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Hello again, and welcome back to I’m Stephen and this is my life and it should be yours too. We’ll be sharing the secret to permanent long-term attraction that will let you unbelievable relationship with the women of your dreams without using lame canned material or changing who you are at all.So thanks for joining us and let’s take these ladies back!Manny: Hello my name is Manny and I’m here on behalf of and I’m here with Jeremiah-Jeremiah: [Hey guys!]Manny: Tell us a little bit about who you are.Jeremiah: I’m really just a guy whose figured out the secret to winning the game with women in a long term way. Those two words are really important to me. And in a sustainable way. It’s a lifestyle where you could learn to have for yourself all the things you’re looking for, really. It’s a bit like being Hugh Hefner, frankly but without having to NOT be yourself, if you know what I mean. I’m living a life that you know you’re missing out on, kind of and doing it gracefully and get this honorably. I know, craziness. [chuckles]Manny: Like, well, quite crazy but I mean…Jeremiah: But no really! No B*llsh*t. No acting like a retard like the players of the world would want you to do.Manny: Okay, well alright. I mean like I said, we’ve been friends for a long time. But given that and what you’ve just said, Why would we — listening here — why would we listen to you?Jeremiah: I guess it depends largely upon who you are. Like for example, if you wanna be like these dating thugs that are out there then you should definitely not listen to me at all!

In fact, you’re gonna hate this whole program. Because like, in fact, you happen to be one of those thugs out there that thinks it’s okay to teach men to lie to women – or anybody really-  or try to say that performing lame routines like practice psychological distraction to get your ways…cool and alright.  Well I mean if you’re like the sort of person who wants like – I’m hoping – you’re the sort of person who wants to live out you’re fairytale life without lying, or changing yourself or doing any other unethical crap that thugs and players and whathaveyou,  using to get their way, you know what I mean. If that’s the case then, I’m your man.Manny: So what you’re saying right now in this very second is completely different?Jeremiah: Right! Like I said, if you’re one of those player types of people or you are enchanted with the idea that you could do unethical stuff like that, then you should probably stop listening and that’s just that.Manny: Just like that! Okay so tell me, how is what you’re telling us right now different? Right this very second?Jeremiah: Well I guess that I’d say that the other guys that you’re talking about are primarily using to what I refer to as smoking mirrors and crappy cheap parlor tricks, right? To get their way! And that’s gross. And it’s not sustainable. And nobody likes it. I mean, frankly not you not me not girls – in the end – like nobody. And I’m just here to tell you that you can bloody well be good enough to pull off all the results that you want! And achieve what you want to achieve without resorting to these cheap parlor tricks or resulting in spending every dime you work on impressing every random girl or whatever.

Do you know what I mean?Manny: Yeah. I know what you mean but I mean honestly, to the point what makes it different? What makes YOUR program different?Jeremiah: First of, like we’re talking about, the program is based on real ethical principles and that is a HUGE HUGE difference! Most of the big people that give out advice in the dating world are into formatting some routine or other for the people who are their subscribers, right? And I’ve listened to and read most of the material that’s out there while I’ve been prepping this project for Narps, right?

And, however they spin it – and like, I’ve read so much of these – like however they spin it, it all falls into one of the following categories: So there’s formulaic and life sucking category-Manny: life sucking?? Stephen: ‘Kay. Formulaic and life sucking is you have to continue to read and execute the material in order to get these results and you move from this phase and to that phase to blah blah blah.  And frankly, I can’t even remember half these crap and that kills me, right!Manny: So if you’re like the studious type, you’ll like this I guess?Jeremiah: Right, well, if you’re the sort of person who likes rote memorization then there’s better ways for you to learn how to do this stuff. Please feel free to go out and use the formulaic and life-sucking method. [chuckles] Like that’s okay.Manny: Like be a vampire.Jeremiah: I want you to get the results that YOU are looking for and if those results turn out from formulaic life sucking then do it! That’s okay with me. That’s the first one.Manny: Alright.Jeremiah: And the second one I’ve encountered is – by far, the most prolific. It’s the sleazy unethical – it’s most of the material out there. I call these guys thugs by the way, for a reason and you probably know what that is.Manny: YeahJeremiah: And then finally, there’s the money making scam ripoffs. Where they’ll just tell you “there’s this one easy thing that you can do and your life will explode with women!”

Manny: “Explosion of women!”

Jeremiah: These people are not as bad as thugs in my book because they’re only lying to you and lying to me. They’re not making the world a worse place to live in overall, like thugs are. At least these guys are just liars. [chuckles] You know what I mean?

