7 Secrets of Successful Selling

I have listened to many speakers and gathered many ideas that sound good, but don’t work, believe me, that’s not the case with Mark Baker, he is the real deal!

If you’re like me, you have listened to a lot of sales trainers and speakers who have given you lots of ideas that sound great but don’t work! That all stops from this point forward, I went from being an absolute failure in selling to ranking in the top 1% of the world’s salespeople, and I want to share EVERYTHING I learned so that you can make the same journey.

“What you MUST know if you want to excel in sales”

“The truth was simply this, Mark was a terrible salesman! Yet within a few short years he ranked in the top 1% of salespeople worldwide, how did he do it? Over time he scoured the world interviewing and being mentored by the greatest salespeople on the earth, until he discovered the seven secrets that you simply must know if you are to become one of the world’s top salespeople, but unlike Mark you don’t have to spend several years discovering them the hard way, because he is going to reveal them to you right now in this exclusive limited edition programme!”

Sincerely Stuart Bowen

Here are just a few of the tried and tested ideas you will discover…

Imagine if there was one word that was guaranteed to double and even triple the size of each sale you made! It will be revealed here.

Discover why the sale is never made in the close!

Learn the one thing that will guarantee failure if you don’t have it.

Discover the real reasons people buy and how you can apply this knowledge in every sales situation.

Learn how to generate more referrals than you can ever use.

Discover how to communicate effectively and how to make a communication breakthrough and develop instant rapport every time!

And much much more.
“Mark Baker is recognised as one of the leading authorities on sales and mindset in the world today, and delivers his seminars and talks the world over, he provides you with real world insights which can only come by having been there and done that! And as a result Salespeople the world over have been able to triple their incomes and double their time off as a result of working with Mark, and in this ground breaking programme, you will discover the secrets that the worlds top salespeople don’t want you to know, and how you can become one of them yourself”
I have listened to many speakers and gathered many ideas that sound good, but don’t work, believe me, that’s not the case with Mark Baker, he is the real deal!
David Mc Murray. Sales Agent UK(What the world’s top salespeople don’t want you to know!)
When I first started selling the only things that were being sold were my possessions! the truth was I was a terrible salesman, but even if things weren’t bad enough for me, I simply didn’t have any communication skills and I suffered from a chronic case of shyness as well as a total lack of self belief in myself, in the office where I worked as a life insurance salesman, the entire office used to come to my desk while I was making cold calls and pretend to warm their hands on my face as my face was so red with embarrassment, and my results reflected my lack of belief and lack of skills .

I can still remember those early days in sales when I would arrive at someone’s house and soon after I had been given a cup of coffee, the statement followed that they weren’t buying and the awkward situation would follow where I would be sitting in a strangers house who didn’t want me there drinking his coffee, and not having even a clue what to do, my only thoughts were about getting out as quickly as possible, I can remember clearly , freezing with fear outside a prospects house in the pouring rain and not being able to move for what seemed like eternity! Until the threat of pneumonia motivated me to leave and return home without even knocking on the door!

I had no skills, no confidence and no prospects, but what I did have was a burning desire to be the very best salesman I could be, I had the conviction, I just didn’t have anything else and I didn’t have a clue where to get the information that I needed to help me succeed. It wasn’t just my sales career was suffering I was married with a baby and I couldn’t support my family, and I didn’t see any point in going out on sales calls because I had no expectation of making a sale anyway, and after all my family needed food and I didn’t even have enough money to drive to the shop.

Some of the above may seem extreme to you, the fact of the matter is that I was probably the very last person who would have been a success at selling, you have probably sat in a seminar or listened to some CDs when a super salesperson has told you about their success and a little voice inside your head has said “Its ok for you, your different, but it would never work for me”

I know that feeling! I felt it for years, but please believe me, if I can do it so can you!, I know this because I didn’t just start behind, I started miles before the starting line, one thing I quickly discovered when I entered the sales field was that if you were going to be a success then you had to be a well rounded individual, forget sales skills for the time being, you had to be confident, believable, know how to manage your time, know how to dress correctly and the list goes on and on.

When I started selling I was a broken spirit, I was 21 years old and had been physically and mentally abused from the age of five, by the time I was eighteen years old my father had broken me and I had nothing left within me to become a success at anything.

