Day 13 P90X: Kenpo X

Day 13 of P90X had me doing more Kenpo X. To be honest, this workout was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be. The primary reason that it was tough was because I didn’t take breaks and got my “fricken knees up” during the breaks. If you are having an easy time with this workout, it is safe for me to say that you aren’t really giving your all or modifying it to make it more difficult for yourself. It was good to reunited with Wesley Idol, Tony Lattimore, and Vanessa for this one. They all work hard, but I think that Tony Lattimore works the hardest; especially during the sequence of blocks.

Using Weights for the Kenpo X Blocks

I try to model after him during the block sequences. For the blocks this time, I used 2 pound weights in each hand and it really was a strength test. Going without them is too easy, but going with them really makes me step my game up. I was low in my squat, sweat was dripping everywhere, and my arms were dead by the final set of star blocks. Earlier in the workout though, we did what were called “Side Kicks.” These side kicks were by far the toughest move for me to do. It’s not that I had difficulty doing them, but when you do 30 reps on each side with full intensity and try to kick hard and high, you are going to burn a lot of calories.

The Kenpo X Kicks

All of the kicks were challenging and required a lot of physical energy. Even though this workout isn’t as hard as plyometrics, your heart rate should be up and you should be dripping with sweat by the end of it. No matter how fit you are (or think you are), you can always amp up the intensity and work harder than the rest. The bottom line is that if you thought this workout was too easy, you weren’t working hard enough. Add weights during the blocks and do extra moves with full intensity. My shirt was soaked after this workout and it was not nearly as hot or humid as yesterday.

My Favorite Kenpo X Move

My favorite move in this particular workout is still “Sword Hammer.” Not only is this move pretty easy to do, but I like the thought of giving an attacker a sword in the neck and a hammer down low. I do really have a good time doing the Jab Cross (switch) because it feels like I’m fighting off a bunch of attackers. There are some really cool moves in this workout that may come in handy in a self defense situation.

I think that Kenpo X should come with a punching bag. If I had a bag to punch or even a target, it would make the workout more fun. Now obviously I don’t want to become the next guy to battle Jose Aldo or Urijah Faber in the ring for an MMA championship, but I think that it would be fun to at least have a target. Eventually I want to see if I can find something to hit so that I’m not just swiping air the entire time.

Why I Like Kenpo X

The nice thing about today is that there was no Ab Ripper X, and it feels good to know that there isn’t more work after the cool down. I think that compared to Day 6 of Kenpo X, today was a little bit harder – but neither day was easy. Having to do Legs and Back before Kenpo means that your legs are going to need a good stretch prior to starting this workout. My legs were a little bit sore before this workout, but I made it through another round. On to the next one, on on to the next one (Stretch X tomorrow).

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