Don’t get attached to the outcome (my story with one girl)

When it comes to meeting hot women, the “dream” scenario is when you get in a situation with a girl who actually likes you so much that she actually starts “gaming” you. This actually freaks some guys out, but it makes everything much, much easier and much more fun and interesting.

I love experiencing the dynamic from the other end of the transaction. Gives you a good idea of how this stuff works.

So my buddy Matt picked up this girl about a month ago and was banging her for a while, but she was high maintenance so he ditched her. I met Mattʼs girl and she had a friend — who is actually a runway model, but honestly I had no idea at the time — but I met them both very briefly briefly.

I hit on the model friend a little bit, and at the time she seemed semi-attracted, but we had to bounce, so nothing really came of it.

Second time I see her, we go to a bar/club to meet the same two girls. At this point my wing had had enough with his girl and was giving her a last ditch effort. We show up and his girl is immediately being a bitch. Model girl either doesnʼt remember me or pretends not to — I donʼt really care. I was tired that night and not in much of a social mood.

These girls were dancing by themselves on an empty floor (it was still early, like 9:30), and these three dorky guys were hovering over them constantly. These guys really were lame — it was like a bad scene out of Office Space or something.

But of course the girls kept toying with these guys to get free drinks and to make us jealous. This is something that Matt and I, being high value males, donʼt stand for… ever. We decide to leave.

Right before we leave, model girl is dancing alone. I walk up and start grinding behind her without warning. She turns around and gives me a look like “what the hell are you doing?” and steps away.

So I do the most appropriate thing and I spank her on the ass real hard and pull her back to me. She pulls away again and looks at me with mix of horror/surprise. Whatever, Iʼm outta here.

Before we leave, model girl runs up and tries to convince us to stay.

First she says that Mattʼs girl wants him to stay. He says no, heʼs done with her. Then all the sudden she puts her arms around me and says, “I donʼt want you to leave either.”

I honestly thought she was playing with me so Iʼd get Matt to stay for her girl. She had shown me no interest, and suddenly sheʼs like wrapped around me. Girls like this are usually teases, so I donʼt trust them easily. And like I said, I wasnʼt in a great mood that night either, so I tell her to get off me so I can leave.

I didnʼt think about this girl at all for like a week or two. She was hot. But honestly, for a model, she wasnʼt blowing me away or anything… It wasnʼt until I saw her MySpace profile weeks later that I realized she actually was.

But most importantly, I didnʼt like her attitude, she seemed like a tease, and like I said… her looks were good but not amazing. So she wasnʼt super special in my eyes.

Well, it turns out she was for real. About a week later, Matt tells me that she wonʼt leave him alone for my number. In his words, “I donʼt know what the hell you did to her, but this girl is borderline obsessed.” He showed me multiple texts from her asking about me, etc.

So I told him to give my number to her.

She called a few days later. I was busy studying so I didnʼt hear my phone. She left no voicemail. The next night, I go out and call her back. She doesnʼt pick up. I leave an absolutely ridiculous voicemail:

“Hey Model Girl, this is Mark, Mattʼs friend. Just calling because I want to cum on your face some time.”

Now I realize this is absolutely out of line. And honestly, I wouldnʼt recommend EVERY go out and try stuff like this. But at the time, I was in what I call my “offensive phase,” where basically I was trying to overcome my nice-guy tendencies by pushing the limits as much as possible.

It had been working quite well for me, so I decided to push it even further.

Also, I had seen Matt say stuff like this all the time, especially with girls he knows want his nuts BAD. And Matt is the best guy Iʼve ever met with women, hands down. So it canʼt be THAT wrong.

He encouraged me to say something completely obscene, and considering how often itʼs worked for him, I gave it a shot.

The next day, at about 12:30, she calls me… absolutely fucking furious. “You think you can just say things like that to girls you donʼt know? What the hell is wrong with you? Youʼre such an asshole.” etc. etc. Although she was right, I was out of line… she seemed to be acting more mad than she actually was.

