How to talk to girls on facebook

With the evolved technology, almost everything has gone online, including the social life. People are connected to the internet via their electronic gadgets. The most accessed sites online are the social websites. The social media are very commonly accessed and among the most visited social networks is Facebook. This is a site that many single guys flock, with an aim of looking for a girl that they can date.

Advantages of dating on Facebook over the physical search-and-date

  • Freedom of admiration. With Facebook, you can view at a girl’s profile picture for as long as you wish and you will not have any weird situation.
  • You have the chance of knowing more about the girl, without necessarily asking. You may view the photo and the profile bio, which will give you more information about them.
  • You will know about her residence. Her Facebook profile will contain her physical address, which you will not be needed to ask.
  • You can also go through her friends and the pages that she has liked. This can help you know the kind of girl you are about to date.
  • You may also look at her recent comments to see what she is like and her bio can also let you know if she is seeing someone or if she is single. However, you should be warned that not every girl will indicate their real relationship status.

It is overly beneficial to date on Facebook and the benefit comes with the freedom of dating. You should keep in mind that understanding the girl is the first step of impressing her. If you know about her style, interests and favorites, you will be on the first step of pleasing her.

Here is a guide on how to talk to girls on Facebook:

1. Make an impression before you add her

Once you have studied the girl and you understand what she is like, you will now need to take the next step, which is to add her. Before you add the girl, you will first off be needed to have a good impression. Ensure that you develop your profile according to her likes. Well, it is not actually faking, but try to synchronize with her personalities.

2. Be unique

Facebook is a platform with millions of users. One person can have over a thousand friends and definitely, for a pretty girl, they will have thousands of friends. For that, you will need to be as unique and impressive as possible, in order to win her attention. If you are uploading a photo of an event with your friends, ensure that you make it in a perfect way, to make you the center of attraction. Also, ensure that you keep a closer contact with the girl, or else, you will be beaten by the rest of her friends at winning her attention.

3. Contact her

As you are contacting the girl, there are some factors you might want to highly consider. Here are some things you need to do when you are contacting the lady:

  • Check on her and her progress. Suppose you have been friends for long, you might want to tell her how long it has been and that you care about how she is doing. You can also ask what she has been up to recently.
  • If she is a new friend, always compliment her, but do it honestly. You might want to tell her that her particular photo album is amazing. This will be a clear sign to her that you are into her and she can also look at your photos as well. Complimenting on her current profile picture with intimacy can also earn you some luck.
  • Question her about her hobbies. When the conversation is flowing, you might want to ask her about what she likes most. You can talk about activities, artists, movie, books and such.

Also, if you have chatted for a while, you can directly ask for a cup of coffee together, but do not rush things as such, they can blow up and you might be blocked.

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4. Follow her activities

If she has updated her status, you can comment on them, especially in a funny way. Most of the girls like a guy with a sense of humor. For that, ensure that you make her like your comment or that she has commented with the smiley face or the winking face. This will make her find you funny and it will build a tighter relationship. If she uploads a photo, compliment it, but do it honestly and professionally.

5. Maintain that contact

You will want to ensure that you have contacted your new girl as often as possible. This will help the girl to think about you severally. Don’t just have a warm chat one day and go off line the next day. This can make the girl be less interested in you. Many girls like a guy that is lively and can talk for long. At times, she will literally not even say hi, waiting for you to say hi first. So, keep that communication running.

Things to avoid when you are trying to contact her:

  • Don’t be full of yourself. You should avoid talking about yourself every time. This will prove that you only want her to see how great you think you are.
  • Don’t be a pervert. When you are complimenting her on her photos, avoid using vulgar languages that proves you are only after her cookies.
  • Do not ask her out the first day you she accepts your friend request.
  • Do not ask about her male friends on Facebook, lest you will get blocked.

Generally, these are the tips on how to talk to girls on Facebook. Always try to be a gentleman and even if she doesn’t accept your request to date her, you can still be her friend and never stop complimenting her. Doing this can also make her change her mind. All in all, never be cruel and immoral on Facebook. Being unique, kind, funny and caring are the things that will help you win the girl’s attention.

Facebook social network can be a fantastic way to double your dating. There are many girls on Facebook who would like to meet new people online. In this article we are showing you how to talk to a girl on Facebook.


Like in other dating sites there are many rules you have to follow to make sure you’re not e-sabotaging your partnerships. For instance, if your Facebook wall is full of Farmville or Candy Crush posts, girls won’t be attracted to you. There are many rules you have to follow. In this article we are going to introduce main rules to follow, to get more dates on Facebook.

Stick these rules and talking to girls on Facebook will be easy and effective way to get more dates

1. Don’t send a friend request too early

I know many men who send friend requests to hot girls too early. Don’t be one of them. It is a common mistake men are doing on Facebook dating. If you send a friend request before you had a chat or introduction, girls will be weirded out. Also if you  set up a meeting with her even then don’t add her to your friend list. After the date is over and you liked her, then you can send a friend request. A great guideline: If you have her telephone number, you can add her as friend on FB.

2.  Poking is lame

Forget this Facebook function. Poking is lame and does not work. Hot girls get more than 15 pokes per day. Women think that poking is not manly and pokes only these men, who are too shy to write a direct message.

3. Don’t chat too long

Your main goal is to set up a date. So never talk to her online too long, get her number and invite her for a date.

4. Use good quality profile pictures

Profile pictures has a significant impact on talking to a girl on Facebok. If photos shows that you are cool person, your face is visibile and it is not a selfie, girls will be more attracted to you instantly.

Talk to girls on Facebok – it is a perfect place to meet new girls and get more dates very easily.

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