Gain a Level, Get the Girl


This week we will be chatting about the geekiest subject of them all! Gaming!! wooooo! But how does gaming relate to getting the girl you ask?? Muah! Great question. We are going to go over that, and afterward, you will be able to target your perfect match, and also probably skip a bunch of Life’s irritating “human critter” nonsense (both male and female) as well.
Ok, this is an important topic for a bunch of reasons.
One, we only live once. And getting on toward what we want is obviously better if we can get it done faster.
Two, we only live once! and so the less BS in life the better.
This applies to the subject of dating for certain!
It’s a no brainer that the goal is to get a bunch of dates, go on a bunch of dates, have a bunch of fun, and end up with a women (or women, if that’s what your into) that are super cool and enhancing to our lives right? So what we are chasing here is what I like to refer to as an “epic life experience”.
Cool thing about “epic-ness” is that women love it just as much as you do.
There is nothing that will ‘get the girl’ faster than the moment she notices that you’re a not like the other guys, and that because of this, (and because f a woman’s tendencies toward infatuation) any epic story becomes double epic in a girls mind.
It’s link of like a “leveling up” bonus. 😉
Speaking of leveling up, me and one of my girls just reached level 65 in World of Warcraft last night. Not that it’s a big deal to those of you who have 10 level 80 characters. But it does take a good long time to get there, and to do it next to a super hotty is time well spent in my book 🙂
So yeah. Level 65 warrior and priest in outland. For those of you who don’t play WOW, congratulations! You are not killing your brains and I am very proud of you for resisting 😉 and I’ll shut up about it.
OK, a little bit about this week in dating. There is a lot that went on in the last little while, as I took a bit of a break from my normal 90 hour work week and threw in…. of course, a bunch of female’ness. Everyone needs a break right?
But I am going to just focus on one or two things that relate to this episode (and last episode a bit too)…..
On a random whim the other day, I decided to go to Moab Utah. It’s an absolutely beautiful place. I should post a bunch of the pictures at Maybe I’ll get around to that in a bit 😉
But anyway, here is the shtick.
Got this random burr up my butt because it’s been a while since I actually “went anywhere” (being a workaholic) and decided to go to Moab. Next obvious point was to call some girls and make it a group thing. (Now, I would have gone anyway. You can’t just not do things you want just because of other people’s schedules) So I called up Apryl, (who, btw was on the show last episode giving us a bunch of tips on how to make texting work for us in communicating with women — if you have not heard that one, you should really go download it. It’s some really good stuff, and it was a super fun episode.)
Anyway! called up Apryl as one of the candidates and told her I was rounding up a few girls to go down, and she was like “sweet” let’s go! And then called up a few other candidates, and it turned out that Pen was able to come with us also… She just rescheduled a bit. She was a no brainer candidate because she is a photographer, and would never pass up a chance to point her camera at the world…
And we piled in the car and went down…
Now, these are some high level girls. And I don’t just mean that they are beautiful. They are actually HIGH level. As in, they are not level 0 or level 1 critters. But we will get into that sort of thing later in the episode.
So we roll out to Moab, and on the way down we roll between chit chat and listening to educational material. The guy who was the first lover of Ann Rand actually, who has some great insights into the “self”, but he is a little dry to listen too, so it was mostly chit chat between the girls.
We arrive to find that we don’t have much daylight left (crappy for Pen, because it’s really hard to shoot in the dark) and decide to get a room.
Unfortunately there were no rooms with Jacuzzi suites available, which is just as well really, as I am a cheap skate, and prefer to create content rather than pay for it anyway. (better for dating, and for the pocketbook right?) So instead we get a cheap motel room and a bottle of vodka. (Classy right? well it was their suggestion, not mine) And we did Moab the next day.
Now, there is something that I want to mention here.
One of the reasons I told the story. I did not pay for this trip.
We all shared the cost of gas, shared the cost of the motel, munchies, and on and on. We even shared the cost of the vodka. (And yes, the bed too, although that was already paid for) But it was not like I had to buy the trip. I didn’t have to spend money to make it worth it for them. In fact, the whole vacation was cheaper for me than it would have been without them.
I bring this up because it’s a pet peeve of mine that everyone thinks that we have to pay for everything. That’s a Low Level critter idea and it doesn’t work.
It’s the sort of programmed response that we need to get rid of if we are going to find our perfect woman.
Now, I’m not saying that you can’t take someone out. Or pay for a vacation if you want too… I totally would have done it if the girls had been broke. But they would have done the same for me… and this is VERY different thinking than the traditional programming of “Buy dinner, maybe get laid” mentality that is so often brought to the table by men and women alike.
