The Law of Cause and Effect: how can be it used to dramatically tranform you life

The Law of Cause and Effect, like all other Universal Laws are always working whether you believe in their existence or not. They can work to your advantage or work to your disadvantage, the problem is that most people don’t even know they are working at all.

These age old laws have recently been put over as New Age, but they have been in use since time began.Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself! You reap what you sow! What goes around comes around! These are all in essence Cause and Effect.

Your thoughts and actions are the cause. What you receive into your life is the effect.

This is a very important point and one that is completely overlooked by the majority of people where cause and effect is concerned. So I’ll say it again!Your thoughts and actions are the cause. What you receive into your life is the effect.

Far too often we look at events or situations that have occurred in our lives and want to change them. But this is futile! We are trying to change the wrong area. The event is the result, the effect of your thought or action.

If you want to change the events you first have to change your thought or action, the cause.

Law of Cause and Effect

Take a look at some events and situations that have happened in your life over the last couple of months. Where they good or bad?

Now, look back even further and try and remember what your thoughts or actions where at that time. Where they good or bad?

If you can actually remember what you where thinking or doing all those months ago, you might now begin to see the reason why certain events or effects have come about in your life today. You caused them to!

This can be quite daunting at first, but until you can take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, you cannot control the events that happen in your life. This is The Law of cause and effect.

You cause the effect to take place.

Let’s take a look at money. If you have been brought up to think that money is the root of all evil, then it goes without saying that you are very unlikely to have an abundance of wealth at this present time.

Your thought, money is the root of all evil is the cause, and your present lack of wealth is the effect.

That is the law! The Law of Cause and Effect! It cannot be any different.

So, if you are not happy with certain areas of your life but find them happening over and over again, you have to change the cause, the way you think or actions you take, to finally put a stop to the effects coming into your life.This is life changing information! You can finally take charge of how your life unfolds once you start using the Law of Cause and Effect to your advantageWhat about my beliefs?

Your beliefs play a major part in how your life will unfold. Your beliefs don’t even have to be true, you just have to believe they are. (More about this later)

There is no truth in the saying, money is the root of all evil! It cannot be proven! It is not a fact.

But, if it is your belief, then for you it is the truth. It is how you will see the world and it is that belief that will shape your thoughts.

Have you ever bumped into an old school friend, decades after leaving school? Maybe you looked at him/her and thought, “Wow you’ve done really well in life.” Or maybe “I felt sure out of all people in our class he would have done much better for himself.”

Why though is there such a noticeable difference between the two of you? You both went to the same school, both in the same class, both had the same education. So why is there such a difference?

It probably comes down to your belief system. If you hadn’t done as well as your old school friend, maybe you just didn’t believe you were capable of achieving that sort of success. Maybe your beliefs held you back from applying for the better paid jobs.

So your beliefs where the cause of the effect that you ended up with a hugely different lifestyle than your old school friend, whether it be better or worse. Change your thoughts and beliefs – change your world!Your actions also need to be examined!

It took a long time for this realisation to sink in for me, and held me back a great deal in the direction I wanted to go with my life. I was doing my best to keep my thoughts on the things I wanted.

I was creatively visualising and affirming my positive outcome as much as I could. But I still didn’t seem to be getting any nearer to achieving it.

It was only when I began to study the Law of Cause and Effect that I realised where I was going wrong. The message I sent out with my thoughts said one thing, but the message I sent out with my actions said the complete opposite.

Take the example of money again. Let’s say that you find you need more money each and every month just to get by. So, you think, visualise and affirm that you have an abundance of wealth in your life. You are sending out into the Universe an energised vibrational message that you have an abundance of wealth.

Then you find you need to replace a pair of shoes that are completely worn out. But, instead of looking at the shoes you really like, you try on the cheapest pair you can find and buy them.

Now what message are you sending out into the Universe?

You go to a restaurant for a special family occasion, but instead of looking at the menu for your favourite main course, you scan it up and down looking for the cheapest meal you can find and decide to skip the starter altogether.

So all the time and dedication your are spending on thinking, visualising and affirming an abundance of wealth, is completely counteracted by your actions of lack of wealth.

Now you can see that the cause, your actions, led to the event of still not attracting the abundance of wealth you desired, even though you had taken control of your thoughts.

Actions speak louder than words!

Have you ever been in a situation where a workmate or neighbour insults you, or tells a lie about you behind your back, or any similar situation?How do you react?

When things like that happened to me, I would be left feeling hurt and resentful. I would lie awake night after night thinking over and over what had been said or done. I would become consumed with resentment and revenge.

Maybe you react in a similar way! But ask yourself this, now you know all you do about the Law of Cause and Effect, what do you think would happen in the coming weeks and months?

You would send out into the Universe a powerful, emotionally energised, vibrational thought of resentfulness, hurt and revenge. The Cause!

What you receive back into your life would be even more reasons and events to be resentful, hurt and revengeful for. The Effect!

The Law of Cause and Effect in action.

So when you think these sorts of thoughts or actions the only one you are really hurting is yourself and your future.

Remember the old saying, you reap what you sow?

I’m not saying any of this is easy – far from it for most of us – but you now see that you have at least gained the knowledge of how to take control of your life.

Because it is true to say that there is no such thing as luck or chance in life! There is only Cause and Effect!

It took me a long time to come to terms with this and there are still a few times when I struggle. But, with practice you can begin to overcome these setbacks.

But knowing about the Law of Cause and Effect, as with any of these Universal Laws, is only the half of it. You have to begin to use them! And, use them to your advantage.

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