12 Fundamentals of Instant Charisma


Have you ever met someone who can captivate a room as soon as they enter it and instantly become the center of attention? You can’t help but hang on their every word and as soon as they leave, you’re left with feeling of adoration and respect that seems almost magical.

In this heightened state, you can’t quite find right words to explain this affect they have on you; most people can’t. That’s because charisma is one of the most mysterious topics there are and the most challenging to define. Charisma is composed of a constellation of factors and if it’s missing any of those essential ingredients, it ceases to be real charisma and becomes something else that is less spellbinding.Some examples of highly charismatic people include the following:

  • Al Pacino
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • James Woods
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Bill Clinton
  • Sean Connery
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Meryl Streep
  • Joe Pantoliano

You may have wondered at one time what makes these people so charismatic and how you can attain this skill set for yourself. If you continue reading, you’ll find the answers to both of these questions and perhaps something else that is life-changing along the way.These people are and were stars because people find them irresistible not to pay attention to. When they walk in a room, people can’t help but look at them. When they talk, people can’t help but listen. It all boils down to having an irresistible personality that draws people.


These people are and were amazing to observe but with dedication and practice, any of us can match their level of charisma or even higher. All of us have raw untapped power inside of us but we have to learn to be genuine with ourselves and release it freely and uninhibitedly.

The following are 12 fundamentals of charisma that you can add to your life starting today:

  1. Become a symbol of what people most desire — Movie stars, musicians, and political leaders mesmerize their fans because they represent what their fan bases most idolize.
  2. Establish yourself as a leader of a movement or lifestyle you are most passionate about that closely parallels what others desire and people will naturally gravitate to you and listen to what you have to say.
  3. Practice your body language and facial expressions in front of a mirror — If you’ve ever watched a movie without the sound on, you can easily tell what emotion the actors are trying to convey without you even hearing them talk. That is because actors are masters of body language. Are you known as someone who can express their emotions this eloquently on a daily basis? If not, practice the eye-catching hand gestures, postures and facial expressions you are most likely to use in everyday life and you will heighten your charisma and personal magnetism considerably.
  4. Make people feel special —The people in your life won’t admire you for long if you don’t make them feel better about themselves when they are around you. So compliment them, give them hope that they can achieve their goals, and treat everyone you know with fairness and dignity. If they respect you, they will look up to you as a person to go to for guidance.
  5. Wear high-quality clothing — When I say high-quality clothing, I don’t necessarily mean a suit and a tie through it can’t hurt too much in some occasions if you are a male. Wear quality clothing that best fits your personality and style. Buy the best watches you can afford, the best shoes, the best pants, and the best shirts. If you look like someone important, people will perceive you as important and give you their attention.
  6. Act like you’re the star of your own movie — If your life was a movie and you were the star, would people want to go see it? If not, start going to new places, start doing new things, and start saying things that would  make people find your life more interesting than theirs.
  7. Associate yourself with quality — One of the fastest ways to raise peoples’ perceptions of you is the associate yourself with a higher life-style. Think about what you would do with your life if you had 10 million dollars in your bank account at this very second and converse about all the interesting things and people that would be in your life right now. You don’t have to mention the 10 million dollar part, just talk about what you know is interesting and desirous to the both of you. Take their mind to far-away places and they will find your view of the world to be highly seductive.
  8. Develop a unique style or brand that others will want to imitate — Imitation is the strongest form of flattery. If you have a style or a way of doing things that people admire and find very difficult to surpass, they will want to be around you because they want some of that grandeur to rub off on them.
  9. Be yourself: Don’t care what people think about you — In general, you shouldn’t be too concerned about what people think of you. Thinking too much about what people think puts you in a needy attitude where you compromise who you are as a person to cater to other peoples’ ideals instead. Don’t make this mistake; too many people do. That’s why there’s so little originality in this world. Follow your heart, describe life as you see it and stand up for what you really believe in. You’ll eventually find people who admire you for who you are instead of just a fabricated version of yourself.
  10. Expect success in your relationships with people — A positive attitude is infectious. One of the best ways to keep yourself in a positive mood around people is to constantly think “what if.” Normally, when people think “what if,” it’s associated with some sort of fear or anxiety. Instead, think “what if” something good happens to put your mind in the mode of looking for success. Not only will you be more likely to succeed with people but they will pick up on that attitude, let some of it rub off on them and they will love being around you more as a result.
  11. Appear completely confident in yourself — Indicate with your body language, voice, and your words that you are completely confident in yourself and where you are going in life. If you do this, you are more likely to put people at ease. They will believe that this confidence came about for a very good reason and they will want find out more about you to find out why.Sell yourself and your ideas — You have to learn how to sell yourself and your ideas effectively so that the people you meet will have a favorable impression of you. Don’t be too bold about it but work it in your conversations carefully so that they’ll direct their attention considerably more to your good areas than your bad areas. Lightly talk about the benefits of your ideas and what they could mean to them and they’ll more likely be interested in hearing more.
  12. Connect with people — You’ll never persuade someone to follow your ideas unless you first connect with them. Find anything that you have in common with people that they place high value on and use that as your starting point. From then on, it should be smooth sailing.

As you’ve probably realized by now, when most people write about charisma and the techniques we can use to increase it, they usually don’t put much thought into it. In fact, they are usually so far off the mark that we wonder if they’re talking about charisma at all. But I hope this article makes a real difference in your life. This one is the real deal.

Using these 12 fundamentals of charisma, you’ll see a difference in your relationships because I guarantee that any of us can clearly see these techniques in use by the charismatic people in our lives. Choose the one that most interests you and start your path on mastering it today. Once you’ve mastered that, start on the next one that interests you and master that. If you follow these basic steps, you will have a considerably higher level of charisma than most people in your life.

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