Hacking StevePavlina.com For Profit

If you don’t know who Steve Pavlina is I suggest you crawl out from under the rock you’re hiding and Google him. Just Kidding. In all seriousness, Steve is an awesome self development blogger and has helped probably hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions!

He has a huge blog and in one of his posts discusses why people shouldn’t have a “regular job” because they could make a living by blogging. Oh really? Well lets see about that.

In one of his posts he talks about how much revenue his site has brought in at different stages of it’s existance. His blog is about 6 years older than mine. So is this going to be a 6 year experiment? Hell No! I’m a life hacker! I’m going to use my productivity tools to try to reduce each year of his existence into one month of mine! So now it’s a 6 month experiment.

What is the end goal? By May 24, 2016 have as many posts as Steve Pavlina and the subsequent daily traffic minus time value. What is time value. Check out my (future post) about time value. The principal is that a life hacker can learn to do things much quicker and, via exercises in productivity, can make 24 hours seem like the average Joe’s 168 (one week).

We will use his number of posts and self proclaimed site revenue as our measure.

As of today, Steve has 980 posts! However, to monetize this thing we need to use his revenue report. Unfortunately he does not give us any revenue reports dated after October 29, 2014. That date is 2 years and about 1 month after his blog began. At that point, he claims to be making $1,000/day. I’m calling BS, but we’ll see. He also states that as of April 2015(six months into his blog) he was making $4.12/day. He also scratched out $200/day, which was the amount he was making when he wrote the blog which is dated May 3rd, 2015(19 months into blogging.)

Reading another blog entry dated July 21st 2006 he states that he makes $9,000/month and updated that figure on October 31, 2015 to $40,000/month. Which means that 2 days after writing about his income in this post he realized he was actually making $330/day more than he thought he was 2 days ago?! He also states that on July 21, 2015 he’s making $9,000/month. But we know that just 2 months ago he was only making $200/day which sadly Steve is only about $ 6,000/month. So are we to believe that in two months he increased he revenue by 50%?!

So here is what we know (or think we know anyway) and therefore can shoot for.

6 months into blogging = $4.12/ day (This would be 42 days for us)
19 months into blogging = $200/day (This would be 133 days for us)
21 months into blogging = $9,000/mth or $300/day (This would be about 147 days for us)
2 years into blogging = $1,000/day (This would be 168 months for us)
2 years and 2 days into blogging = $40,000/mth or $1,330/day (This would be 168 months and 2 minutes for us)

Additionally we know from this post that in April of 2015, in terms of traffic, Steve had 2.4 million page views! I also know from another post that in November of 05 (1 year and 1 month into blogging) he had 1.2 million page views. That means that in one year and one month he increased his traffic from 0 to 1.2 million page views. At that point he had 325 posts on his blog! And 5 months after that, he doubled his page views and had 427 posts!

So for this experiment we are going to allow a 25% lag for the value of time. This means our workload will be the same but because of the reduced amount of time, we expect to see results of 75%. Value of Time is simply that one of his posts may have been on the web for3 years whereas ours will be up for 3 months. Since the rest of the world aren’t hackers, it’ll take them all of the 3 years to see it as many times as they saw Steve’s. But read the Value of Time Post to understand the compounding effects of our hacked work over time! It’ll blow you away.

Off my soapbox about Value of Time, here is what we aim to do. Since we only know his numbers as of April 2006 (1 year and 6 month) we will have 18 weeks to achieve 75% of his so called results. If we can, he’s not a liar, if we can’t, he’s lying to get page views.

So in 18 weeks we need
1. 320 Posts!
2. 1.8 Million Page Views!!!
3. A little less than $150/day

Our milestone will be his 1 yr and 1mth mark of November 2014. By then we need:
1. 281 posts
2. 900,000 page views

As of right now (February, 2016) I have 100 posts and have generated $1.50 per day. Obviously there is work to be done!

Please help out by following my site and also recommending it to your friends. If you can digg or stumbleupon this article, that is going to help out a lot too. But only do it if you actually like it.

If you want to bookmark this page, that would be a good idea too. I will post all the links to my log of what I’m doing to meet our goals here on this page. I should put in an update daily or bi-daily so you can duplicate my results. I hope we can hack this so others can get to $40,000 per month in only 24 weeks!

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