Where to Find Russian Single Ladies?

It’s no wonder that men from all over the world are totally excited about having a Russian woman as their girlfriend or wife. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, these beautiful females have become extremely popular for their merits and, of course, for their physical appearance. Apart from beauty and cheerful characters, Russian single ladies are also famous for making the best wives and mothers – partially because of their traditionalistic upbringing and the inherent “necessity” to take care of someone they truly love. But when it comes to finding yourself a Russian single lady, it does not seem to be much of a simple assignment. Basically, you cannot just step outside your house and stumble upon one of those cute girls, right?

That’s why we came up with this list of potential spots where you can find Russian women for dating. Dive in!

    1. Visit the Russian Federation itself. The most obvious yet quite a complicated option. You see, Russia is a truly interesting country with rich and ancient culture, so, as a tourist, you will have a lot of fun exploring such cities as Moscow and St. Petersburg. This, however, requires a lot of money – Russia is really far from America and Western Europe. As well, it’s not a cheap country either. But if you want to find a Russian woman in her “natural environment” – visiting Russia is the most appropriate option for you.
    1. Popular tourist destinations. Russian people are enthusiastic travelers. They were cut from this great hobby for quite a while and now the new generation does everything they can to catch up with what their parents missed. You can find a group of Russian people in every popular tourist spot – from cities like Rome and Bruges to Turkish and Egyptian hotels near the sea. The latter option is by far the simplest one – you can always find a group of Russian women on a beach and making an acquaintance in these circumstances is relatively simpler than in the city.
    1. Online dating. Of course, we couldn’t forget about the simplest and the most popular option of the modern world – the online acquaintances. Statistics say that roughly 50% of couples in a big city are created thanks to social networks and dating sites or applications. Finding a Russian single lady on the Internet is not a problem either: there are a lot of ethnicity-oriented sites out there. These services mainly focus on decent women who crave for serious relationships and want to start a family. Therefore, if you are into casual dating, finding a Russian woman is not the best idea for you (although no one says you cannot try). All in all, finding a Russian woman on the Internet can be a lot of fun – if you really want it, of course.
  1. Search for Russian diasporas. You may find Russian immigrants literally everywhere – these settlements, streets, houses or even the entire cities are easily recognized by their ethnic and cultural peculiarities. Yes, even migrating to other countries or continents, Russian people prefer to retain their ethnic identity, which totally makes sense if you think about it. If you don’t feel like walking around searching for Russian people in your city, you can just google them. If you live in the USA, Israel, France, Spain, Finland, Norway, Italy, Portugal or any other Western country – odds are you will easily find a family with a beautiful Russian daughter. This option is also great because you won’t have to deal with the language barrier!