Hacking StevePavlina.com

As of today we are up to 30 posts. I only put up 3 yesterday but will put up more today.

Our unique visitors in one day set a record and more than doubled our best day up to that point. Additionally, our page views are up 35% from where they were a week ago. Our Adsense account is averaging about $1.00 per day though. If this continues to grow at the rate it has been, after one month of this Hacking Experiment we will be where Steve was 6 months into blogging. I think that the added content, plus the Social Bookmarking work have been paying off.

I’ve noticed most of our “How To” articles are getting a lot of hits. Since that is the case I am going to scale back on the logs for a little while and focus more on writing good how to posts. I am starting a new series of workout and fitness related topics. I’ll show you what I do for fitness every week. Since I am in the office almost all day, I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym so my workouts are designed for professionals who want to look and feel their best without the headache of a big workout program.

I will be scaling my Hacking My Life Posts down to once per week. Likely on Fridays.

I will aslo start a new section of the blog called “Money Blog.” In this section I will begin by detailing how I made my site and then take you all the way through everything I’ve done to build traffic and make money on the blog. I’ve decided to do this rather than the Hacking StevePavlina posts because I can make the titles more descriptive thus allowing us to help people who are at various stages of the process.

For instance someone thinking about starting a blog can check out our first few posts about how I made my site. If they already have a site then they can check out how to build traffic.

I will continue to try and accomplish 4 posts a day but will be moving my Hacking StevePavlina.com and Hacking My Life Posts to once a week. I’ll continue the Biphasic Sleep Log, some of my gambling information, which as been doing well, and some more fitness/golf posts.

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