Manny: Well you’re here for just the liars

Jeremiah: And then the final category, guys who are just repeating everybody else’s crap.

Manny: Ahh. Yeah

Jeremiah: And that just bores the hell out of me.Manny: Probably bores a lot of women out there.Jeremiah: Right. So all these guys are pulling the “get you laid” card. Right?

Manny: Right!

Jeremiah: I’m like, “Really?” Come on! Because however odd these may sound from the get-go – for me, right – my end goal here is to see you succeed in getting everything else you want to. To take it from ground zero for you and really figure it out, permanently! Forever! No going back. Done. Over.

Like, let’s build your fantasy lifestyle and then live it! And that differs hugely from pulling the “get you laid” card. Because it’s like, why stop there?Manny: Alright man, so what you’re saying is that you’re gonna teach me how to get a date? I am gonna be able to walk up to a girl and say “Hi, I’m Manny. Wanna hang out?” *whomp* right at your feet.

Is that all it’s gonna take? Just like that?

Jeremiah: I guess, the short answer is yes. But the long answer is no. Let me explain, okay?

Manny: ‘kayJeremiah: Like I was saying, I’m into getting what you want, right? In the short, I suppose that’s “dates”, right? Because like that’s a part of that. But in the long term I would say that’s just so small an agenda that you won’t even need to worry about it, if you see what I mean. Like getting dates is not something you have to worry about. You won’t think about it. You won’t register in your consciousness because it isn’t something you’re stressing about.

Manny: Okay. I think I get what you’re saying. So this is gonna differ from the other point where you are learning all this stuff and being studious. But I mean—Jeremiah: You are definitely still gonna learn stuff. That’s the point of like, doing anything! But it’s definitely not like “memorize these seven points and then go recite them”. You know what I mean?Manny: And after learning this stuff, I am gonna be able to have the courage to ask – Debby – let’s say “Debby”, out?Jeremiah: Debby “whoever”?Manny: Debby “whoever” outJeremiah: Okay. If you don’t know how to ask Debby, right now like you’re saying, provided right now then sure. I mean like if I know how to do that I need to admit that maybe all my ducks aren’t in a row, right? But the idea that I want to come out with you is that that there might be some ducks out of place, right? In your line.Manny: RightJeremiah: In no way implies you don’t have the ducks you need – cause do you see what I mean? Like we all do and so I’m starting with kind of an abundance mentality where you are what you need to be and all you need to do is put the ducks you have in a row. So, that’s the end of that.Manny: Okay. So another question.  In order to find women – beautiful women – do I need to go to a night club? Or can I go like, find one in a grocery store?Jeremiah: You know that’s funny. People always ask that all the d*mn time Like ‘kay, the long and short of this is that according to everybody else that’s all they talk about. “How to get girls in a bar!” And it’s like so weak to me saying that “you go to the bar and you do A. B. C. and D and girls will respond with F. V. X. Z. L. B. and P.” – in that order right?

That’s weak because first of all girls in the bar…they’re the easiest target because they’re wasted, right? And if a monkey can’t talk to a wasted girl. I mean, do you see what I’m getting at? So, don’t get me wrong. I love nightclubs! In fact, as you know I’m a DJ and for those of you who have not been through the website, right? As well as bunch of other things, I’m a DJ and I’ve been spinning at the BIG BIG clubs at my state every single weekend for over a decade. But no, definitely not. You don’t have to go to a nightclub at all. In fact, what’s nice is that you’re actually more effective outside the bars and clubs. Because it’s not all smoke and mirrors and distraction and b*llsh*t.Manny: Okay, okay. So you’re saying is that you’re going to be teaching about confidence? Am I correct on that?Jeremiah: Confidence is…I mean there’s a lot of buzz words in life. Confidence is a buzz word for sure.

But what you really need to know about confidence, I guess, is a big question. I mean like that’s definitely something we’re going to come out, like, on the other side “having”. That’s not really a big deal. But if you can define your question, maybe a little better?Manny: Okay. Are you teaching myself – or everybody listening – how to have confidence? How not to be afraid of their own shadow?Jeremiah: If that’s their problem. Let me put it this way, I don’t like formulaic nonsense when used in routines with human beings, right? But that isn’t to say that formulaic don’t have their place. And any philosophy is a formula of thought and anything that you’re gonna take seriously in this life. Any principle that is real and true, has its own arc type of formula that is applicable. And if it’s a true principle it is applicable unilaterally across the board all over the place. So by learning the Narps principles like the “confidence” thing is really just gonna spin itself out of being a problem. And you may not notice you suddenly have lots of confidence but you’ll notice in the results. You know what I mean?Manny: Yeah. I gotcha. Totally understand. Now, I mean what’s in it for me? I mean by listening to you what’s in it for the guys listening?Jeremiah: Well I hope that if you’re listening, you know what’s in it for you. I mean like certainly what I don’t want to do…like I’m here to get results right? To get you results! And me results and everybody results for their lives. But one thing I don’t wanna do is sit here and waste time begging you to get what you want.

