it is a decision that gets tested over and over again as individuals face crisis after crisis in life. For it is an absolute truth, that unless is a very rare creature indeed life is created in a pattern of events that constantly test one’s comprehension of one’s mortality and underneath it all a comprehension of one’s immortality. These issues surface over and over again. When a child is born, a mother faces her immense power of procreation. When a child dies, a mother faces her immense lack of power over death. When a child looks up to a mother for food, she feels an intense sense of safety and love and oneness. When a mother or father dies, a child, no matter what his or her age, feels totally impotent against the forces of death and naturally experiences an intense sense of aloneness and estrangement. All of life is filled with these moments, large and small, of power and powerlessness. When one feels powerful, there is a sense of being that expresses oneness with the idea of God. Ecstasy is the feeling of transcendence. . . the movement beyond words into the realm of the senses where God exists. Bliss is the feeling of transcendence. . . the movement into the realm of the senses where God exists. Fear and depression is the negation of transcendence into a realm of the senses where the face and being of God are hidden. But even through fear and depression, one can discover the face of God, it is that moment when hopelessness turns to hope. When a sense of uselessness turns to a sense of potential value. An awareness of God is never a wishy-washy proposition . . . it is always intense. It is always powerful. Even when it appears delusional, a fantasy, a propaganda, it has about it a vitality that can on one hand exhilarate and on the other hand terrify one. Because the seeing of the face of God because it is not expressed in words but in indescribable feelings of oneness and vibrancy cannot be directly expressed.


If we take a moment to regress to the way that language works in humans, we will see the difficulty that man has in expressing the concept of a transcendent God. Words are never reality. Words are representation of reality. We humans always seek ways to communicate with each other. We do it through pictures, through touch, through gestures, through chemicals created within our body, through body language, through words. Always at some level trying to communicate with each other. Our need for communication has grown exponentially with our evolution. The complexity of our communication has had a dramatic impact on our lives in both quality and quantity. Even without words, all levels of energy seeks to communicate. We communicate whether we are a simple as an electron attracting another electron or a corporate president laying out a plan for economic conquest through a new advertising campaign to a board of directors. We manipulate, create and control our reality through communication.
The greater our ability to communicate, the greater our power over our environment.

In the early stages of evolution, man began to use sounds as very simple signals. Pointing and gesturing and grunting at an important element in the environment like safe. edible plants to communicate to a significant other of our group was a start. We were about the level of dogs barking to signal an invader or growling to warn off others from food or a bitch in heat. But over time, our complexity to signal has grown to greater levels of symbolization and we have retained also our ability just to signal such as screaming when we sense danger or fear. But something miraculous happened to humans. We developed words which became metaphor and the tapestry of human communication became a wonder to experience. We became story tellers. We became myth makers. We became lost in a world which could not be explained in words. While we became masters of the universe through words, we also became victims of the universe that we had created. We lost God amidst the complexity of words.

Five hundred years ago, the majority of humans were illiterate. Yet any peasant could look at an icon in a cathedral and understand the symbology being presented. Today, we walk into a centuries old cathedral and we look at the symbols and we analyze. We use our words and say OIsnOt that just wonderful. Look at the technique and colors and ability of these primitive artists. With no science of chemistry they could create pigments that would last centuries. IsnOt that amazing? Yet a totally illiterate peasant who had the language complexity of perhaps of five year old today could look at these icons and pictures and symbols and understand totally the meaning of the myth being presented. He could comprehend a transcendent God because he was not enslaved in our world of technology and sophisticated communication. Images of myth using common symbols expressed intuitive understanding of God. The only method of communication in our technological reality that may approach this kind of intuitive use of symbolic knowing today may be the use of mathematics where formulae are used to express quantum physics and other scientific principles. The master scientist will require several pages of text and highly embedded complex metaphors to explain to the well educated non-scientist the concept of a black hole or original singularity and still not be totally clear in interpreting what one really elegant formula means when expressing our universes. The peasant walking into a cathedral and the master scientist have one thing in common. They possess a knowing of the symbology to express what to most is transcendent knowledge. The only difference is that the scientist today has at his command the ability to translate his scientific notations (or scientific metaphor) into a lower level of comprehensible symbols – words – his understanding of the universe. In many ways, the high priest of the Aquarian Age has become a physicist. In fact, no mystic worth his or her salt will be believed today if he or she does not have an understanding of the physics of the expanding or fixed universe depending upon whether one is an optimist or a pessimist. But that is not any different than it was a millennium ago. Except instead of calling these invisible concepts protons and electrons and neutrinos and quarks and so on, our ancestral metaphysicists called them humors or elementals or doshas or some other label. Our philosophers may no longer argue about how many angels can stand on the point of a needle, but to the average person the concept of relativity is still as abstract and magical as any past construct of infinity. Our metaphor and our language have become so complex, that by necessity science created a new mathematical metaphor system to simplify communication. And just as command of the written language a thousand years ago gave power to the few, command of science and the language of science, mathematics, has given power to the few.

