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How to control your emotions


We all have a baseline. A natural state of emotions that where you naturally operate form. Emotions, just like any other habit become more and more easy for you to enter into the more time we spend feeling them. They become familiar, almost like a security blanket. You become so used to our base emotional […]

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Fledgling to Master – a new skill In 20 min a day

So I just finished watching the matrix and you know that part where Neo downloads combat skills directly into his brain? If only life were like that. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to learn a new skill in seconds and have the competency to begin applying that skill immediately? Unfortunately were stuck […]

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How to change any habit in 5 easy steps


We’ve all had times when we found ourselves doing something we know we shouldn’t. It’s not even a conscious decision most of the time. Something sets you off and the next thing you know, you have a cigarette in your mouth or you find yourself staring down at an empty pie tin. You immediately start […]

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How to Get Personal (with Nadir Vissanjy)

The day before presenting to the Franklin Fellows,  Nadir Vissanjy texted the Narps board. “Do you mind if I bring a couple of friends for the workshop?” No explanation. No background. Just a request. Nadir was our first presenter to the fellowship. So, we didn’t know what to expect.  The better question, however, was “who […]

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12 Steps To Improve Club Meetings


Most meetings start with good intentions. You have a feeling of purpose. John wrote an agenda. Clarence even brought Godiva chocolate. But, 55 minutes (and an entire sub-reddit on Kangaroos) later, the meeting ends. You’ve done nothing. Plan to do nothing. And you’re now waiting for more kangaroo-related content. The meeting sucked. Most organizations run […]

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How to Improve Your Sleeping Habit

Sleeping is our routine. We need to sleep daily until forever. But do you sleep effectively? Experienced a middle-of-the-night wake too often? Continue your reading to find out how to improve your most important activity of the day. What was your last good sleep? Before we continue, please ask yourself first what was your last […]

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Deep Breathing: How to flush toxins, and boost your energy

You’re not taking advantage of one of your most powerful tools for improving your health! Lazy bastard… Of all the essential nutrients required by the human body, we rarely consider that we may need more oxygen. But high oxygen levels are essential for over all function and vibrant health. Deep breathing not only gives you […]

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6 Amazing Google Chrome Tricks We Wish You Knew

Google chrome, well who doesn’t use it? Maybe you don’t! But, it’s a truth that Google Chrome is the world’s most widely used web browser and there is no need to explain about it. Google Chrome is mostly known for its speed and simple user interface. But there a lot more things that makes this […]

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There Are Lessons in Failure

I stared at the microphone as if it was a cobra about to strike.  What was I doing?  I didn’t know the first thing about podcasting except what I’d learned by listening to other podcasts.  I’d bought a few pieces of equipment because I’d had this crazy notion that I could set the podcasting world […]

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Biphasic Sleeping: Do I Get Enough Sleep

Do I get enough sleep at night has become a common question for many Americans. Before beginning my biphasic sleeping lifestyle I used to sleep 8 to 9 hours a night and still feel tired all day long. If that sounds anything like you then you’re probably a good candidate for biphasic sleeping. Since I […]

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