You know like just do it! Like come and get what you want. I’ve got honestly, better stuff to do than convince you that you need to get what you want.Manny: Yeah folks, he’s DJing! Come’on!Jeremiah: It’s funny to me that everyone always says like “well you’re a DJ, that’s why you get women” or you… whatever! Like that that’s why you get women, whatever it is. And it’s funny because it’s like whatever reason it was why any man got any women ever! Well that was the reason they got them! You know what I mean? So if that’s the reason then sure! But I mean truth be told, the point is again you have all the ducks, right? Being a DJ or being anything at all is just a duck. You know some of you are handsome, some of you are wealthy, some of you are just REALLY REALLY bloody smart and you know what I mean?Manny: Yeah!Jeremiah: That’s why you got the girl. You just need to get the girl with that duck, you knowManny: Okay, okay. But I mean, for some people, I mean. How do you not be afraid of them? Going out and getting that girl? How do you stare down the tiger? I mean how do you not become afraid?Jeremiah: Okay. We’ll definitely talk about that. Actually I really, really have some solid advice about that. Honestly, I should just do interviews with people that I’ve help with that and maybe we could cover in that, cause it’s a big subject, you know what I mean? So like, I’m gonna say we should get to it if it’s cool with you?Manny: Yeah, that’s totally fine.Jeremiah: I don’t think we can cover that here.Manny: No, that’s a good reason for everybody to stay tune the next time.Jeremiah: Well for sure. There’s a lot of things like that.Manny: Now, what if I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t want a hundred women? What if I just want to have the “cool” girlfriend?Jeremiah: Well first of all Manny, you would have to represent that!

Jeremiah: But I know what you mean and like totally. I got a whole bunch of friends that are like this, right? Like that’s what they want. They want the one girlfriend and potentially the one relationship in their life, right? And that’s pretty normal and I don’t really see why that should be a problem, like certainly. It’s like, for me anyway, I don’t currently want a girlfriend because I have a number of women in my life who are awesome and everything is going smooth and right and beautiful.

I had that in the past for sure…

And okay, I’ve got this to say: One, options are nice to have when you’re choosing your “one”. Whether it’s your one girlfriend or your one partner or wife, whatever it is, right? So that’s point one and point two, is that these principles inside the narps idea will help you ensure that you get what you’re looking for either way. So if that’s a girlfriend, well my very first relationship of my whole life, the first one, no practicing, was seven years long. So it’s not like this is about not having relationships. It’s about whatever you needed to be about in the dating arena because again, real principles that really work apply to everything, completely. I mean like, I hope I don’t sound repetitive.Manny: No, you don’t. But it brings another question in mind is… What gives you the authority? How are you “Moses” coming down from the mountain?Jeremiah: [chuckles] Right, actually that’s a really good comparison and I like the comparison because I have a crap load of experience mixed with a very solid philosophy that is worked time and again for anyone who uses it. Unlike Moses, I mean sorry if you’re Christian, right. I mean this is not a diss on anything Christian. But straight up, Moses came down from the mountain with some rocks with some stuff on them. What he didn’t have aside from those rocks was evidence! And what we’ve got here is crap load of evidence. That’s my answer to that.Manny: Alright. So most of our listeners probably never heard of you…so—Jeremiah: If you’re listening to this at the beginning of the Narps project, it is almost absurd to assume that you would have heard of me before you picked this website up or this audio up, you know, or this audio you are listening to right now. Because I mean everything has to genesis somewhere and everything starts somewhere so…what is the question you’re asking?Manny: Well, what makes you so special?Jeremiah: Okay, frankly there’s a lot of hacks out there. Like, okay–story time: When I was very young looking over the massive crowds of people that I was DJing for like, I’ve gone through club after club after club and been radically successful in the DJ world because I love music I love everything that I do. So I’m looking out over these massive crowds and I am just being grossed out by the ways the boys approach girls. And there’s like one way being a player doing tricks and whatever, right? And those were the ones with the players skills. And there’s the ones who didn’t know what they were doing and with both of them are just like “guys,seriously?” But at the same time I empathize with that because I wasn’t so far away from being those guys. Like I’ve been there and I’ve done it! I used to sit on my back porch and cry! Like these things aren’t working and here I was…

So tale of woe, over… Done with that, moving on with your question…

I got the Narps idea and like I was saying about these boys watching them do this. “Come on guys”. I’d sit here and watch the players get pushed, shoved, and slapped and smacked and told to “get lost” over and over and over, right? (That’s not what they’ll tell you) But I’ve been sitting there on the throne, right? And watching this and this is what happens.Manny: Above it all!Jeremiah: Well exactly, conversely, I’m watching the poor shy guy who like – just like me, right – finally got up the courage to go and get noticed, you know? Politely or impolitely turned down.