In addition to command of the written language, power was also controlled through art. Art was used as a common ground to communicate the messages of the Gods to man. Today the classic image of the Madonna speaks a language to millions of people that words cannot totally express of the ultimate pure mother oozing unconditional love and compassion who gives birth to the son of God and who may take compassion for us and intercede with the infinite unknown God behind the image of the Christ on the cross and improve our lives. Powerful testament to the embedded connections to the concept of mother and her ability to create life and thus, she, mother, is the ultimate connection with the divine. Today, the messages of the Gods and their emissaries government and big business is done through the media of television, video, cd rom, radio, video games and so forth. Advertising messages are an art form where precise images connect a product with complex emotional responses to create buying action. The visual, verbal, and musical metaphor of advertising is awe inspiring in its elegance and simplicity. Always Coca Cola is
as profound in its implication as E=MC2. Repeated over and over again the message of Always Coca Cola impacts the consciousness of the consumer. Always choose Coca Cola. Coca Cola will always be there. Coca Cola has always been there. Always. Even when I traveled to Mexico, the symbolism repeated itself with Siempre Coca Cola. So not only is Coca Cola always there in English it is always (siempre) there in Spanish and I imagine in Russian and French and Chinese and probably in that infinite expanding universe of languages and symbols of the future. As an amusing thought on the symbol of Coca Cola it is interesting how the bottle itself is shaped in a stylized symbol of the fecund mother-goddess figure. In the eighties, the word symbol for Coke was Enjoy as we lived a life of seeking after pleasure. In the nineties, where we are seeking some security in an ever increasingly complex and insecure world, the message has changed to always. As I look at the symbology of the magicians of advertising and their use of symbols, I often am caught between thinking they are extremely brilliant and just intuitively lucky in their choices. Ah paranoia, Ah skepticism. The survival mechanism of the sophisticated world and the blinding darkness to the light that was once God. However, as the brilliantly insightful schizophrenic one said, “Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.”


Diagnosing the existence of negative or shar energy is very important in the use of Feng Shui. It is often very difficult to recognize chaos when it is first approaching. It rises up insidiously and quietly and before we know it we have are embroiled in a series of issues that we never expected. There is a natural flow to life, like the tides that ebb and flow. But there are also times when negative energy gains such momentum that it is like a huge primitive storm unleashed within our lives. Now natural high surges of energy occur but the negative impact can be for the most part mitigated by keeping our lives and our homes and our places of business in a state of balance and order. This is really the gift of Feng Shui.

The first signs of negative energy having an impact is disorder in the physical appearance of the home. When the dishes start to pile up, when stacks of junk mail lays upon the desk, when the trash hasn’t been emptied, when dust begins to collect in corners, these are collectors for negative energy and when left unattended lead to chaotic energy flow within the environment. While I am the last person who would ever want to be designated as domestic I have come to realize that I have an external pattern of creating order, allowing disintegration into chaos and then creating order again. This has led to instability and sometimes has impeded my reaching higher levels of positive energy because I have had to expend to much time in reestablishment of order. Like many of you, I have certain places where this is true and other places where it is not true. For example, my files on my computer are kept in an order that would make a Virgo proud. They are color coded and stacked in folders and totally user friendly. My background screen is chosen to match my mood. And when I have a writerOs block, I can always find some sort of prompt or positive energy within my files to get me started and create what I want to create. When I had to work in an office, I always had order and was very productive and successful and relationships went well. But my house, well that is another story. To compensate for this lack of chaos control I would have quarterly parties where I would be forced to clean up the house. Of course, I could never enjoy the party because my back hurt so badly from the intense physical labor and I was just tired. Nothing could have been a more dramatic example of negative shar then these episodes of cleaning out and creating order. I guess I have just always been a carrot kind of woman when it came it motivation and keeping the house clean. I needed the reward of pleasing friends and the stick of being embarrassed if things looked bad to jump into domestic mode. When I discovered Feng Shui, all of a sudden I saw order in my home in a different way. In fact, now, I know longer have to wearily promise and say I am going to clean the house with the despair of a kid on Saturday morning who can’t go out till his/her room is cleaned, but I find it kind of exciting to think about Feng Shui-ing my home. It is a relabeling of the experience that makes it all of a sudden pleasurable instead of drudgery. It is almost to the point where I can clean the stove and it becomes a moving meditation (almost, but not quite).