It basically makes you a wallet, and makes them a total tool.
That has no staying power. Cant last. It is no fun for anybody in the end, and it makes vacations way too expensive for my taste anyway! 😉
So, getting on to the meat of the episode…
This sort of scenario is indicative of what caliber of women we are dealing with.
The caliber of women who expect the “pay for everything” and maybe you get laid, those are low-level critters. And the caliber of women who will chip in for gas money to run down and get a motel room to have a good time in a historic place, those are high level critters, because they are in it for the experience together – with you! A high caliber (or level to go “gamer style” on the topic) woman is looking at life very differently than a low level woman.
They both have very similar desires, but hugely different viewpoints and methods for both perceiving value and acting toward it.
Now, I am going to break into some examples that have been given to us by the all time greats. Now, there are a lot of examples like this, but they are all basically talking about leveling up to put it bluntly. And the best of these examples also mention that low level critters and high level critters can never have long lasting success together. Only critters (i.e. men and women) of similar “level” can achieve awesomeness together. We are looking for the hottest and most amazing women possible for long term awesomeness forever.
If I remember correctly, the following concept was actually brought forward by the artist Andy Warhol. Now, due to my learning disabilities, I have serious problems remembering names (well, its names dates and places actually). Like I am REALLY good with concepts and retaining ideas, but i totally suck at specifics like names and such. It was really hard for me to pass tests all throughout school actually.) So on the off chance that I am naming the wrong guy, please cut me some slack. I really have a hard time with names. But right, anyway… the concept is the important thing anyway, and I am pretty dammed sure you will agree that this concept is pretty infallible.
This is one of the very best examples of this school of thought that exists, so see if you are down with this:
Presume that there are 3 categories that human beings are constantly judging one another upon in any and all social scenarios. We can’t help it. We just do it, and try as we might, we can’t get away from it. At least, we can’t get away from it long term.
Andy basically puts forward these three categories:
1 – Physical Attractiveness
2 – Social Status
3 – Economic success
The way he puts it, you score on these three points, and the total number of points you have needs to match that of any potential partner or you are in for BIG trouble.
I always thought this was brilliant. Because it explains why wealthy old guys can have super hot young wives. It explains why high level diplomats tend to marry hugely successful business women. Why doctors marry lawyers, and so on and so on. Their character levels are commensurate.
So, here is a bit of explanation.
Let’s give this all some perspective. Most people (women too) have a 0 or a 1 in most categories. This is mostly because they don’t try at all. Unlike us, (the good guys) who love to learn, like, this is why we are all listening right? Unlike us, they Just get the lot they are given in life, and that’s the lot they die with.
Ok, now, true, some of them are born into a bunch of money, and some people are born into position or ultra good looks, etc. BUT even if they manage to keep these things (which a lot don’t, believe it or not)… they really never expand much beyond that. They get the lot they are born with, and they die with it. Even the people who get the good lot and that’s that, they die with it.
So, a little bit more on the “examples” side.
Take the hottest woman in your whole world. Call her a 3.
Some of my favorites, Angelina Jolie from Hackers, Liv Tyler the hot elf chick in Lord of the Rings, Naomie Harris, who is not famous, but she was the amazingly hot girl who played calypso in the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean. Christy Frank, who you might recall from “The Apprentice”… K…
Let’s call them 3’s. Now let’s take some threes in the economic success scenario:
Bill gates, Mr Microsoft. He is defiantly up there. Symeon Freemanstein is that how you say that? I was not kidding when I said I was bad at names. Anyway, I think that’s the right guy. He became the richest man in the world for 2010 a while ago. And of course, the Infamous Donald Trump, who did the apprentice that the girl I mentioned, Kristy Frank was in. – Btw, Kristy is not just hot, she is a sweetheart and has a great head on her shoulders too. Super fun. Engaging. Wears tight sweaters…. um, right, enough of that. Anyway she is a cool chick 😉
So here are a few examples of social status 3’s.
Any president of any major country gets a social status 3. Super rock stars like Michal Jackson or Madonna, stuff like that. Remember that everyone on the planet minus these teensy little percentages are 0 and 1.
If everyone in the world is level 0 or 1, and the only examples of level 3 are the president or Madonna, so where do we fit in to all of these?
But let me give you an example of level 2 first, Britney Spears. What is 1 and up? 1and up probably can be yours truly, like myself. I have a legend story in Salt Lake, comes from the DJ thing, which is entirely accomplishable for anyone. Just ask any DJ, and they might have their own legend story.
