5 Popular Blogging Myths Revealed


Blogging is easy… Blogging will make you rich overnight… Blogging means easy traffic…

Every body’s motive for creating a blog is mostly because they want to become successful and make a good steady income, although every individual has he’s own reasons for creating a blog, the most and common reason for starting a blog is of course to make money online.

With more and more people starting to blog because they’ve heard the so-called easy blogging myths I think it’s time they know the reality of blogging.

Here are 5 popular blogging myths

Myth 1:”Blogging will make you rich very fast”

Answer: Definitely not, it’s like saying money grows on trees.

Well, of course blogging can make you rich, but it’s all up to you to make that happen. If you do your research, traffic methods, monetization, and of course create fresh and unique articles, then it’s only a matter of time before you start making a name for yourself in the blogosphere.


In my early days of blogging I also thought that blogging would be an easy task and that I would see money rolling in from the day I started blogging, unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

After 1 month of blogging I finally made a little amount of 10 dollars from Adsense and even though it’s not something to be proud of, it actually felt good and gave me faith that it was possible to make money online. From that moment I actually realized and thought: Hang on for a minute, if I can make 10 dollars from Adsense with my new 1 month old blog, just think of how much I can earn after 1 year when it will be established and fully monetized.

Most blogger’s fail because they are unable to stay patience. Bloggers mostly blog for a few weeks and if they don’t generate any income from there blog they just give up blogging, but what they don’t realize is that blogging is a long term commitment and it can take months for your blog to generate a bit of income.

If you can stay patience and work hard to make your blog succeed then things will go your way and the money will be rolling in as well.

Myth 2:”Blogging is easy”

Answer: If blogging was easy, why isn’t every blogger a success by now?    

Many people say: Blogging is just about writing and then publishing your article on your blog. It all seems very easy from the outside, but what they don’t see is all the work blogging involves like, promoting a blog, maintaining a blog, researching a topic, Monetizing a blog and other little details.

Blogging means working hard and I mean working really hard every single day. Even when you have those days when you absolutely don’t feel like blogging you still need to find the motivation and discipline to blog. You constantly need to post new content on your blog to keep your blog in top shape and of course interesting for your visitors.

Myth 3:”Blogging will get you easy traffic”

Answer:”Nope, wrong again. To gain traffic you need to consistently promote your blog.

I’ve heard many people say that after promoting their blog they’ve had a period where they had some great traffic and then out of no where their traffic drastically drops. What they don’t realize is that to grow and keep a consistence amount of traffic coming in you need to consistently promote your blog and not just promote it once every few months.

Some bloggers are satisfied with 100 visitors a day, while other bloggers aim higher and are satisfied with 1000 a day. If you want a popular blog then it is absolute vital to use all the marketing methods to get traffic to your blog, like forum marketing, article marketing, writing guest posts, blog commenting on related blogs, submitting your website to directory’s and other ways.

Don’t forget without traffic your blog is like a dead graveyard. Without traffic you won’t be able to get readers and most important you won’t make any money online.

Myth 4:” Blogging is not considered a business”

Answer:”It most certainly is. You should start treating it like a business if you want to be succesful.

Is blogging a business? Nah, that’s what most people will say, but if you look at some of the big boys like Johnchow and Problogger I’m pretty sure to say that they have a nice business that earns them a 5 figure or more income every month.

When I started blogging I first thought hmm a couple of extra dollars per month doesn’t sound too bad, but as soon as I started hitting the $50 mark I thought hmm maybe there is some money to be made from blogging and that’s when I started treating blogging a business. That meant writing content, marketing and search engine optimizing almost every day.

Even though I started blogging as a hobby I soon started making a bit of money(not anything to be proud of as it wasn’t a lot) and oh boy does it feel good to make a nice little income on the side.I actually got myself in a rather complicated situation a few days ago. While I was at the airport I got in a conversation with a old teacher of mine who I most surprisingly saw sitting down next to me. He used to teach be business/finance and recently started his  own software company. So when he asked if I had any job or business I said I owned a few blog’s and that I considered that a business. The funny thing was that when I said that he started looking at me as if I was some kind of retard lol, but when I told him I make around $200 every month(these figures where on some other blogs I owned, but I stopped as they where only built for getting paid to post sites, I’ll get into more detail about this method in the future) he totally changed his view on blogging and started to gain some interest. He then started asking me a few questions about blogging and I could pretty much tell that the first thing he would’ve do when he got home was search on the internet about blogging. If only I could impress him when he used to be my teacher lol.

So is blogging starting to become more of a business than a hobby now days? Would you still be blogging if there is no revenue to be made from blogging?

Myth 5:”1000’s of new blogs are launched every day, uou can’t make any money with all that competition”

Answer:”True, but out of those 1000 blogs only a few make money blogging.With the massive popularity blogging has gained in the last few years, it comes to no surprise that everyone wants a crack at starting a blog and even make money blogging. With this popular trend continuing thousands of blogs are launched every single day. This means more competition and less chance to make money online. The good thing is that out off all these thousands of blogs, only 100 bloggers really stay active and still maintain their blog after 3 month’s and to make it even more interesting out of those 100 only 10 are able to start earning more then $100 every month after 6 months. The rest of the bloggers lose interest and stop blogging. I know it’s harsh, but it’s the reality and most bloggers need to realise that if you want to be make money blogging, then you need to work hard.

With all the people saying that blogging is too saturated to make money, I’d like to think otherwise because with all these thousands of blogs being launched every day only 100 bloggers have the persistence to stick to their blog. Out of those 100 there are only a few blogs who start to make some money online blogging.

So what I’m actually trying to say is that there’s always room for new blog’s. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that there are millions of blogs. If you have something interesting to say or have a nice idea in mind all I can say is, why not give it a shot? You don’t have anything to lose and who knows you might be the new superstar in the blogosphere.

So Any other blogging myths, bloggers tend to believe in?