Day 43 P90X: Chest Shoulders Triceps + Ab Ripper

Day 43 of P90X is Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps with Ab Ripper X at the end. Today went extremely well for me and I was able to move up in weight for most of the exercises. Today’s tip of the day was: “The magic, the money comes in the last 3 reps.” In other words, Tony wants you to find the burn in the last three reps of each exercise – you are supposed to make it as tough as possible by using the proper weight and doing your best through this workout. In comparison to Week 6 (Day 36 of Chest Shoulders Triceps), I definitely improved on the weight that I was using, and am glad to see that I am getting stronger. Unfortunately, I don’t have this workout again until Week 10 (because I seem to keep improving and I don’t want the improvements to stop), but I think that the weight I used today will not be a problem for me when I do it next.

Increasing Weights Used for Chest Shoulders and Triceps

I know that next week is my second Rest Week (the week in between Phase 2 and Phase 3 of P90X). Anyways, this workout did not tire me out as much as I expected it to. The Ab Ripper X at the end was fairly difficult, but most of these moves were not too difficult. I did the maximum number of reps that my arms could handle before collapsing. A lot of the moves in this particular workout are various types of pushups; for this reason, my arms usually get fairly tired by the time the “One Arm Push Ups” roll around, which is why I usually need to do them from my knees. I can do a few on days that I don’t have this workout, but during, my arms are so wasted that I cannot seem to do much when this move rolls around.

I was able to improve on the weight that I used this week in comparison to last week for some of the exercises. Last week I was able to do more reps with less weight, but since I am looking to pump up my arms and build some mass, Tony recommends that I do fewer reps with heavier weights. I stayed within the 8 to 10 rep range this time around for most of the moves and it worked out well for me. Below you can look at how many reps I was able to do and what weights were used. I divided the workout in half (because there is a water break in between these moves).

Worksheet Results

Slow Motion 3 in 1 Push Ups = 12 Reps (+10 Bonus)
In & Out Shoulder Flys = 16 Reps at 15 lbs.
Chair Dips = 20 Reps (with 2 Chairs and Leg Raises)
Plange Push Ups = 14 Reps
Pike Presses = 10 Reps
Side Tri Rises = 16 Left / 15 Right
Floor Flys = 16/16 (+4 Bonus)
Scarecrows = 6 Reps at 15 lbs. (+4 Reps at 10 lbs.)
Overhead Tricep Extensions = 8 Reps at 20 lbs.
Two Twitch Speed Push Ups = 12 Fast / 6 Slow
Y Presses = 11 Reps at 20 lbs.
Lying Tricep Extensions = 10 Reps at 20 lbs.(WATER BREAK)

Side to Side Push Ups = 16 (+3 Bonus)
Pour Flys = 9 Reps at 10 lbs. (+2 Bonus)
Side Leaning Tricep Extensions = 8 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs.
One Arm Push Ups = 5 on each side on my knees
Weighted Circles = 40 Circles (20 forward, 20 backwards) at 5 lbs.
Throw The Bomb = 8 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs.
Clap or Plyo Push Ups = 14
Front to Back Tricep Extensions = 8 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs.
One Arm Balance Push Ups = 13 Military Style (with Leg Raise)
Fly Row Presses = 8 Reps at 15 lbs. (+5 Bonus Reps at 10 lbs.)
Dumbbell Cross Body Blows = 8 Reps (each side) at 20 lbs.My Thoughts About Today’s Workout

Overall I was happy with the way Day 43 went for me; this Chest Shoulders and Triceps workout went well. I think that I could have done more pushups if I had not bruised part of the palm of my hand while doing the “Back and Biceps” workout last week. I think that if I had not bruised it, I would have been able to do a few more reps in some of these exercises simply because after doing like 10 reps, the pain significantly increased.

After the full workout, I also had to do Ab Ripper X – and this went well for me. I’d say that in comparison to last week, I had a better round of Ab Ripper today than any day last week. I know that tomorrow is going to be a challenge with Plyo X, so I’m going to get something good to eat and get to bed early tonight so that I have plenty of energy for tomorrow’s workout. Hopefully tomorrow goes as well as today did!

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