How To Build A Website In 3 Easy Steps


If you’ve been thinking about having a web presence of any kind, the first thing you need to know is how to build a website.  There are many tutorials, both long and drawn out, and short and sweet that you can use to build your first website.

There are really three relatively easy steps involved in building your first website.  As you become more proficient or have need to design more involved sites, you will find that the extent of knowledge available to you online is incredible.  You may actually find that your interest in building websites could keep you busy learning various computer languages, scripts, designs, and even developing your own widgets and other such things.

Here Are Three Easy Steps On How To Build A Website


First, you need a hosting provider where you will host the files associated with your website.  Many hosting companies also have the ability to register your domain (you can choose and buy your domain through the host provider), which keeps everything within one company and streamlines the process.

The hosting provider not only handles all the server duty for your website, keeps the files in a useable order within their cpanel, but many times offer instant website templates.  This is why the first step of obtaining a good hosting company will pay for itself over and over.  You can browse through the many website templates and choose a design that you like or that compliments your web site idea.

Once you have your hosting set up, a domain registered, and have chosen an appropriate website design, you will need to install the design package into your files.  Open the website package and begin to explore the page designs, learn about how to adjust or change colors, font, heading sizes, and how to use the package you’ve chosen in the best way possible.

These website design templates are as easy as click your mouse to choose the design, click the mouse to install the package, and you are set to go.  It’s so simple and easy to get started in learning how to build a website.  This package, although it’s all done for you, as you explore and learn about the features, you will also be learning how to make websites from scratch by using HTML and other design languages.

The third step in building your website is to prepare and install your content.  Content consists of the articles, posts, informational text that you want your readers to see and read.  You can write your own articles, pay someone else to write them, or obtain PLR material that you have the right to reprint on your site.

Content also includes pictures and graphics, links to other sites or products, and even blog entries that can be commented on by your site’s visitors.  Your new website template will show you exactly how to go about adding this content into your existing files.

In three easy steps, you just learned how to build a website with the minimum of hassle, a site that will be designed professionally, and that is easy enough all you need do is develop content to make it an inviting place for your visitors.

Learning To Build A Website with WordPress

If your someone who wants to know how you can build a website and has an interest in become an internet marketer then creating  a blog with WordPress is probably your best option. WordPress websites are very popular in the internet marketing world. The reason they are so widely used is because it’s easy to confiqure, with it’s simple dashboard to update and change the style, look and feel with just a few clicks of a button, not to mention all the fantastic pugins you can instantly upload, such as:

  • Google XML sitemaps
  • Smart Affiliate Links
  • Easy Privacy Policy
  • All in one seo plugin

This is just a small sample of plugins that you can install onto your blog. It all  depends on what your blog is about? Do you want to build a website that so you can make money online such as an affiliate? Or do you want to build a blog just for advertisment or personal purposes? Whatever your aim is, you’ll need to confiqure your blog the best possible way you can.

The great thing about building a website with wordpress is it has poweful search engine optimization (seo) features that are very powerful in the eyes of the search engines such as Google. Also there are many pugins that you can purchase that can help and increase your blog for higher rankings in search engines. This is very poweful and it’s no wonder why so many websites configured with wordpress are domintating the search engines.

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