Okay, twelve years later, I’m still DJing, twelve years later, all of us are still having the same things happen. These same guys doing these same things. Getting slapped, and pushed away and turned down exactly the same way. And the shy guys will still once in a while approach that girl when they’re stage shy, you know? You know like once in a while one of them will make something work and maybe they’ll get married and then divorce and be back and it’s not working for them.

So twelve years of sitting up in my box where I can watch every single interaction of every single person who came to what is supposed to be the ideal environment, right? has given me a lot of insight into what is going wrong and that’s just DJing too Like ever since I’ve found this principles I went from having that suck for me and like hating super interactive environment and super social environments to loving them.Manny: Alright so let me ask this then. How does this translate into everyday life? How is this going to affect me? My confidence? Let’s say my business, my life or my career?Jeremiah: What a weird question. I’m going to guess that having the things that you want will make you more assertive? Right?Manny: Yeah. Right, right. For sure.Jeremiah: More confident?Manny: Yeah, yeah.Jeremiah: The things that you want or rather the things we’re talking about is the dating world, like women or you know, whatever. Well then if you’re getting these things that you want then you gain more confidence, be more assertive.

And I just recommend you don’t get these things…on your boss’s desk.Manny: Probably a sound idea.Jeremiah: Everything that we’re talking about on your boss’s desk will get messy. [chuckles]Manny: [chuckles] Alright! So how does that work? I mean, how does my paying attention to you make me more confident? I mean, I’m certainly listening. I remember listening to Bush’s speech all the time never feeling confident, so how does that work?Jeremiah: [chuckles] Sorry for all you Bush lovers out there. My apologies.Manny: Let’s just keep that out the door thereJeremiah: That’s okay. We can be deciders! Let’s be deciders about this. Right, so kicking politics out the window, cause that’s not what we’re here for. Like okay, on improving on any situation, improves your confidence. What we’re looking at doing here is taking the major deficiencies that I believe harms our confidence. It certainly did mine, right?Manny: Yeah.Jeremiah: And so take the biggest weight that’s dragging you down and shrug it off and tell me what happens, you know? So that’s a first pass at it but again we’re dealing with sound, ethical principles here and they’re just widely cross-applicable.Manny: Ok, so how do I get better…that’s probably the wrong word. How will I improve the quality and caliber of the women that I meet?Jeremiah: Get better chicks?Manny: Yeah.Jeremiah: “Get better chicks”, right? Better is a hugely arbitrary word, right. Better is better… that can be prettier, that can be smarter, that can be people who are more ambitious – that’s something that I’m really into – right? But better is better and I get what you’re saying. And I can’t tell you an entire philosophy worth of matriculated material in a sitting but I will definitely tell you that that will take care of itself.Manny: Alright, so being that if it takes cares of itself, what if it’s an average guy like me? My appearance is not like…stellar.Jeremiah: Manny you’re not average. You look gay!Manny: [chuckles] So, you like to remind me over the years… I mean what if–where do I start? Where do our listeners start? What if you’re like Quasimodo or something?Jeremiah: Okay, right. Well first go to our website. That’s a good recommendation, because you will find Narps has a lot of info on how to work on stuff like that without being somebody else. Like if you’re being worried about unattractive, there’s craploads of ways to approach that – Everything from the way you stand, to the way you talk, whatever. But I’m not here to remake you. I want you to be you, right? So go look on the website. There’s a lot of really good material there about how to do this without becoming someone else, if you know what I mean.Manny: Yeah, but I mean. Look at you man you’re like a model. You’re a male model. How does an average guy identify with you? Where’s the common ground? Why should we listen to you?Jeremiah: ‘kay. Hold on. First of all, I am not a model, and if you said that to any of the guys who go to the gym with me, they would laugh at you and crush your skull.Manny: [chuckles] I get your point. “Not to say that at the gym…”Jeremiah: Right, on the serious note, frankly, about the same time that I started going to the gym is about the same time I start doing a whole bunch of really time consuming business stuff. And I’ve got to tell you straight up, I probably had 80% or more of my interactions with women, sex included, before you would even pick me out of a line up for stuff like that. You have seen me. I jokingly refer to this as being a hussy, like I was a much bigger hussy before I went to the gym. Can you attest to that?Manny: YeahJeremiah: Honestly, I look at pictures of myself from back then and I’m like whoaa… But that goes to show and the point is that… Do girls like it? Yes. Absolutely. They like pretty things like we do. But frankly, they like it less than we do. And I got to tell you, I’m a great fan of giving girls what they like. I like going to the gym because it helps with that. And also, it just feels really good. Truth to tell, I didn’t have time before, and also, I didn’t care before, which is fine! If you don’t care, don’t care. That’s ok. It’s just fun anyway. But the point is, did they like it? Yes. Do they need it? Absolutely not. Almost all of my sex life happened before I have ever walked into a gymnasium.Manny: I can attest to that.Jeremiah: In fact I find… Guys, don’t take this the wrong way. Being healthy is really important, not for dating but for the length and quality of your life. I just want to diverge for just a second to say: Don’t take this following statement the wrong way, but I’ve got to tell you that I’ve actually got a harder time getting women or interacting with women on the offset, not later. Not like after the first conversation but the first conversation is actually harder if you’re built. It’s actually harder if you’re toned. Because they’re expecting you to be a certain property of male, a certain archetypal type of person, and that is to your detriment.Manny: Perhaps a thug!Jeremiah: Right! They’re really expecting you to be a bloody thug! Whereas before that, I could just be me, and “me” turns out to be good enough because of the Narps way.Manny: I understand. But let’s say for the older crowd. I work at the same bar that you DJ at and I’ve been doing that for eight years. For our other listeners who are older, I mean they got careers, how can they afford to go to the club all the time?Jeremiah: Afford? Well, it’s funny you shouldn’t use that word. First of all, if you’re a little older, one of the things you can do is afford things. I don’t think we’re talking about financially though. It’s just like you’ve got your life to pursue, you’ve got other agendas you need to meet and that’s totally cool. According to me, this is just one of your ducks, right?Manny: YeahJeremiah: I hate to get stuck on the duck thing. I don’t even like that statement, I think its dumb ‘ducks in a row’. What does that even mean? [chuckles]Manny: [chuckles] it’s crappy! It’s quacky!Jeremiah: Anyway, case in point. You could probably answer this question for our listeners yourself. First of all, you seem to get a lot of tail for being 5 million years old!

