Facebook Formulas that will get her responding to you today


Alright guys here’s the Step by Step way for you to easily and powerfully optimize your FB profile and win over those girls on the web and into your real life. And if you didn’t hear the podcast about this all and how it works check it out here!

Ok first off lets tackle this in sections to make it super easy to build upon.

Section 1: Your Profile

Think of your Facebook profile as a sort of business card – but WAY better cause you can use it as a tool for your real personal life too. Tons of people interact and hook up using this social network so make sure you’re applying the formula to get the best out of it. Basically when a chick takes a look at your profile she wants to get a good sense of you – do you do cool things? Are you educated? Do you  have friends? She’ll be calculating your hotness by adding and subtracting points here.

She’ll ADD points for things like if you:

+Have the REAL WORLD BASICS – (it’s not a lot but seeing that you have things like a job, education, etc. lets her know that you are responsible and mature).

+Have SIMILAR INTERESTS (you can do your research some here and check out the info that female friends of your friends have and make sure to list the stuff that you enjoy as well – don’t fake it though!)

+Enjoy SIMILAR MEDIA (music, movies, etc.)

+Have a collection of fun public PHOTOS (of you out in the real world – not the bathroom)

++Bonus points for your WALL – if it’s open and you’ve got:

+REAL ACTIVITY on it (NOT Mafia Wars or other games – that is a total waste of space).

+COMMENTS from friends and other hot chicks – ESPECIALLY other hot chicks 🙂

She’ll most likely SUBTRACT points if you:

  • have no profile photo
  • have a lot of FB apps and game comments on your Wall
  • don’t really have any info about yourself or all your info is protected

Section 2: Emailing

Before you even friend request her start a conversation. You can also “request” friendship at the same time if you like but it’s not necessary to while you are building interest. Just making a friend request without introducing yourself in some way is kind of tough as far as getting results so take the extra effort and write a little something.

She’ll ADD points for things like if you:

+Friendly Subject Line (A simple “Hi” really does work wonders and statistically has a high open rate.)

+Lead in Subject Line (this is where dot dot dot phrases come in handy and pique her interest like: “I noticed that you…”)

+Interest Point in body (referencing a similar interest of hers works great instead of making it all about how hot she is – which may put her on the defensive at worst or just plain bore her at the least).

+Not too short not too long (no more than 2 paragraphs, no shorter than 2 lines)

++Bonus Points for:

+Adding an Interest Point link (like a cool youtube video on her favorite artist or a article link on a topic of interest she has – show you pay attention and are knowledgeable, interesting, and curious).

+Closing with a question (that automatically gets her curious and thinking and wanting to interact with you!)

She’ll most likely SUBTRACT points if you:

don’t include a subject (NOTE: Facebook has recently changed their emailing system so there aren’t subject lines anymore but it will show the first line of the body – it’s just a good idea to keep putting in a subject anyway since it’s just good practice and neglecting to do so looks lazy) 

  • are too forward (don’t use any words dealing with sex, relationship, girlfriend, love, etc. etc. as that would be way too much too soon)
  • write a msg that’s too short (one liners are lazy and sleazy)
  • write a msg that’s too long (she doesn’t have a lot of time and it’s just too much)

Section 3: Profile Photo

Your profile photo is ULTRA important because it’s going to be the first thing a woman sees when she gets an email from you and when she takes a look at your profile itself. Also any other photo’s you upload yourself (or have tagged to you) are important to be strategic about.

She’ll ADD points for things if you look like your:

+Enjoying yourself somehow (smiling is great but also that look of concentration is hot too, even if your mysterious about it)

+Doing some cool activity (in the REAL WORLD – not computer stuff, like WoW)

+Are appropriately dressed and look real (casual clothes are just fine, don’t need to put yourself in a suit or show off your abs here)

She’ll most likely SUBTRACT points if you:

  • are in the bathroom (omg the tacky myspace photo is so not hot)
  • not wearing a shirt
  • have no face (cut off)
  • look grumpy (though some chicks do like the serious brooding look)
  • aren’t even in the photo at all (posters, LOL cats, anything that isn’t really you will just annoy and confuse her as to what you really are).

OK so that’s it! Ready to get crackin? You can use this list to add up and check against yourself before the girls even start looking! Give yourself the edge and put your best virtual face forward to give you real world results.

Have Fun Guys!

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