10 Powerful Blogging Tips For An Online Marketer’s Success

blogging tips

Are you ready to discover some very powerful blogging tips for online success? (Which, by the way are in no particular order). 10Powerful Blogging Tips…

 #1 – Solve Problems

People come to your blog for a very good reason and that’s to find specific informationthat can help to solve any problems they have. This may sound a little harsh but they don’t give a damn about your blog or your business! If you can help solve their problems as quickly as possible, you’re on to a winner.People visit your blog for one of the 4 reasons:They are in need of good quality information.They need to purchase something.They need you to entertain them.They need to be a part of an online community.Your aim is to provide solutions and to learn how to do this properly, I recommend you read my Magnetic Sponsoring review where Mike Dillard teaches you to write “How To” articles, become an expert in your niche and magnetically attract people to you and your blog.

 #2 – Show People What Your Website Is About

blogging tips

When your visitors land on your blog, they only spend a few seconds on it and you need to make those seconds count. By adding pages to your blog and building out the framework of it, you will give a clear picture to your visitors of what it’s about.My blog focuses on “creating online wealth”, so you will see the pages I have created above. You must to do the same by creating pages relevant to your own blog’s theme. Without pages, people won’t understand the topic of your blog, won’t show any interest and will quickly leave.

 #3 – Use The AIDA Formula

When creating your blog posts and pages, use AIDA!Attention – Use attention grabbing headlines.Interest – Relate to people within your content by connecting with them on a personal level.Desire – Use power words that help to trigger your readers excitement.Action – Give your readers a call to action and tell them where to go if they want more information or wish to purchase something.For example:“The Wealthy Affiliate SCAM!Are you sick of being scammed online? Yeah me too and I know exactly how you feel. Click here now to read my Wealthy Affiliate reviewto discover the real truth and decide for yourself whether it’s a SCAM, before the page get’s taken down!”

 #4 – Track Blog Performance

For you to fully understand everything about your blog and your visitors, you must install some blog tracking, so you can measure the effectiveness and make improvements where necessary. I highly recommend you install Google Analytics because it’s very effective and FREE.Google’s analytics tool will tell you everything you need to know about the performance and the visitors. I use it myself and it’s a godsend!

 #5 – KISS (Keep It Simple & Successful)

Choose a simple clean layout for your blog. Preferably a blog just like mine that’s nice and white with the content made up of dark text. People love simplicity and you will have far more success with a simple blog layout because people hate all singing and all dancing blogs filled with bright colors, flashing images and banners displayed all over the place.4 reasons why people hate an over complicated blog:People get confused and leave.People get annoyed and get headaches from the brightness.Your blog may come across as cheap, tacky or even spammy.Your blog’s load time may be s l o w due to the crap on it. People get very impatient and leave.

 #6 – Don’t Be Boring (Z z z z z)

People hate reading boring content that sends them to sleep at their computers, laptops, tablets or mobiles. Throw some oomph in to your content, bounce around, be positive and upbeat with plenty of energy. Throw in your personality and some humor too because people love a bit of humor.If I land on somebody’s blog with boring product descriptions and content, guess what? I say “Bye, Bye” and never return unless I’m hungry for boredom and can’t fall asleep at night, ha ha!

 #7 – Build Trust

Your readers need to be able to trust you and your blog, so do these 3 things and build bridges with people to form new relationships and generate an income.Add an “About Me” page to your blog which talks all about you and why you set up your blog. Upload some photos of yourself too.Create a “Contact” page with your email or a contact form where people can easily get in touch with you if they have any questions or need help/support.Ask for feedback within your content and connect with your readers by replying to comments in a speedy manner.

 #8 – Build Internal Links

In regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), building backlinks is a thing of the past and filling up your content with affiliate links can be bad for business too. These days, the search engines love you to internally link within your blog posts because it tells the search engines 2 things.You’re not a spammer with lot’s of outgoing links to affiliate programs.You value your blog and your content by linking to it within.What exactly do I mean by all of this? Look at this blog post and you will see some of the other blog posts I link to This builds trust with search engines and can help towards good rankings too.

 #9 – Use Structure

When creating your content, I highly recommend you make your blog easily readable for your visitors or they won’t read your content at all.Use bold headings for important aspects you wish to highlight.Don’t make your paragraphs too long.Break up your paragraphs using plenty of white space.Insert relevant images where necessary because people are very visual and love pictures.

 #10 Internet Marketing Training & SEO

If you really want online success bad enough, you will need to follow an internet marketing training course to learn how to take your blog and your online business to new heights and compete with the big boys. I highly recommend you get started with the Wealthy Affiliate community for FREE.Secondly, your content will also require top rankings in the search engines if you want a huge stream of visitors to your blog 24/7.

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