6 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Domain Name

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Selecting a domain name can be the biggest challenge for any newbie blogger. Torn between what is the best option available and what best will work, a blogger struggles to pick the domain name essential for his or her success.

When I started off blogging, there was never much information to help choose a domain name. I guess because other bloggers where too busy figuring it out themselves.

I’m happy that today we do have some good tutorials and even webhosting companies like  InMotion, BlueHost, DreamHost some of the top rated hosting companies are making a diligent effort to educate their customers on domain name selection.

After all they don’t want to lose a customer over poor domain name selection, right.

Every time you decide to purchase a new domain, remember to check for these simple but effective tips. Consider these as guidelines or factors that help you choose the domain that would best work for you.

While there are times when certain factors can be overlooked, the 6 factors listed here are pretty good guidelines to go by.

Generic Names Or Brand Name Domains?

Long or Short Domain Names?

Keyword Rich Domain Names
Exact Match Domain Name

Partial Match Domain Name

Hyphenated Names?

“The”, and “My” Forms Of Domain Name

COM, ORG, NET, etc.?

Lets take a detailed look on how these 6 factors to select a domain name might have an impact on your business or blog.Generic Names Or Brand Name Domains?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you want to choose a domain name is to pick something generic that people will relate to. Or simply build a brand around your blog with a unique name.

Generic Name Domains

Generic names can be any word that is generic you know what I mean right. These are simple words that we use while talking or writing. These words are easy to remember and resonate well with common people.

While generic domain names are good and easy to remember, some names can be too much of a problem for you. You might find generic words too common that it might be impossible for you to rank on Google.

Brand Name Domains

Brand names are great. Especially if your a business or a product manufacturer, even a digital product creator. branding is a great way to kick start your business and build a name that will resonate with you and your product forever.

Its always a good thing to create a product based domain name or a business based domain name. However, if your intentions art to simply start a blog, my suggestion is to go with the focus area as your domain name.

Long or Short Domain Names

Domain name come in all sizes.  Long domain names, short domain names some even with combinations of numbers and words.

Its up to you to choose what’s best for your business. Think of what your trying to achieve, what your objectives are and this will give you a very distinct picture of what works for a domain name.

Long Domain Names

Long domain names have become quite popular recently with the rise in long tail keywords. Bloggers and businesses have started purchasing domains that are keyword rich. I will discuss about this in the next section of the article.

its important for you to understand how your readers are going to reach you. If you expect your readers and customers to type in your domain name in the URL window,  a shorter domain name is preferred.

If your expecting just search and social network traffic, then a long domain does not make much of a difference.

Short Domain Names

Short domain names are often very easy to remember, and allows the user easy access. This means that the user can directly key in the URL in the browser window to access your blog.

Its important that you achieve the results you want, and not just go for a type of domain name just because its required.

Keyword Rich Domain Names

Keyword rich domains are in and are here to stay. Bloggers big and small turn to keyword rich domains as there is some good in it, if you know how to capitalize on these domains.

There are two types of keyword rich domain names, and keyword rich domain names have good SEO value and make ranking on search engines like Google much easier.

Exact Match Domain Name

These are domain names that has the entire search keyword as the domain name. For example, if you key in “pet food store in Seattle”  in Google and find a site that is “petfoodstoreinSeattle.com” then that is an exact match keyword domain.

Its because a domain name is being set up based on the search keyword that is popular with search engines and has potential to drive thousands if not millions of readers to the blog.

Partial Match Domain Name

These types of domains are quite popular as well, they do contain the keywords but does not have the entire search phrase.

For example, take a look at GenuineSEO.com, here “SEO” being a search term, but adding a word before it makes it a partial keyword domain.Hyphenated Names

These domains do quite well from time to time. From my experience I’ve not been a big fan of such domains and have not preferred them.

I’ve purchased and tested out a few of such domains in the past and have not found them to be very catchy or worked well in search rankings.

These are domain names that have an hyphen between words in the URL.“The”, and “My” Forms Of Domain Name

These domain names are good, and is prominently found with personal domain names and top newspapers. One of the top blogs I own has the fillers mentioned above.

Give it a try if  you really need a specific word in the domain name and are okay with the extensions.COM, ORG, NET, etc.?

The .COM is the most popular domain extension. Almost everyone is so familiar with a website that they call it a dot com.

There are quiet a few options available and my favourite domain extension are .COM, .ORG, . NET

if you can choose something among these it would be great. Each of them have a specific focus. But most often readers do not relate to it and just stick to a dot com for a website.Conclusion

I hope this article gives you enough info to make the right choice in purchasing the best domain name.

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