Case in point, they went and got themselves a point, one point, simply by pursuing something they are passionate about. They happen to recognize that was going to help them get laid. I hope their motivation is more about music, more on performance than it is about getting laid. But I am not going to b*tch about it if that is what it is about. But that is a 1. They have earned a point.
What are examples of financial 2s and 1s. So as Oprah Winfrey is a 3, the richest person that you personally know in your city. Larry H. Miller is a 2. He got bunch of businesses. He is an example of a 2. An example of a 1 is someone who has a solid career. They do not have to worry about it. Examples of 0.
According to me, I only date perfect 10s, not because I am opposed to 7s or what have you, but they have to be really, really cool for me to go 7-8-9, but I stick to perfect 10s, not because I am an elite or snob, but from there, it goes on to be 1-100 for me.
Say you line 10 women up against a wall, and there’s all the 1s that are 10s and out of them, now we are going for 1-100 and I try to stay on the 50-100 range. Those women, are 2s. Like the highest level of 10’s are 2’s. Regular perfect 10s, they are like 1s. So, this is why it gets pretty cool, because the truth is, like let’s say that there is absolutely nothing going for us. It’s like “I live at my mom’s house, I fix cars for fun, and I don’t actually have a job or an education and I have 0 look”. You already have a point, because you are one of the good guys. You already have a point because you like to learn stuff. You already have a point because you engage material. One of the things that Andy forgot, there is also intelligence and spirituality. There are a couple of categories that he left out that are intrinsic.
While it might be impossible to win in Andy’s scenario, the truth is, it is absolutely possible to kick total ass with this one, because you don’t need to have good looks, you don’t need to have bunch of money, and you don’t need to have huge amounts of social status. You can go get these things, and honestly, it is not as hard as the world might think.
I went from being what I thought was a cute kid, cute boy, cute man… I look back pictures of myself and I am like “Whoa, need to lose some weight”. I didn’t think so, because I thought a lot of myself and it’s probably part of the confidence why I was successful back then as far as looks and stuff, women are often attracted to men who think are attractive-whether they are or not. So you can always get free points there. If you want legitimate ones, you can get those too. I know a crap load now. When I came across this system, I was like “Got it. Now I know what I got to do for myself to always tend across the board all the time no matter what.” I can do this now, not a problem, because I went and worked on these things.
Two of the main categories that I recommend adding to this spectrum is the intelligence category, because you guys already got points in that. And the spiritual category, because by the very nature of you wanting to listen to and be with us, and do the good guy thing, you already have a point in that too. Please press on.
All of these categories, they are pretty easy to take. Like if you guys want, I will make one on physical fitness, because you do not need to work a billion hours a day to get hot. It’s just true. Compared to the guy that are in the gym, it’s like 1/10 as hard. And I have had huge success with it. You do not need to eat crappy food to lose weight, or to be slim, it’s easy to do. Find a diet you love.
The social status thing, it is kind of a no-brainer. Go back to the DJ example. I was a social creature to begin with, adding that to the repertoire. It was really useful; all of a sudden you got a point out of nowhere. And the caliber of women, goes up just like it does with the intellectual and spiritual side. Just like it does with the social side and everything else. I am not telling you to get hell bent like “you must acquire self-improvement at all costs”. The truth is, if you tackle a few of these categories, even if you start with what you think is nothing. Say you tackle 3 of these 5 things, and get a 1. It’s not hard to get a 1 in anything. Just a little bit of effort will do it. And if you start with nothing and you get 1 in 3 categories, what that means is you instantly have enough points in this system to never have to worry about it again – ever. If you got 1 in any of the categories, you can already go get yourself a 10, not kidding. Do not be afraid to do it and try.
It is so easy to get a 1 in at least any category. I believe that there are 5 or more categories. Eventually I am going to publish that stuff. Add a category for yourself. Something that you think is intrinsically necessary to humanity. Go to the 5 that we have just gone through, add 1 to it, something that you think I have missed here, and what you got are 5 or 6 categories. All I want to point out in this whole episode is level gaining and maximizing is totally simple to do. It is as easy as playing WOW. Study your hobby. Study your passion. Do whatever it is. Get a point in whatever category you want, and then move on to a new one. The level of women that you get is going to be commensurate with your level.
Thanks for listening. You guys are fantastic. Just take what you got here and I hope there was an Ahha! Moment maybe an epiphany of 5, at least 1. And a recognition of just how straight the path is or how few obstacles are on your part. Take the info and start. It’s as easy as cake and it’s fun. It’s the stuff you want to do anyway, and there is always an easy way to get it. Always an easy way to go and get one point – a real one, not a fake one. Please go and rate this episode. You are always welcome to do that. I would really appreciate it. Gentleman, thank you for reading narps. I want you to win. Good Luck!