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So you want to blog for money? You are one of the nearly 50 Million. I’ve read before that the number of blogs on the web doubles every 6 months! Most of these blogs do not make much money. Most blogs are designed as a journal or someone’s personal diary. But if you want to make money with your blog as I do with this one, you’re going to have stiff competition.

But make no mistake, there is a huge target market and the possibilities really are limitless. I’ll first cover what it will take to run a profitable blog. Then we will begin learning how to build it.

First and foremost, a blog that makes money is a business. Like any Business start up, it is going to take long hours and a ton of dedication. And for these hours spent on the web you are going to get in return, nothing! How does that sound? I’m not going to sugar coat it, it is hard work to build a blog. But keep your eyes on the prize. A blog is one of the best avenues to passive income. Last night while I was asleep, I made money. While I’m on vacation, I make money. While I’m at a baseball game in the middle of the day, I’m making money! My blog is always working, and so will yours. But first you must toil to put together this money making machine.

The first part of building a successful and profitable blog is going to take about 80 hours. That is 2 weeks at a typical job, and even then you won’t make a dime. But after the first 80 hours you’ll have the tools to begin making money online.

This first 80 hours is the toughest and is often the part where most blogs fall apart. Most new bloggers get tired of the work and tired of writing new content. They either decide that they are going to just write one post a day or that they’re going to try and cut some corners. It is at this point that people tend to just piggyback content from other blogs and start spamming. They want to make money so fast that they try taking short cuts and within 6 months, they’re onto something else and their domain name is up for sale. Don’t stress out. Just know that with a website, 30 posts, countless widgets and blog directories, you will make about $1.00 per day.

Steve Pavlina claimed in 2006 to make about $40,000 per month from his blog. But at that point he had nearly 450 posts and 100,000 inlinks from other blogs, websites, and social bookmarking sites. His blog had also been live for about 2 years so there was plenty of time for search engines to be familiar with his site and for people to spread the word about his posts. And who knows, even if he was making $40,000 per month, maybe he was spending $40,000 per month advertising?

My point is, a blog is like any other business start up. It will take time and dedication with little to know reward. The payoff comes later.

If I haven’t scared you away yet, then you probably have what it takes to be a pro blogger. So lets get started learning how to do it.


Choose a topic you are going to blog about. Remember you are going to have to blog about this topic at least 500 times in the next few years. Also, you’ll have to blog about it every day, if not multiple times per day. So make sure this blog is about something you’re interested in and will be interested in for many years. I am a business man and run a manufacturing business, and to a lesser extent, a blog. That is what I do and that is what I enjoy. But moreover I enjoy how I do it. I could run any business in the world I think so long as the lifestyle was the same. So that is what I blog about. My lifestyle. I enjoy my Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance. So that’s what my blog is about. I also do other things so I have a section called Living the Hacked Life. My site is all about how to do things quickly and effectively because as a business owner I don’t have a lot of time to do things outside of work. So I built this site to share with other how I make money and still find time to stay in shape and live a life worth waking up for every morning. My point is, my blog is a niche but is a fairly liberal niche. It allows me to talk about most anything I’d be interested in while still having enough focus that I can begin ranking higher and higher on search engines.

So lets say you like your dogs and think you could talk about your dogs all day every day. If you Google “dogs” you’ll find 187 million results! That is a lot of competition! Lets say your dogs are Airdale Terriers. That brings up 99,400 results. Now that is a market you can become the authority in!

My point is pick a topic that is wide enough for you to have freedom to choose your topics since you’ll need to come up with thousands of posts about it, but make sure it is small enough for you to build up a reputation within that industry.

Finding Your Target Audience

Now that you know what you’ll write about, you need to understand your readers. This will come into play in every aspect of what you do. You’ll need to make you site and content cater to what they want. It is also huge in terms of advertising.

What you’ll want to do is Google your topic and check the trend history.
– Go to Google/Trends
-Type “Airdale Terriers” into the search bar
– You will see at least 4 things, a chart of the trend, the top regions, top cities, and top languages

From the example above you’ll notice the trend is going downward but still results in fairly steady search volume. You’ll also notice on the far right that most searches are by english speaking people. That is good for you if you’re blog will be written in english. If not it is still ok. You’ll want to make sure however that when building your site you use translator applications for the top languages that will be searching for you.

You’ll also see that most of your searches will come from South Africa. Evidently Airdale Terriers are popular there. You’ll need to make sure your content addresses the needs of Airdale Terrier owners in the top ranked regions. This will ensure that your readers find your information worthy of following and passing along.

This post is already over 1000 words so I’ll wrap it up. Our next post will detail setting up the background for your site. What will and should your goals be, you budget, support team, and how will you get content.

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