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Rules for Successful Dating

These days, many Western men are seeking Russian brides due to their extraordinary beauty, grace, and intelligence. The easiest way to find a Russian bride is to look for them online, and the following guide will help you to improve your chance of success with Russian dating. Finding the right dating website is of paramount […]

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Why Your First Dates Fail: 10 Main Reasons

A first date is always an exciting and romantic event. It allows you to get to know your potential match better, find out if you have common interests and goals, and decide whether to meet again or not. By the impression from a first date, you can judge whether the second and third ones are […]

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Your Girl Most Likely Fakes an Orgasm: why and how to deal with it

There is a big percentage of dissatisfied women who are forced to fake an orgasm. These nefarious figures wound men’s vanity, and it is quite possible that your girlfriend also fakes her orgasms. Therefore, try harder and hope that your girlfriend does not enter the fateful number of dissatisfied women. Why girls fake orgasm? Regardless […]

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Where to Find Russian Single Ladies?

It’s no wonder that men from all over the world are totally excited about having a Russian woman as their girlfriend or wife. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, these beautiful females have become extremely popular for their merits and, of course, for their physical appearance. Apart from beauty and cheerful characters, Russian single […]

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A Few Tips to Get the Best of Online Dating

Dating can be troublesome, and there is a lot of things that you need to work out in order to succeed. While people believe that online dating is something way easier than offline dating, those involved in it know that it’s not true. Success at online dating requires not just a good profile picture. You […]

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The Dating Debate – To Google or not to Google?


Something just happened to me recently. After going on a Dating Blitz, a very special lady opened me up to an interesting, yet questionable practice that never really crossed my mind until she brought it up — Googling someone you’re interested in dating. Even though my life is so entwined with all things Google, I […]

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Flirting on Twitter: Flitter = (Flirting + Twitter)

On Friday, February 13th, I had the chance to check out “Flitter” – a Valentine’s event hosted by, a company that organizes speed dating and singles events. The eventwas held at the swanky Yorkville Bar – Lobby. Here’s a description of the event from FastLife’s website: You simply can’t afford to miss the hottest […]

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Why Am I Still Single?


Let me start things off by saying that I truly believe anyone and everyone can find someone they can vibe and connect with on a romantic level. Through countless conversations, I’ve noticed the theme of some friends and acquaintances acknowledging how difficult it is to meet someone who is “normal”, fun and interesting, and this […]

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Quick Fixes to Improve Attraction

A lot of people wonder why they’re not able to meet or attract a person for either dating or a life partner.  There are a lot of reasons for this, but we often settle for less than what we truly deserve.  If I were to pinpoint the number one reason why that might be so […]

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Cheap Date Ideas

Dating is a lost art, in my opinion, and those who are able to truly practice this art form at its finest are a rare breed. So I wanted to talk a little today about how to have a good first date, the kind gentlemen, that will leave her wanting more, and recognizing just how […]

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