Day 36 P90X: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps + Ab Ripper

Day 36 of P90X was some of the Chest Shoulders and Triceps workout; with Ab Ripper X at the end (as you already know). This workout ended up being a good workout for me today because it wasn’t too hard, yet it wasn’t easy either; it was moderate difficulty. There were some difficult moves, but for the most part, they were all do-able. Phil is in this workout stirring up some “Sweaty Sock Soup” at the end (cool-down) with Dave a.k.a. Davey, and Laura who are all instructed by the infamous Tony Horton.

Most Difficult Moves in Chest Shoulders & Triceps

The most difficult moves for me during this workout were the: “Two Twitch Speed Push Ups” and the “One Arm Push Ups.” These have been and seem to always been the toughest moves for me to do. The reason that the 2 Twitch Speed Push Ups are tough is because when going down as slow as Tony is instructing, my arms just collapse by the time I get to the third set of slow ones. I’m glad that I can at least make it through the first set of these slow pushups (pushups with a 4 count up and 4 count back down from Tony). The “One Arm Push Ups” are hard for me because they are in the second half of the workout; my arms are already tired from “bringing it” on the other moves. When I go down, I’m lucky to avoid a face-plant (which would hurt).

In comparison to Day 29 of Chest Shoulders and Triceps (last week), I think that I did just as good (if not better). I moved up in weight for several of the moves including: Overhead Tricep Extensions, Lying Tricep Extensions, and Slo-Mo Throws. After finishing the workout, I know that some of the moves were easy for me at the weight I was using and I need to move up for next week. Some of the moves that seemed to be easy for me included: Fly-Row Presses, Front to Back Tricep Extensions, and Side Leaning Tricep Extensions. I am going to increase the amount of weight for these exercises next week for sure, which should be exciting for me. Anyways, check out the worksheet results below to see how I did this week (feel free to compare with Week 5 if you want).

Worksheet Results

Slow Motion 3 in 1 Push Ups = 12 Reps (+11 Bonus)
In & Out Shoulder Flys = 18 Reps at 10 lbs.
Chair Dips = 22 Reps (with 2 Chairs and Leg Raises)
Plange Push Ups = 10 Reps (+2 Bonus)
Pike Presses = 14 Reps
Side Tri Rises = 15 Left / 14 Right
Floor Flys = 16/16 (+4 Bonus)
Scarecrows = 9 Reps at 10 lbs. (+3 Bonus Reps)
Overhead Tricep Extensions = 12 Reps at 15 lbs.
Two Twitch Speed Push Ups = 12 Fast / 6 Slow
Y Presses = 10 Reps at 20 lbs.
Lying Tricep Extensions = 14 Reps at 15 lbs.(WATER BREAK)

Side to Side Push Ups = 16
Pour Flys = 10 Reps at 10 lbs.
Side Leaning Tricep Extensions = 10 Reps (each side) at 10 lbs.
One Arm Push Ups = 5 on each side on my knees
Weighted Circles = 40 Circles (20 forward, 20 backwards) at 5 lbs.
Throw The Bomb = 10 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs.
Clap or Plyo Push Ups = 15 (+2 Bonus)
Front to Back Tricep Extensions = 12 Reps (each side) at 15 lbs.
One Arm Balance Push Ups = 13 Military Style (with Leg Raise)
Fly Row Presses = 12 Reps at 10 lbs.
Dumbbell Cross Body Blows = 10 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs.Ending with Ab Ripper X

The Ab Ripper X today was a good challenge once again and I had a tough time with moves like Crunchy Frog and Fifer Scissors. “I hate it, but I love it” is how I feel about Ab Ripper X; I hate it when I’m doing it, but love when I’m done with it and I feel good about the fact that I was able to pull it off once again. My abs are staying nice and toned because they are getting this good workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week (with the exception of the single rest week that I had thus far).

Anyways, tomorrow I have Plyometrics a.k.a. Plyo X and I’ve got to be ready to bring it. I might decide to do the workout outside, but that all depends on the temperature; there’s no way I’m going to be outside busting my ass with this one if it’s above 80; I don’t want to die of heat stroke while working out!

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