4 Incredible Tips On How To Improve Your Blog

how to improve blog quality

A blog can maybe have the best content or design in the world, but if your blog doesn’t have the right professionalism and setup you can forget about being successful as a blogger. The main priority for a blogger is to show visitors that your blog has the right structure and a interesting feel.. The best way to do that is by optimizing your blog in the best possible way, of course this would require some work, but trust me it’s worth it.

If you want to be a successful blogger, here are a few things you should consider doing.

Take your time to write a good about and contact page

One of the first things visitors do when they visit your blog is go to your about me page. If your about me page doesn’t interest them they will probably leave and never come back. On the about me page you should be like a friend for the reader. You should also list all the reasons why people should read your blog. If you want to write an interesting about page try following these tips.

how to improve blog quality

1. Why Read This Blog

Your about me page should not only explain what your blog is about, but it should also give a reason on why your readers should come back. You should list down all the benefits of your blog and make sure you send out a strong message on why your readers should come back often. This way readers know you want people to read your blog and are interested in getting to know new people.

2. Personal Relation

When you visit an about me page you will properly expect some background or personal information about the blogger, right? Well, the problem is most bloggers don’t list personal information or lack information about themselves.

On your about me page you need an in depth overview of your back ground and personal information, ok I’m not saying you need to get too personal, but it’s good to put some personal stuff. By doing this you will open yourself to your audience and create trust and credibility. Visiter’s will get to know you better and understand you better so it will always benefit you and your readers. If you do succeed with creating a good personal relationship with your readers it is most likely they will be regular readers of your blog.

3. Contact Information

One very important element of your blog is of course the contact page. When your readers or visitors have a question for you, what do you think they are going to do?

Yep, they are going to contact you with email, but how do you expect them to do that if they can’t find your contact information.

Imagine this scenario, a daily reader has been reading your blog for 2 weeks now and has a very important question for you. He tries to find your contact details, but after searching your whole blog he can’t find your details. He eventually gets frustrated and  leaves your blog…..hmmm, What do you think you’ve just done? Indeed you’ve just lost a regular reader of your blog. This would of never happened if you had you your contact details on your blog. Just think about it, don’t you just hate it when you want to contact someone, but can’t figure out how to get their attention.

Keep A Simple But Attractive Blog Design

You may have a great blog with amazing content, but one underestimated part of your blog is the blog design. Most people say content is king, although this is true I still think that a blog design is also very important. Some bloggers tend to pay more attention to the design, because they want the perfect design, instead of having quality content and as this occurs, you can bet your money that you will get crappy content.

The best thing to do is to find the right balance and the right blending between the design and content. The best result you can get is if you have a attractive blog design that makes the content stand out so that readers have a easy overview of the content. You may want fancy graphics, cool colors, great features and lots of pictures, but you need to make sure you don’t over do it as too many features can have a negative effect because your blog will become too crowed and have no breathing space. Here are a few things regarding your blog design:

1. Simplicity is the best solution

Having a simple design is a fast and great way to showcase your content as the reader won’t get distracted and will focus on the content written. Some bloggers go for the simple design when blogging as they want the readers to get straight to the point and read the content. It’s better to have a simple design instead of having all the colours of a rainbow. Not only will  bright colors make you lose concentration, it will also make you blind and I’m pretty sure most of us would like to keep our eyesight.

2. A picture says 100 words

Your blog posts should include images at all costs. Many bloggers may not do this, but including images in your blog posts adds an extra dimension to your blog. It makes your blog look more professional and interesting. When you only have a blog with all massive blocks of texts with no images it can scare the visitor away.

3. Easy to read text

Make sure your text is easy to read with black letters. As they say the bigger the better. The typography you should choose should be easy to read. The best letter size to choose is between 12 and 14.4. Sidebar not cluttered

Sidebars have a important function in usability and appearance. A good looking sidebar can make it easier for readers to find what they are looking for, this way they will stay at your site longer. On the dark side, cluttered sidebars can ruin your whole blog design and can create tension. Poor sidebars also lead to frustrated visitors.Content is and always will be kingThe most important part of your blog is the content. If you don’t have good content, not many people will read your blog. You need to blog about something your passionate about. Don’t forget Content is king and promotion is queen.

Here are a few tips.

1. Write how-to guides

People love helpful information. When they need help or are looking for in depth information, how-to guides will be the perfect resource. Just be sure to include useful information.2. People always learn new things

If you pay close attention every blog actually has the same kind of content, but the only difference is that it’s written differently. Even though you see similar content on other blogs you should not be discouraged to write about the same subject, because every individual always has his own writing ability and own words to describe something. Just because a blogger in the same niche has written a specific topic, it doesn’t mean you can’t write about it as well. Readers actually like reading different blogs with similar content, because they get different ideas and always gain knowledge. They get to look at a situation from a different perspective. Everyone has their own opinion about a specific subject. Everyone always pick up new things.

Create a community

The best thing about a blog is that, not only are you controlling the blog, but your readers have a massive contribution to your blog as well. Your readers will be giving their own opinion on your blog through comments.

Here are a few tips on how you can create a community

1. Ask for a opinion

A good way to get lots of comments and feedback is by asking some open-ended questions at the end of your post. Ask questions like “what’s your opinion” or “does anyone else have any good suggestions”. When asking these kinds of questions people feel like your post is aimed at them and they feel more comfortable to leave comments.

2. Respond to most comments

This is very important with blogs. As you know, I’m almost certain you don’t like being ignored, right? By responding to every comment on your blog your readers will now that you care about them and are listing to what they have to say. This is a strong and effective way to create a community.

All I’ve got to say now is that, if you follow these tips on a consistent basis you will see some improvements. Keep up the good work and good luck.Any other tips?