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Long distance love affairs


Alyssa (one of my current lovers) recently arrived onsite in Costa Rica to ply her mad Anthropology skills to better the world and play with the native girls. (A habit she has, both in and out of the country.) Since I am often going on about “communicating via text medium”, I thought I would drop tonight’s transaction here for […]

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Rock Star Style: What your threads say about you


Listen guys, you can tell a woman a whole helluva lot about yourself and how awesome you are without saying much.  That’s because you’re clothes are speaking for you the second she lays eyes on you. So make sure what you are wearing says all the right things. Here’s how to let your clothes do […]

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Undercover Sex Signals

In this summary and review, I will give you the content in a nutshell, along with my own observations to enhance comprehension / effectiveness. Liel Lowndes (author) begins by setting forth the acronym “U.S.S.”, which is a stand in for Under Cover Sex Signals. This essentially means: A females nonverbal show of sexual interest in […]

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Image and Attract Women


Women are highly visual creatures as well. Just in slightly different ways. So if you really want to attract them you must “look” the part of a confident, sexy, and resourceful man. Here’s 5 easy ways to project that alpha male image: Tip 1: The Confident Slouch Don’t stand up or sit too straight. Those […]

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Debunking Dating Gurus

This week you will be pleased to hear that you already have what it takes to “get the girl”, and “have conversations start themselves” etc, etc, in basically any situation, AND, even more fun than that, we are going to go through how to get your kickass attributes put to work in “auto pilot” mode. […]

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How to Turn Hesitation Into a Female Buffet

We are going to take the basic hunger that we all have for female contact and we are going to turn this hunger into fuel to feed that need. Some of us have a lack of engagement knowledge and engagement skills.  This week we are going into some great information on how to rock this […]

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The ‘Epic’ Infinite Date Generator


In this article we are going to make sure that no one ever has a boring date EVER again! Does this sound like a big, ugly claim that no one can possibly fulfill? Well, I am going to do it and I am going to deliver this big claim to you, because that’s what I’m into! […]

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Gain a Level, Get the Girl


This week we will be chatting about the geekiest subject of them all! Gaming!! wooooo! But how does gaming relate to getting the girl you ask?? Muah! Great question. We are going to go over that, and afterward, you will be able to target your perfect match, and also probably skip a bunch of Life’s […]

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Instantly Get Her on the Same Page with You


Last episode we were talking about why it is that the ‘shy guy’ can not only get the girl, but actually be better at it for being shy. It was a really good information and if you guys haven’t listened to it, please, go download it from itunes or get it from the site, It […]

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Dating Tips for Men

Hello again, and welcome back to I’m Stephen and this is my life and it should be yours too. We’ll be sharing the secret to permanent long-term attraction that will let you unbelievable relationship with the women of your dreams without using lame canned material or changing who you are at all.So thanks for […]

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