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There aren’t many people who add sparkle to a room when they enter itbut when we meet up with Happy Ralinala, she is radiates confidence andher warm smile kept the crew calm as we didn’t know what to expect fromher. From her soft spoken voice to her humility you can easily tell whatkind of a […]

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Barack Obama and Leadership Mastery


This is not a political blog, nor is it a political post. We won’t touch on policy or ideology. And we know that many business leader have expressed concern that Obama’s tax policies are too left-leaning for comfort. But watching Barack Obama throughout the campaign made it clear that he is a living example of […]

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Inspire a Vision, Then Stand Back!

This post shares a personal anecdote to make a point about Leadership Mastery, specifically the results of leading from vision in mastery, vs. managing in excellence. We recently moved to a new house that we are remodeling and renovating. The entire project gave me an opportunity to overcome my personal bad side (controlling, micro-managing, worrying), and […]

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Excellence Has Costs, Just Like Failure and Mediocrity


Excellence differs from failure and mediocrity most obviously because many people openly and passionately aspire to it. They want the satisfaction excellence brings and the rewards it promises. Excellent people simply have richer lives, get more done, and have more fun. Aspiring to excellence is valued, encouraged and rewarded. No one really says, “I aspire […]

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Excellence vs. Mastery: A Tale of Two Leaders

Imagine two successful leaders. Let’s call one leader S, and the other C. At this time, S is trapped in excellence, while C is in mastery. If excellence and mastery are like apples and oranges, these two will have very little in common. But not so fast; they’re both fruits, both grow on trees, and […]

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12 Fundamentals of Instant Charisma


Have you ever met someone who can captivate a room as soon as they enter it and instantly become the center of attention? You can’t help but hang on their every word and as soon as they leave, you’re left with feeling of adoration and respect that seems almost magical. In this heightened state, you […]

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How to Break Through Shyness and Meet New People

If you’re a natural introvert such as myself, you might think that it’s particularly difficult meeting new attractive and interesting people. This especially rings true if you’re a new transplant to a city and starting fresh without friends or family. At one point or another in our lives we all feel a yearning deep down […]

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How to make new friends

When you are in a new place where you do not know anyone, it is awfully useful to have lots of ideas to meet lots of people.Being alone and cushy, it is. But having friends is not bad. The problem is we can not take with you when you move. It must meet all new, […]

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10 things your best friend would never do to you

Friendship is a blessing, a quality not found in each and every person. As the world is growing and getting complex with the passage of time, the more is the need of some sincere fellows that would stand beside you through thick and thin. The awesome part of friendship is that it is never limited […]

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9 Practical steps to become a Successful College Student


College life is the first step in practical life. There is a great difference between a high school and a college. The environment, social life, workload, academics pressure and many other things change quite drastically. All such things require handling in a very professional and experienced manner. If certain cautionary measures are not taken and […]

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