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Hello Lady Killers!! If you don’t feel like a ladies man then fret not – anyone can learn to become one. Let me repeat that – ANYONE can learn the skills of seducing and picking up gorgeous women.  Listen to me – It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, and how good looking you are. Don’t believe me? How many times have you seen a beautiful girl with a BUTT-UGLY boyfriend? What’s more, have you noticed how emotionally attached she usually is to that ugly guy? It’s because that guy knows how to push the right buttons on her and you can learn how too.

This site has reviewed and tested some of the best techniques for picking up hot women that are available on the market today. Simply scroll down for summaries on these programs to read the full reviews.

Guy Gets Girl Introduction

Want to know how to attract a girl towards you and get her to give you her number? Guygetsgirl.com offers you some help. The book provided by the website has hundreds of tips and myth busters with regards to talking to girls and getting them to talk to you.


Let us see how you can get help from this website. The author of the book here is evidently an expert in the job, so you can rely on the advice on the website and also in the book, which has more information than you will ever need.

The central point of the website is that attracting women is more of a science than anything else. It doesn’t require some innate talent, but rather can be practiced and if executed properly, anyone can seduce a woman he likes.

Another important that guygetsgirl.com tells you is that women follow their emotions more than their mind. Their mind tells them that a seductive guy is going to mess around her and cheat her. However, the emotional part of her brain is all excited and wants to have fun.

However, not once does the website suggest that you be a jerk and have only short term relationships with someone you are attracted. The website and more so, the book gives you plenty of tips on how to build a lasting relationship with someone you are genuinely attracted to.

Once you have read the book, you will find that it does not matter whether you are attractive or not, rich or poor. All that matters is how you make the girl feel about her and you. That is something that can come to you with practice and experience.


Overall, I’d say that this guygetsgirl.com covers all bases when it comes to the art of seduction. There is some advice for every type of person and answers to all possible questions that will arise in your mind. Don’t believe me?

Alpha Male System Introduction

You watch all those playboys hanging around with a different girl each night and wonder what they are able to do that you are not. Worry not, the alphamalesystem.com offers you plenty of help in this regard. It claims to teach you to draw women towards you. Let us see what it has in store.Benefitsthe advice offered in this website and the book that follows is based on sound research based on observing the way women behave and as such can be considered reliable to a large extent. Whether or not you will be successful will be decided by how you follow the advice.

In the book, the author examines what attracts women towards certain men and why they are not attracted to other kinds of men. It also explores the different kinds of women and how you need to understand them in order to attract them.

The author of alphamalesystem.com also wonders why men have not discovered these secrets. The website asserts that age and looks are not major factors when you are attempting to seduce women. Even so called unattractive features that you have don’t matter according to the website’s advice.

Once these principles are understood, the book from the website takes you through what it calls a 7 step seduction system. This starts with a simple introduction and ends up in the bed with the woman having intense orgasms, or so the website says.

The book also gives you 9 techniques to attract women without talking to them. You are also given an idea about how to pick up signs from girls. Another important advice by the website is never take advice about women from women.


The only way to know whether the system works for you is to try it out yourself and it doesn’t cost that much. So head over to alphamalesystem.com and see the truth for yourself.Click Here To

Art of Approaching WomenIntroduction

Artofapproaching.com primarily offers an eBook written by Joseph Matthews. The title of the website, as well as the book clearly suggests its contents. But the question is how good is it at what it promises to offer you. Since the website is just a means for selling the book, we’ll review the book itself.


When you start reading the book, you can feel that the writer is genuinely experienced in the art of approaching women. The book goes deeply into the psyche of the women and helps us understand why they like certain things and don’t like others.

The book, available on artofapproaching.com, stresses the importance of eye contact. This, according to the author is one of the most important aspects of approaching women and successfully seducing them.

Another important factor, says the book, is body language. It explains in depth how to pick up signs from women’s body language and also how to carry your own body.

Other prominent methods for approaching women include finding the best places and ways to meet women and also where to find them in the first place.

The way the author weaves his advice along with his own adventures keeps you hooked on to it. You will not want to stop reading unless you complete.

Having read it fully, I would say it is a bit too long for a seduction eBook. However, this only demonstrates the depth of information contained in this book. If you are patient enough, you will find all your answers about women in this book.


The credibility and genuineness of the content of the book can easily be gauged by the fact that it is written based on the author’s own experiences. Even so, the book is multi-dimensional and covers many aspects of approaching a girl. This one is definitely worth a read!

Convert Friend into Girlfriend Introduction

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Friendtogirlfriend.com claims to help you turn your girl friends to girlfriends. A lot of books and websites claim to do that. Why this one? Let us now see what things you can accomplish having read the book and tried its tips and tricks.


This book could be included in the Dummies series, for its level of detail. The book features word for word lines on what to say to a girl so that she feels absolutely on cloud nine. That is to say, the website and the book cover all angles when it comes to what a girl expects from you.

The book gives you techniques that will make a girl to want to so badly that she’d do anything for your company. You don’t need to trust me on this, you can see the videos on the website, read the book and try and decide for yourself.

The website features innovative and never heard of techniques which will make the girl open up and reveal her true feelings for you, by coaxing it out of her heart. Also, the techniques revealed her will make a girl see you are a sexual being and not simply a friend of hers.

Friendtogirlfriend.com also gives you valuable tips and techniques such as the four fail safe ways of flirting with the friends of your girlfriend and get closer to your girl. These neat little tricks are what make the book so engrossing and exciting to read.

The success rate of the book is really good and the testimonials are proof of that. They are filled with success stories from people who thought nothing of themselves in the beginning.


The book costs a hefty $67. You would think that is too much, but wait till you get your hands on the videos on friendtogirlfriend.com, and you will realize that the cost is nothing compared to the value it holds.

How To Flirt With Women

Flirtmastery.com, as the name suggests, gives you are wonderful course on how to flirt with girls, not just the bimbos, but even those who seem to be out of the grasp of everybody else. And these are flirting techniques for today, not just a rehash of the zillions of previous books.


The book starts out with a quick start guide, which is around 33 pages long. They are an overview of the whole book and give you a gist of what to expect from the entire course available at the website.

In order to keep up with today’s times, the author, Steve Scott, has come up with some exciting SMS and social networking techniques. And these techniques are not random, but very specific and once you read the book, you know what to do at what time.

The book is about 280 pages, which may seem a long read, but it is exciting all the same, and you don’t want to stop before completing it. The topic on flirting with a girl on the phone through voice and SMS itself covers more than 50 pages. This means that all possible scenarios are covered for you.

Flirt mastery gives you very specific details on when to call and when to text. Also you are advised on how long to talk and what should be the contents at the beginning, the middle and the end of the conversation.

The contents on the website and the book also teach you about how to improvise and how to get out of a difficult situation during a conversation and how to not reach a dead end at any point in time.

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