Cheap Date Ideas

Dating is a lost art, in my opinion, and those who are able to truly practice this art form at its finest are a rare breed. So I wanted to talk a little today about how to have a good first date, the kind gentlemen, that will leave her wanting more, and recognizing just how special you truly are… not to mention how different you are from all the other fish in the sea. First, and foremost, men, get sex off the brain. Don’t expect it, don’t want it, and don’t ask for it on… Continue reading…

Don’t let a bad economy with a recession put a damper on you dating, life. Yes, everything is expensive, but you can go on an enjoyable date and not lose your shirt. It takes a bit of planning and innovative thinking to come up with something exciting. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Going on a cheap fun date without spending a lot is not as hard as you think. Cheap fun dates are always the dates that you remember the most, when money is tight people tend to draw closer. Opting… Continue reading…

Date nights can be rejuvenating for couples, especially couples who are raising young children. Unfortunately date night can be expensive and just not fit into a family’s budget during these tough economic times. However, there are several ways to have a frugal date night and stay under budget, it just may take some creativity or thinking outside of the box to make it happen. Date nights are meant to reconnect and spend time together, they don’t always have to look like your typical romantic date, it is about spending time together while having fun, what… Continue reading…

cheap-datingHaving seasonal dates can be a cute outing for a busy couple. Life has a tendency of getting filled with events and work; relationships get pushed to the side. Make a plan to have at least one date per season and rejuvenate your relationship. Using spring date ideas can help to make a fun trip for you and your loved one. Flower Outings When you see the first flowers of spring, take a trip out to the mountains or plains for a flower picking trip. Bring along a picnic basket and you and your significant other can… Continue reading…

Cheap but fun date ideas is the perfect blend for many people. You can’t afford to go on lavishing dates every day of your life, yet you still need to keep things fresh with your sweetheart. Spice things up or get things going with these four cheap but fun ideas for dates. Themed Movie Marathon How much does it cost to rent a movie from Redbox? That’s right, about a dollar a day. Pick up a few movies that are all themed the same, such as three gangster movies or romantic comedies. Head back home… Continue reading…

Cheap date ideas for a rainy day can be hard to come by. That being said, we still have some affordable rainy day date ideas that will keep your wallet full and your clothes dry. Movies in the Dark If it is rainy outside you don’t need be to driving out there. Stay at home with your date and try out our first on the list of cheap date ideas for a rain day. For this one you will just want to light some candles and get your DVD player going. Stay inside and watch… Continue reading…

Inexpensive date ideas don’t have to feel cheap. Often times you get so involved in the date that you won’t realize how simple or affordable it really is. With that said, let’s go over our list of inexpensive date ideas that will help keep your wallet full. Star Gazing If you haven’t ever been star dazing with another person you are truly missing out. Inexpensive date ideas like this one involve spending a romantic night with your loved one. For this idea you simply need a blanket and some time to sit down with your… Continue reading…

Cheap Date Ideas for Teenagers Thinking of some cheap date ideas for teenagers isn’t hard at all. You can use the ideas below and put your own spin on them to make them even more fun. Even if you keep them simple, you will have a wonderful time if you use some of these ideas. Go to a Local Concert Together The local music scene can often be a fun one, where you can meet other people your age that you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to meet. Not only that, you might get to… Continue reading…

Cheap Date Ideas

Everyone always seems to be looking for some cheap date ideas. For that reason, we decided to compile a nice list of them and made them available to you. If you are looking to go on a date without breaking the bank, this article is for you.

Paper Listings

Most people don’t realize that their local newspaper has listings of cheap and often free, concerts. No matter what size town you live in, there will always be some band or person performing and doing what they love. This is a perfect opportunity to get out of the house and into a fun scene this weekend. This is one of our cheap date ideas but often times you won’t have to pay anything to listen to those great local bands.

Strap In

When was the last time you strapped on a pair of roller skates? It has probably been too long. Head to your favorite skating rink and pay the few bucks it cost to skate there. You and your date might be clumsy skaters but that makes it just that much more fun. Since this date won’t cost much more than ten bucks per couple at most, we consider this one of our cheap date ideas.

College Sports

Wherever your location may be, we are sure that you aren’t too far away from a college or university. Most colleges some sports teams or at least sport clubs and there is almost a sport event going on every single day. Check in with a specific college and write down the time of the game. The prices of tickets for college sports is often very low and yet you get to watch some very competitive game play. This goes to show that cheap date ideas can still be exciting!

Dessert Time

Who doesn’t love some tasty desserts? For this idea you will simply need to buy some quick mix for your favorite dessert. Cake mix and brownie mix only cost couple bucks and most people already have some eggs and milk in their fridge. For this idea you will simply bake whatever it is you are making, with your partner. This is quality time with your sweetie and at the end of it all you still get dessert! We don’t think that it is possible to have a bad date that ends with dessert.

Into the Darkness

Most places have some caves near by or at least some kind of historical area that gives tours. Check your local listings or do an internet search for some historical areas around your city. These places often aren’t very crowded which allows you to have some personal time with your significant other. Many of these places are free and some cost a few bucks to enter. If you do have to pay, the few bucks is usually to maintain the area or pay for the tour guides, so at least your money is going to a good cause. Who knew that cheap date ideas could also expand your knowledge?

For the Crafty Couple

Well, you don’t have to be a professional artist for this idea but some craftiness does help. For this idea you will be creating a nice birdhouse. You can either start with a prebuilt one and decorate it or you can start from scratch by cutting your own pieces of wood and then decorating it. Instructions and blueprints are all over the internet and will tell you step by step how to make a birdhouse. In the end, the birds will appreciate it and you will have had a nice few hours with your date doing something productive.

A Couple Paddles and One Moon

What is more romantic than the moonlight? How about being in a canoe with the one you love out on the water, with nothing but the moonlight shining. This is one of those cheap date ideas that you can let your imagination run wild with. You can make it a sweet date or an extremely passionate date, depending on the mood that you set. All you need is to spend some money for a canoe rental and you half way there to having the perfect date. Be sure to wear life jackets and the second half of the date is all up to you to create.

Instant Pictures

Dust off the old Polaroid and get some film ready. Head to any place with lots of people, preferably happy couples, and snap pictures for them (asking their permission first, of course). Hand them their picture and move on to the next people. This idea is very original and it is definitely a step away from the typical dinner-and-a-movie date. For that reason it made our list of the top cheap date ideas.

The Tracks

Most guys love to watch a nice car race. Why not adhere to the other persons wants and take them out for an evening of fun. Find the next car race that is happening near you and get some tickets. Like the rest of our cheap date ideas, this one will probably only cost your four or five bucks for entry. If the two of you get hungry you can always indulge in that unhealthy food such as funnel cake

Scissors and a Catalogue

Find your sharpest scissors and your least favorite catalogue. Make sure the catalogue has things that both guys and girls would like. Take turns cutting out items that you would like to have. This cheap date idea only cost a buck or two at most and will really teach you a lot about the other person. This is also a great way to secretly learn what a great gift idea would be for the other person! For that reason this is the last of our cheap date ideas list.

We saved the best for last and hope that you have enjoyed reading our article. If you are still looking for cheap date ideas and haven’t found one to use yet, don’t worry! We have loads of ideas on our website that you can put to use and most of them are either free or very inexpensive. If you are looking for try checking out the date ideas under whatever season you are currently in and we are sure you will find a wonderful idea to put to use.

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