All I had ever heard was that I was useless, and how much he hated me, and even at a very young age if your father hates you, you reason that no one else is going to feel anything for you either, he didn’t only use words to express his hate for me, he used his fists and his feet, I used to force myself asleep to get rid of the days, only for my father to come into my bedroom and punch me awake and when you are assaulted in your sleep you don’t know what is happening, it feels like your having a heart attack or dying.
But even then I believed that one day my life would begin, one day I would be some thing special, one day I would be a success, every night I would lie down in my bed and wish another day away, but before I went to sleep I would imagine the life that would be mine one day, I didn’t have loads of thoughts about houses and cars, I just had a very simple vision, I would imagine walking into my bedroom, and my wife would be laying there asleep, I would turn my head slightly and there would be a cot in the corner of the room where my baby girls were sleeping, and the whole room was bathed in a soft orange glow, this was the future I lived for, this was my hope for my future and this is what kept me alive as without this dream I would never have made it past twenty one.

In my early days as a struggling life insurance salesman, I would be out making three calls a night, and it was often late when I arrived home, one day I arrived home and my wife was asleep in bed, I got ready for bed and entered the bedroom, but when I entered the room something came over me and for a second I didn’t realise what it was, and then it hit me like a freight train, I looked over to my wife who was asleep in our bed then I turned to the right and there were the cots where my little girls sleeping and the room was bathed in a soft orange glow, and then I realised the dream that kept me alive during my childhood had come true, my wife had been out and purchased a soft glow orange lamp that day so that I wouldn’t wake up the girls by fumbling and banging around in the dark when I got home. I got into bed and quietly wept to myself, my life had begun.

The next morning my wife was trying to teach my older daughter Chloe how to tie her shoe laces, my little girl was getting frustrated with her lack of success and said “I cant do it Mummy, I cant do it” I heard my wife reply to her softly, “yes you can my darling, you can do anything you want, your Daddy taught me that”

Why am I telling you this and what has it got to do with selling?, nothing…… and everything, believe me if I can do it, you can do it, I didn’t just have to learn to sell, I had to become a balanced human being before I could sell, and I suspect that for the most part that you are already a reasonably balanced human being, and if not, there’s hope for you, believe me.
Over the next few years, I attended every sales convention I could afford to attend, sadly nothing much seemed to improve and that was when I made a startling discovery!

The things I had been listening to for years sounded great but didn’t work! and the reason they didn’t work was because the majority of the speakers I was listening to, were not real salespeople they were just speakers who had read a lot of books on selling and created talks and CDs brimming with ideas that they had never used or had any success with, but they sounded good; So I took the next step and asked myself the question, “Where can I go and who can I speak to in order to help me become a success at selling and the answer became blindingly obvious, I went to the worlds top salespeople and shared my story with them and asked for their help, and I think my desire and passion may have reminded them of themselves when they were starting out on their careers as they all without exception offered to help me .“What I learned turned my life around”

However, there is a word of warning that I must share with you, you have to have an open mind, it reminds me of the story of the monk and his protégé, the young protégé wouldn’t stop talking, passing judgement and making comments on everything that the wise man was trying to teach him, when they stopped for tea, the wise man poured tea into the young mans cup, and when it was full he just kept pouring until it overflowed onto the young mans lap.

What are you doing! You have poured tea all over me old man.

Yes said the old man, your cup is overflowing, just like you and with so many ideas and opinions how can you ever learn anything!

This was a lesson that I didn’t learn as quickly as I should have done, I clearly remember writing to a great salesman called Tony Gordon from Bristol and I eagerly awaited his reply, it never actually occurred to me that to have to go to the trouble of writing a letter back to me might be slightly inconvenient!
Anyway, the letter arrived, and to be honest I was absolutely bloody furious, there wasn’t any life changing message in his letter, but a few years later I realised that Tony`s advice and advice I had received from many other worthy individuals was pure gold, the problem was, I wasn’t ready to hear it, the old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear holds true, what that profound statement really means is, that until you are ready to listen, the message will pass you by!

We are so busy looking for the magic pill, the one thing we need to know that will make our life and career perfect doesn’t exist, and to pursue success in life and in sales is futile and immature.

Be open to change, we really don’t know everything, when we think we do we stop listening and we stop growing, and as my friend Sid Friedman says “when your green you grow, when your ripe you rot”

After my lack of success with the wonderful information that was being shared with me, I realised that I was like the young man who knew everything and knew nothing, so my entire philosophy changed, I became like a sponge, I took copious notes and made a decision not to pass judgement on anything I heard, I would just listen, internalise and then apply what I had learned, after all if the worlds greatest salespeople were prepared to give up their valuable time to share their secrets with me then who was I to question them.

I can tell you most sincerely that as a direct result of what I am about to share with you, my life and my career changed in what was such a short amount of time, it certainly couldn’t be considered as incremental growth!, I remember being at the Million Dollar Round Table in June talking to a friend of mine who had just told me that he had already earned $110000 (£70000) so far that year, I was absolutely blown away, especially as I had only earned about a quarter of that by that point.

