Your Girl Most Likely Fakes an Orgasm: why and how to deal with it

There is a big percentage of dissatisfied women who are forced to fake an orgasm. These nefarious figures wound men’s vanity, and it is quite possible that your girlfriend also fakes her orgasms. Therefore, try harder and hope that your girlfriend does not enter the fateful number of dissatisfied women.

Why girls fake orgasm?

Regardless of the orientation, almost 60% of all women admitted that they faked an orgasm. Men reach it in 90% of cases, while only 50% of women can feel it.  How to tell if a girl is faking an orgasm? It’s very hard to recognize a girl faking orgasms because women have learned to hide that very skillfully. Only a small part of women can say that they don’t feel anything while having sex. This can happen for many reasons. Many men do not meet the expectations of women, but the girls think that it’s better to fake an orgasm for the first time and to figure out everything later. Nobody wants to make it the first and the last sex with a partner. How do girls fake orgasms?  They show their passion, moaning softly or making sounds of pleasure. Women are afraid that men will consider them to be frigid and will not run away. This is all done out of respect for men because they work hard, grunt, perspire for half an hour and it is sad to leave these efforts without a reward. It’s quite hard to get a vaginal orgasm due to different reasons, but you can still help her get a clitoral one.

  •    Blindfold her.

A blindfold helps minimize all external irritants that distract the girl from getting pleasure. If the girl does not see anything, then she will focus only on the feelings that you give her.

  •    Remember her reaction.

The worst thing is a deafening silence. If the girl does not react to your tongue then change quickly the technique, try to move the tongue differently in other areas. In general, try to listen to your girlfriend and remember her reaction. When you catch the moment that differs by voluptuous moans, then this is it, use this moment to the fullest.

  •    Tease her.

Forget the last porn, which you have watched. The key to good cunnilingus is not in a barbarous attack on the girlfriend’s genitals but in increasing her sexual tension. You should start from afar, gradually increasing your efforts. If you are too straightforward, you will get nothing good.

  •    Do not attack her clit.

The clitoris is a very sensitive place. One tiny touch will be enough to turn the girl on. However, if you focus only on it, it will lead to a boring, and sometimes painful experience for a girl.

  •    Gentle touches.

It’s not a time for rigidity, it’s time for easiness, comparable to the small strokes that the artist paints, finishing his best picture. Doing that, try to make a variety in the pressure of the tongue. Deceive the expectations of your girlfriend. Let each touch of the tip of your tongue be a surprise.

  •    Slow rhythmic movements.

If you use slow rhythmic movements, you will be able to give the girlfriend the opportunity to enjoy every touch of your tongue and mouth to her vagina. The key to pleasure is in your rhythm as well as in circular motions around the clitoris. Put your lips around her clitoris and suck it. It’s almost like sucking a nipple. Just hold your tongue from side to side, lightly touching your girlfriend’s clit with a tip of your tongue. Up and down.

  •    Insert your finger into her vagina.

Girls like to feel a finger inside of themselves when you lick their clitoris. Nonetheless, do not get carried away. Sometimes just a finger inside is enough. If you can keep the rhythm, then stimulate the G-spot to accelerate her orgasm. The last seconds before an orgasm are the most important moment.
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