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What To Do When You’re About to Give Up

I’ve never enjoyed the traditional 9-to-5 career path. I always knew I wanted to work for myself but that was an abstract idea far from becoming a reality. Once I graduated college, I started working and I forgot how bad I wanted to be location independent and unattached from the corporate chains. I spent almost […]

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As of today we are up to 30 posts. I only put up 3 yesterday but will put up more today. Our unique visitors in one day set a record and more than doubled our best day up to that point. Additionally, our page views are up 35% from where they were a week ago. […]

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How to Stop Living Month-by-Month

The Love Of Money

Being broke is bad. But in my opinion, living on paycheck-to-paycheck is just a little better than being broke. It guarantee that you will be stressed, desperate and don’t know how to get out of this trap. Let’s review the solution together in this blog.I used to live on paycheck, too Frankly, I used to […]

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Making Money Online – Doing Nothing

This post isn’t really about doing nothing. It is actually focused on setting up a team to help you with your blog. Doing nothing and making money online would be the extreme of what I’m about to tell you about but believe me, it is a possibility. This post is will show you how to […]

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Hacking For Profit

If you don’t know who Steve Pavlina is I suggest you crawl out from under the rock you’re hiding and Google him. Just Kidding. In all seriousness, Steve is an awesome self development blogger and has helped probably hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions! He has a huge blog and in one of […]

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Selecting Keywords – Make Money Online


This post is all about how to select those keywords that are going to make you money. Selecting general and specific keywords that are relevant to you blog or site are an essential component of your search-engine optimization or SEO. General keywords are one or two keywords in length and are commonly referred to as […]

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How to Create A Rock Star Blog

Believe it or not being a rock star and having a successful blog are quite similar and I will point out some of those similarities here. First off both successful blogs and rock stars have a lot of people that come to see them and are anxiously awaiting the next song or post to be […]

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