Yet 11 months later in the month of MAY only, I had earned $130,361.46 (£83,313.00) my actual commissions for the year were $457,269.24 (£292,357.00) and what allowed me to make that monumental jump in earnings will all be covered in this program.

The results were unbelievable, I applied everything I knew and I started to see results immediately, the first secret I discovered was one simple word that doubled and even tripled the size of my sales and all of a sudden I was making more money in a week than I had made in the first four months of the year, then I learned the secret to freeing up my time in order to focus my time on my most valuable tasks, when I learned this secret, I was able to double my income and triple my time off, now I wasn’t just earning way more money than I had ever heard before, I was able to do the most important things in my life and spend time with my family, I never even missed a ballet lesson, a sports day or even a family meal time and my daughters had the luxury of having their doting father witness every little achievement, and give them the most valuable gift a parent can give their children T.I.M.E!
In the next 12 months I had qualified for the “Top of the table” a prestigious club which is part of the Million Dollar Round Table, an organisation which represents the top 5% of salespeople in the world and I was in the top 1% of salespeople in the world, As Tony Robbins would say “I don’t say this to impress you, I say this to impress upon you!

The second secret I learned taught me how to create an abundance of qualified leads, what to say and how to say it which meant I now had the enviable problem of having more leads than I could ever use while my colleagues who used to warm their hands on my face scratched around looking for the odd lead and having to make score upon score of cold calls and suffer the rejection that followed the vast majority of the time, from the moment I learned what you are about to learn in this program, you will never have to make another cold call again, I haven’t made a cold call in 15 years!

The third secret I learned taught me the real reasons people buy, and when I knew this selling became a walk in the park, never again would I get engaged in a battle of wits, and talk my prospects into submission, thinking that as I left I had won another battle only to get the call the next day that the order had been cancelled! Never again would I have to engage in old school closing tactics that left my prospects feeling sold to, in fact when I learned and applied this secret my prospects never felt they had been sold anything in fact they took full credit for making the purchase, which was fine by me, you take the credit and Ill take the commission, this unspoken arrangement with my clients has worked very well for me ever since!

The fourth secret taught me the most powerful communication strategy in the world, in fact until I knew this I wondered how I ever got along with anyone at all, once I knew what I will share with you, the quality of your communication will never be the same again, I’m so excited about sharing this with you that I will give you a little clue as to how it works, You know when you call to speak to a what you consider a big prospect (By the way, none of them are big except in your mind, after all their wives or husbands don’t tremble in their presence when they arrive home you know!

Anyway, you know when you call these people at the office you are met by a secretary whose job is to make sure that you don’t get through to them, affectionately also know as the gatekeeper, well as human beings we have a gatekeeper that prevents our message from getting through to the person you are talking to, but when you know this, it will never be a problem to you again, the truth is, we were never taught how to communicate effectively in school and I have only ever met a couple of people who even know about communicating in this way.

When you master the fifth secret you will be able to throw away every single book on closing that you have ever bought, because when I reveal this to you, you will realise that the sale never was and never will be made in the close, sure I know you have used clever closes to make sales, but as a result most people who sell like this are never seen as anything more than a salesperson, but when you learn this secret you will become a trusted advisor and confidant, and trusted advisors don’t have to sell to anyone, they just have to make the recommendation, and when you have learned this secret, neither will you!

The sixth secret taught me the two very distinct groups that would be essential to my ongoing success, in fact, for the most part nothing would work in either my sales career or my life without this, everything I get two enjoy is down to the harmony that this knowledge provides in these two essential areas and the clue here is Harmony.

The seventh secret is what brings everything together and has provided me with a quality of life that I could only dream about before as once I had mastered and understood this part of the seven secrets there wasn’t a single part of my life that remained untouched by it and everything in my life became better for it, once I had learned this the success and effectiveness of everything in my life improved immeasurably.

Once I had learned and applied this knowledge, not only did by sales career never ever suffer a slump again but neither did my personal life., and the lives of all those that embrace this knowledge will for ever more benefit from it.

The bottom line is simply this; the seventh secret is the foundation of success in every area of our life whether it’s personal or professional.Unconditional Guarantee – If you are not totally delighted with your program you may return it within 90 day for a full refund no questions asked!Your sales presentation to the main platform of the Life Insurance association was tremendous.Brendan Power. EnglandIf sales is an art, then Mark Baker is an artistDavid Barnett. Jersey

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