10 things your best friend would never do to you

Friendship is a blessing, a quality not found in each and every person. As the world is growing and getting complex with the passage of time, the more is the need of some sincere fellows that would stand beside you through thick and thin. The awesome part of friendship is that it is never limited to any particular age group. In fact it grows stronger and better with the age group. At childhood, only those are taught as friends who play with you because it is the only way of interaction. Then as time passes by, priorities changes which depend upon personal interests and mutual understandings. But whatever may be the binding reason, friendships share some common tools and requirements which need to be fulfilled in case you possess a strong belief in friendship.

Below are some of the things which you must avoid because they are never liked by anyone and won’t leave you to be a good friend.

1. Leave you alone in time of crises

A good friend would never leave you in time when you need him or her the most. Crises or bad time comes in every ones’ life and it is the time when you realize about your true friends. Even enemies can celebrate happy moments with you but they are never there with you in your bad days. So, if your friend does the same thing, there is no reason even left to call him or her as your friend anymore.

2. Lie to you

A time comes in life when you lie to your family, your father, brothers, and sisters and even to your mother but nothing can make you do so with your friend. Friendship is something never forced over you but in family case you may think you are born in some wrong in case of some pessimist feelings which you must never do. But you make friends by yourself therefore you never need to conceal anything from them and never lie to them. For young people, I would recommend to keep family matters inside home and outside moments behind the gate to home.

3. Test the friendship

best-friendsFriendship is not a science theory or law which you can prove by experimentation. Testing or evaluating your friends would render you lose them because good people are like diamonds and diamonds don’t cut rather slip away from their position. So, be careful in never doing something like this and if someone is doing this to you then you need to worry about him or her.

4. Value money more than friendship

Money, car, home, business are all material things which you earn by hard work and can even regain if lost once. But friendship is a trust which may build in months, years and decade but smashes into pieces in just seconds and then no Fevicol or jointing solutions is going to join it again. So, think a hundred times before you value something more than your friends.

5. Discourage you

No one is perfect in this world and the best part of friendship is that you practice all those things in front of your friends which you can never do in front of anyone else. So, only you know the best about your friend and if he or she is not doing anything up to the mark, you may encourage him or her instantly instead of discouraging and after the case settlement you should honestly pass your remarks in a manner that doesn’t heart you friend.

6. Selfish attitude

A selfish person is never liked by anyone. So at first a selfish person can never ever be your friend and one possibility is that your friend may be showing somewhat different attitude towards you than others. One thing to keep in mind is that you must never ever pay heed to what others say about your friend. You can only judge you friend by the behavior with you. But if your friend is no longer keeping any difference between you and others and behaves as selfish as he or she is with others, it means this is something wrong meddling in between you.

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