To directly answer you, I don’t think that clubs are the most productive place for older guys by far. We will definitely go into that.Manny: Yeah ok, that’s good. Well, how does one just “keep” one?Jeremiah: That’s a good question! You are still unmarried actually, so maybe you should listen up.Manny: I’m listening…Jeremiah: I guess I have to roll back to ‘why are they all leaving you?’

Maybe you need Narps more than anybody! We can definitely get into that too, “How to keep a valuable relationship going”.Manny: All right, all right. I guess last question. We both know that women can be kind of crazy.Jeremiah: Kind of…Manny: Seems that way… How do you deal with that, man? How do you keep the ballistic from happening?Jeremiah: I don’t think I can give you a complete total solution for this. I can give a lot of total solutions. But like, you cannot keep the ballistic from happening!Manny: Oh, no!Jeremiah: That is not possible. But! But… A light at the end of the tunnel, right? I believe and believe very strongly based on conclusive evidence and empirical knowledge that all the crazy parts of women? Are all programming! So the answer is Reprogramming. Reprogramming them. Reprogramming us, individually. The point is reprogramming, like how do I react to their ballistic? How do you react to their ballistic? Usually we throw our hands up and walk off!Manny: Right!Jeremiah: Well, that’s not the right answer.Manny: Just like a bullet proof vest.Jeremiah: Yeah, like get one! It’s so easy to do like you wouldn’t even believe it. The point is to keep reprogramming. For example, if they keep ballisticking me, I just put on my bullet proof vest and reprogram them. This isn’t reprogram like ‘you will do my bidding, right?’ Reprogramming is keeping it so effective for them that it’s easy for them to want it. And so it goes from the ballistic like crazy attack to wow tell me more to wow this person is my friend. Actually on that note, you should check out the comments and testimonials from some of my friends and lovers on the site.Manny: Ok!Jeremiah: Coz this isn’t some BS that we’re sprouting here. Again, it’s empirically proven evidence and you can check that out by yourself at I’ve got to say it is nuts what will happen to a girl when she notices that you’re not only good at getting into her pants, but into her head too. It’s crazy. Solid relationships gentlemen, this is where it’s at!Manny: Awesome! Well, you’ve just joined us with Jeremiah, thank you for joining us and we’ll see you again.