I donʼt know how to explain it, but something in her voice told me she wasnʼt actually THAT mad about it. She just wanted to be. The whole thing seemed forced to me, and

honestly, I thought it was kind of funny. I laughed it up and continued to prod her:

Me: “Aww, did I offend your moral sensibilities, princess?” — Sheʼs not finding it funny.

HB: “Next time you leave a message, at least make it polite!”

Me: “Who says thereʼs going to be a next time?”

HB: “FINE! There wonʼt be. I hope there isnʼt.”

Me: “Okay.”


HB: “Fine, bye.”


The important thing to note here is I genuinely didnʼt care and was unattached to the outcome. In the two times I met her, she had only shown me decent looks and a questionable personality. Out of apathy, I left a dickhead voicemail (although it was pretty damn funny at the time), to which she was throwing a (probably fake) fit over.

Sorry, but Iʼm a man of standards (and questionable voicemail integrity)… and I was busy.

She calls back an hour later.

HB: “Iʼm sorry I got so mad earlier. And Iʼm sorry I didnʼt call back last night either. Where did you guys go?”

I love it! Women are so nuts sometimes, you really have to learn to appreciate it.

But basically, my instincts were right… she wasnʼt really that mad (youʼd be surprised how often women “pretend” to be mad about sexual stuff you say to them), and deep down, she probably actually liked it.

Anyway, Apology accepted. We small talk about the bars I went to. I tell a quick story of a crazy thing that happened with my buddies the other night.

HB: “Wow, you guys are crazy. You sound like a lot of fun to hang out with.”

Me: “Eh, we just do stupid stuff sometimes.”

HB: “I want to come out with you guys next time. Iʼll bring a friend for Matt.” Me: “We could probably make that happen.”

Still, Iʼm kind of indifferent about the whole thing. Iʼm actually eating a burrito and chewing into the phone during this conversation. Although I am impressed she called to apologize and figure Iʼll go out with her at some point. But what she did next really caught me off guard.

HB: “Hey, what city do you live in?”

Me: “What city do you think?”

HB: “I donʼt know.”

Me: “Itʼs the most obvious guess.”

HB: “Boston?”

Me: “Bingo.”

HB: “How old are you?”

Me: “What is this, a job interview?”

HB: “No, itʼs a legitimate question.”

Me: “Iʼm 24. Why?”

HB: “I just want to know more about you.”

Right then something hit me: sheʼs qualifying me — sheʼs getting ME to invest in the interaction. Sheʼs doing basically everything I had been studying and practicing doing with women to get them to invest in you.

I was kind of taken aback… this was completely unexpected. I had never been put in this situation before by a girl I was actually attracted to.

To be honest, I should have just gone along with it — but I remained a bit combative just to keep her challenged. Although, looking back, at this point I had definitely won her over big time.

Me: “I hate to interrupt your game of 20 questions–”

HB: “No, I have two more.”

Me: “Are you kidding me?”

HB: “No, you have to answer. I ask everyone these.”

Me: “Sure you do.” (sarcastically)

HB: “If you were stuck on a desert island and could take three things, what would they be? And you canʼt take a person.”

Me: “No people?”

HB: “Nope.”

Me: “Well, I guess Adriana Lima is out… so maybe a crate full of porn. Iʼm going to get pretty damn lonely.” HB: “OK, what else?”

Me: “Definitely a guitar.”

HB: “Ooh… nice.”

Me: “And the last thing?” (pause) “Well fuck it, a boat, so I could go home.”

HB: “Ooh, youʼre a smart one! Iʼm glad you said that.”

HB: “One more. Whatʼs the first thing you do after you go to the bathroom in the morning?”

Me: “OK, Iʼve answered plenty of questions.”

HB: “No, you have to answer this last one.”

Me: “You answer it first.”

HB: “No, you can ask me your own questions when Iʼm done.” (Great response. Notice how she refuses to give up the frame.) Me: “I guess I brush my teeth.”

HB: “Oh, gross, I wash my hands.”

