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Annihilating the Friend Zone


Ben wrote in and asked for a show on the all elusive “friend zone”. Specifically, he asked for 4 topics: 1 – How to avoid the friend zone altogether(really important) 2 – How to escape the friend zone if you end up there. 3 – Can you use the friend zone, and 4 – How […]

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Daily Affirmations – Law Of Attraction on Money

Affirmation Investigation – Have you ever thought about how you’ve been programmed since 
you were a kid to accept whatever life hands you?No offense, but that is the biggest load of horse puckie since 
THEY said the world was flat! You can truly RE-program 
your thinking to attract the most astounding things into your life. […]

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LOA Law of Attraction


Each week I read and research dozens of sources for something that jumps out at me. That means that I look at a lot of writings …. and what strikes me is that there is nothing new. It has all been said in many books, wonderfully, by many sojourners all exploring the Law of Attraction […]

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Manifest Reality


The idea of transcendence kept playing around in my head. In traditional religion the idea has always been that when one reaches the point of understanding where words cannot explain something that lies beyond one takes a leap of faith and accepts by faith as real the God which one cannot express, understand or comprehend. […]

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A Complete Guide to Reaching Your Dreams


Are you are serious about changing your life? Do you truly want to see your dreams turn into reality? If so, you will have to get really good at manifesting. This is nothing to be afraid of. Once you learn the process you will be able to apply your knowledge to manifest any desire you […]

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