10 Reasons Why Your Life Sucks

Yep, I said it. Your life sucks. Don’t worry, mine does too. I’m not afraid to admit it. My life is way out of balance, but I’m learning and getting better each day. My life is MUCH better than it was a few years ago, but there’s always more things to work on. I’m not yet living my wildest dreams, so I can honestly say my life sucks in comparison to where I desire to be. Thankfully, I’m not in denial, so I know that I will continue to improve. If you’re reading this, I’m happy for you. It means you’re not in denial either—at least not completely—and you’re willing to look at yourself and figure out where you could be going wrong. This article will give you some good indications of exactly where you are screwing up. Hopefully you and I can both take these things into consideration and decide to make a permanent change. Here are 10 reasons why your life sucks.

 1. You Have No Goals

Without a goal, your life lacks a PURPOSE. It’s nearly impossible to feel good about yourself when you feel your life has little meaning. To be extremely happy, you need to be constantly working towards achieving something worthwhile. Our brains are hard-wired to strive for happiness and fulfillment, but we often search for it in the wrong places. The real way to achieve “the good life” is to set a worthwhile goal for yourself and continuously move towards its achievement.

 2. You Never Leave Your Comfort Zone

It’s a box you don’t want to stay in for long. The luxuries of the modern world are awesome, but they can turn us into lazy, depressed people with no reason for living if we’re not careful. An understanding of psychology makes it clear that humans need to feel like they are improving in some way in order to feel happy. If you’re constantly in your comfort zone and never challenging yourself, then it’s almost impossible to be truly fulfilled. Even though leaving your comfort zone is scary, the payoff is worth the effort times 10. Watching yourself evolve into a better person is one of the greatest pleasures.

 3. You Watch Too Much Television

Television puts your brain into a passive state that allows for mental programming. If you watch a lot of television, you are literally being brainwashed with advertisements and all the negativity that is common in most TV “programs.” These hours add up over time and your brain becomes accustomed to being in a passive state. This means you will be more likely to go through life on autopilot and fail to consider your future when making decisions. You may become reactive and emotional for no obvious reasons. The effects of watching television are many, and they’re almost all negative. Be careful what you allow into your mind.

 4. You Celebrate On the Weekends (For No Good Reason)

I can’t say occasional celebrations are a bad thing, but what are you celebrating in the first place? A successfully completed work week? If you love your job, go ahead and celebrate, but if you are like most people who hate what they do for a living, then why the hell are you wasting your time celebrating?! You could be using that time to find a better job, or start your own business, or hone your skills. Come on now. THINK. Monday morning will come. How you feel about that will depend on how you spend your free time.

 5. You Rarely Exercise or Eat Healthy

A healthy body and mind is an essential part of a happy and successful life. 4 years ago, I was in the midst of a severe depression. It lasted almost an entire year. You want to know how I cured myself? I started eating healthy and exercising! That was literally the difference that allowed me to become the happy person I am today. I would never even consider going back to my old, unhealthy ways.

I’ve learned a lot about health and nutrition over the years. Here is a basic health guide and 7 day meal plan I made for you if you’re interested.

 6. You Think There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Normal

I’m sorry, but “normal” is nothing to be proud of, especially if you desire to be happy and successful. “Normal” in today’s world means you are overweight, living paycheck to paycheck, in massive debt, unhappy, sick, and just coasting through life. I’m not pointing fingers here, but be honest with yourself and determine whether or not you are on the path to everything you truly desire. If you feel like you’re fitting in, you’re probably on the wrong path.

 7. You Own Too Much Crap

We live in a consumer culture that encourages people to accumulate more and more material possessions. We are all searching for the next new gadget, outfit, pair of shoes, accessories, etc, etc. It’s great to have these luxuries, but we must ask ourselves if they are not just weighing us down. Are they bringing us any closer to true happiness? Does clutter and distraction really make our life better? Or does it just take our attention away from what is truly important? These are important questions to ask.

 8. You Only Think About Yourself

I honestly believe that a certain level of selfishness is healthy, but it can easily become our downfall too. We must be selfish enough to put our own happiness first, but we must also realize that true happiness cannot be acquired by only receiving. Giving is necessary too. Our brains are hard-wired to get pleasure from giving to others. This is probably an evolutionary mechanism that guarantees our cooperation and thus our survival as a species, however, it seems we are becoming more and more selfish as time goes on. Consequently, we are getting less and less happy.

I challenge you today to go participate in one small act of kindness. It can be something simple like a small compliment, a thank you, or even just a genuine smile, but I guarantee you will feel better when you do it. Try it. Make it a habit. The world will be a better place because of it, and your life will be improved as well. Giving is receiving!

 9. You Have No Hobbies Or Passions

Passion makes life worth living. There are countless things to be passionate about in this world, but you only need one to make you come alive! If you don’t have a hobby that consumes a large portion of your time, I would encourage you to start trying new things until you find something that sparks your interest. Your life will take on a whole new meaning. You might even be able to turn your hobby into a full time living! Plenty of people are doing it today. I’m one of them. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like it. It’s pure freedom and it feels so good. I hope you find that too.

 10. You Blame People, Events, and Circumstances for Your Problems

The minute I took responsibility for my life, everything changed. I went from a victim to a CREATOR. And it was only a decision. If you’re not liking what you’re getting in your life right now, it’s your fault. Yes, it’s YOUR fault! Only YOU can change things. If you want a better life, take responsibility for your failures (and successes), and start on the path to bettering yourself. No one’s going to do it for you. You have the power. Stop giving it away.

I hope it’s more clear to you now why your life sucks. Don’t worry, we all have much to learn. Let’s be honest with ourselves. That’s the first step. From there, we can change ourselves into whomever we wish to become.

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