Me: (laughs)

Once again, perfect, she lays a light tease on me, gets me laughing. If you learn anything from this exchange, itʼs to do EXACTLY THE KIND OF STUFF SHE DID to get someone invested on the phone and interested in seeing you again.

HB: “OK. Call me the next time you want to go out.”

Me: “Sure. And if you donʼt pick up, Iʼll leave another charming voicemail.”

HB: “Oh no!”

Me: “But I have a feeling youʼre going to be sure and pick up.”

HB: “I am.”

Me: “Glad to hear it.”

HB: “Talk to you soon!”

The amazing thing about this is about an hour later, I couldnʼt WAIT to see this girl. The qualifying she made me do really built attraction in me. I canʼt believe it really. First couple times I met her, despite her being hot, I was underwhelmed by her personality. After her first phone call, I was annoyed and didnʼt really want to talk to her again. Now Iʼm trying to decide when and where Iʼm going to go out with her.

This girl was texting me every two hours or so for the next two days, constantly referring to me as “hottie” and “cutey.” I continued to bust on her and also maintained control by only answering about half of her texts.

I was also being OVERTLY sexual with this girl, telling her I was going to do nasty things to her, etc. Finally Saturday we had this exchange:

Me: “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

HB: “I have a job interview, but after that nothing.”

Me: “Drinks and sex?”

Me: “I guess that will do.”

So the next day, sheʼs texting me constantly saying stuff like, “So where are we going?” “When should I meet you?” “Whatʼs the plan?” etc. Sheʼs obviously anxious/excited. I simply texted her “Iʼll call you at eight.”

I call her and we agree on a bar to meet at. She ends up taking FOREVER and getting lost a couple times. Iʼm standing out front of the bar for 20 minutes getting calls from her every 2 minutes for directions. The door man was this big black dude who Iʼve seen around before and has a pretty good sense of humor. I tell him:

Me: “This girl better be absolutely awesome considering how long Iʼve been waiting for her.”

Him: “Oh no, donʼt tell me itʼs a blind date.”

Me: “No, Iʼve met her before. Sheʼs hot. I just hope she doesnʼt give me a lot of bullshit.

Iʼm missing the football game.”

Him: “How long you been waiting?”

Me: “Over 20 minutes now.”

Him: “Damn, she better be fine.”

Just then she comes walking down the street and the door man is like, “Oh shit bro, props… mad props.”

As we show him our IDʼs he gets a good look at her and turns to me, “I might not let you in now!” We laugh. This is nice as she can sense that sheʼs the subject of an inside joke between us. She asks “What have you two been talking about?” but we donʼt answer. He tops it off by telling her, “If this guy doesnʼt work out, you give me a call, honey.” Beautiful.

Some guys may get insecure at this or even get hostile towards the door guy — but this does nothing but build up your “social proof” — basically it shows that cool people like you, are impressed with you and comfortable around you.

Once she sat down and chilled out, she was actually pretty easy to talk to.

I slowly escalated my touching over about an hour or so — standard practice on first dates. Touching feet -> touching legs -> leaning way in -> finally kissing after about 60-90 min.

As we left I made sure to tell the door man, “You can have her man, Iʼm done with her.” He laughed. She play-hit me, this girl loves it.

Talking her back into my place wasnʼt hard at all. She rationalized it with, “Well, my friend lives right by you, Iʼll hang out for like an hour and then crash at her place.”

NOTE: Womenʼs reasoning to come home and have sex with you will 99% of the time make absolutely NO SENSE. Thatʼs OK. They just need to tell themselves something to justify not feeling slutty. Just go along with whatever she comes up with.

Back at my place, we looked at some music, she sat on the bed. There was a little bit of hesitance on her part, but not much — once she got turned on enough, she couldnʼt resist.

As pulled a condom out of her purse, I said, “I told you the deal was drinks and sex.” She smirked.

And the best part? While Iʼm banging her from behind, she looks up at me and says, “I want you to cum on my face.”

Not only is she kinky, but ironic too…

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