How to start a conversation with a girl on facebook


One of the most important factors in online dating – start of the conversation. We get a lot questions from men on how to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook.

So here is a simple guide.

The first rule is… never ever poke her. Poking is lame, it is not working. Ask every girl, what does she thinks about poking? She would tell you, that usually they do not respond to it or do not react to it. Hot babes receive 5-15 pokes per day, can you imagine?

Second rule – never ever like her pictures before you start conversation.

Third rule – don’t add her as a friend before you started to chat with her.

So in order to pick up a girl you like on Facebook, you have to do one simple think: write her “Hello”. It is just that simple! I know sometimes you can feel weird to say “hello” to a stranger, but this is how the things works on Facebook. Usually good looking girls receive pokes, but not normal chat conversations. So be different, start conversation.

After you talk a bit with her and if you see that conversation is going well, you can send her friend request. Then you will be able to see more pictures of her and more information. Analyze it and use during the conversation.

Usually I try to ask questions about her pictures. Girls like it, and chat going well. Then I just ask her for a date and that’s it. It’s easy, you just need to be funny during conversation, don’t try to be serious, be relaxed, be funny, make jokes.

So guys just try to be creative, don’t poke and start a conversation with a girl you really like. You’ll see that girls talk with you, and everything is possible!