There are other indicators of negative energy within oneOs home besides clutter. Clutter is not always a sign of negative energy but it is an early warning sign. Clutter doesn’t cause negative energy. And a very clean house is not always an indicator of positive chi flow. You could have a spot less home and have very negative chi or shar in your environment. The idea is to be aware of what is going on in the flow of energy and if you are harboring or creating something that blocks positive energy or even worse collects negative energy. The life around us is filled with energy and we can look at the life forms around us and see how they are reacting to our world. For example, animals and life forms that humans often respond to negatively such a rats, mice, roaches, bacteria, ants, and so forth are attracted to negative energy. Not because they are negative but because they clean it up. They feed upon it. If you start seeing an infestation of these types of creatures you know that you have an imbalance in energy and need to repel negative energy and attract positive energy. Also, if you have a yard and you attract animals that are seen as negative, for example grackles, moles or possums rather than squirrels, rabbits or song birds you know you have a problem. The First Step to Removing Negative Energy. Sorry I hate to say it as much as many of you hate to hear it, the first step to clearing the energy field and seeking balance, before you can do any treatment is to totally clean out the environment. . .from basement to attic, from closet to chest of drawers, from house to yard. This means that all items that are no longer used or useful are either thrown away or given to a charity. This means that all items that are kept are stored in an orderly way and put away in good repair. This means old boxes of photos, magazines and files are filed and stored appropriately. This means old food is cleaned out of the refrigerator and the freezer and the pantry. Sort! Throw Away! Organize! Store! Clean! Yeh. You got that last one, cleaning from top to bottom is important. Cobwebs swept away. Windows cleaned. Mattresses cleaned. While the sorting and throwing away can probably only be done by the person who owns the stuff there is no sin in seeking outside help for major cleaning. There are many cleaning services in cities that will do a whole house for a reasonable price. The return in positive energy is worth the effort. And once the initial physical cleaning is done you can then move on to the spiritual energy cleaning.Maintaining Order. Maintaining a physically ordered and clean home is a matter of
discipline (another yucky word). But if you are lazy (as I am) it is the only thing that will help. After you have the house totally cleaned, you choose a time once a week when you will clean. It can be when ever you want and it can be night or day. You just do a light once over everything dusting and sweeping and pickup on the the majority of the place but you have a rotation plan where one room is done well once a week. Once this pattern is established you will never again have a dirty disordered home. Second, you routinely look for ways to stop clutter. Mail is immediately sorted when it is received with junk mail in the trash, bills in a folder to be paid, personal letters in another folder to be answered. Magazines go in a magazine basket which is cleared out once a month. Newspapers are read and put in the recycling bin. Any variance from this plan is addressed with zero tolerance or chaos will slip up on you again. Quarterly, it is important to go through the sorting out and throwing away phase. Once a year, an outfit or item that has not been used for two years is discarded unless really logical reasons prevail. If a collection is maintained it is maintained in order to retain its value or it is gotten rid of with fast dispatch. Remember, the more that you own, the more you have to maintain and keep in repair and order. The more items you display the more you have to clean. The ultimate key to maintaining order is Simplicity. Simplicity is not Monastic A simple life is not necessarily a monastic or dull life. It is a matter of making choices. Choosing an elegant, beautiful painting that gives you pleasure rather then a bunch of current status symbol purchases refines energy and one’s life. Throwing out a bunch of chipped cups and mugs and choosing a set of handmade one-of-a-kind pottery mugs is simple and beautiful. Throwing out all the flower vases that came from who knows whom and keeping a cut glass vase from Aunt Harriet is rather sweet.

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