How To Create An App on a Budget (ios, android)

With 500, ooo mobile apps and counting in the iTunes market and 500,000 mobile apps and counting in the Android market, it’s safe to say that the mobile takeover is well under way.

Mobile applications seem to have a place in almost every aspect of the general consumer’s life and if there’s a part of that life that doesn’t have an app yet, you can bet a developer somewhere is getting ready to launch one.

With developers creating apps on a daily basis and consumers using those apps on a daily basis, you can bet that the app industry as whole, is a booming one.  In fact, consumers spend just over $25 billion dollars a year on applications, according to a report from

Developers have recognized the mobile movement and have acted quickly to capitalize on the “create an app” craze but what about regular business owners and people with no coding background? After all they need apps too and they definitely need to reach their customers on the mobile level.How’s It Possible To Create An App On A Budget

Good thing for budget conscious business owners, an interesting thing happened with introduction and explosion of the mobile application market. Another separate market was born out of necessity and has also grown parallel to the mobile app market.  That niche market is the actual creation, design, and development of affordable application options for the small business owner or the personal entrepreneur.


This budget based, mobile application development market, provides consumers with programs, open source websites, and plugins that allow or show them how to create an app with relatively small amounts of money.  Drag-and-drop platforms, HTML, custom templates and easy SDK programs are among the many options businesses and entrepreneurs have to get access to the mobile industry without breaking the bank. Specific Ways How To Create An App On A Budget

There are countless services out there to help you get underway with your mobile needs and all you really have to do is spend about 20 minutes searching the internet to find what your looking for.  However, if you don’t feel like searching yourself, here’s a list a recommended services and explanations of what they do and how they can help you.WiziApps

WiziApps is an awesome new service for people who own and operate a WordPress powered website.  If you’re unaware, WordPress is a blogging platform that gives just about anyone the ability to build a personal, business, or recreational website or blog.  If you can read and comprehend basic directions, you can setup and launch a WordPress website.

Being easy to operate and easy to launch has made WordPress the most popular website platform on the internet, recognizing not only the potential but also the need, WiziApps developed a system that translates your WordPress blog into a native iPhone application.

The WiziApp service uses a WordPress plugin combined with the WordPress admin panel, that allows all of your posts, pictures, videos, pages, and galleries to be translated and displayed on a native iPhone app.  The system also includes comments and push notifications that provide maximum exposure and communication with your audience.

All the customer has to do is download the WiziApps plugin software, install it in their WordPress file and spend a few minutes setting it up.  WiziApps is extremely easy to setup, extremely affordable and extremely fast! If you have a WordPress website and you’re looking to go mobile within the next within the next 20 minutes, WiziApps might be your solution.EachScape

EachScape is an interesting option for business owners that want a fully custom application, need it developed and launched in a hurry and don’t want to pay a massive upfront cost.   EachScape differs from most of the competition by approaching the development process with a drag and drop mindset.

EachScape users can escape the dreaded template option that most inexpesnive app development companies offer by fully customizing their application in the drag and drop interface.

Once users have picked their custom “blocks” or “components” they can then integrate their content, design the application and develop their design in either iOS, Android or HTML5 coding languages.

The Eachscape interface allows the user to expand on the design and functionality of their personal or business application.  Picture a list of standard options, better known as building blocks or components, throw in the ability to fill those blocks with custom content along with being able to place them where you want them and you have the basic idea of the EachScape platform.

And for the more advanced users, EachScape offers blocks that integrate HTML, video, chat and Google Ads into their existing design.  If those aren’t enough custom options for the user, EachScape also has a “blocks” marketplace that allows users to purchase customized blocks for their application.

After being fully customized, the application is then sent off to be coded in Objective C, Java or HTML5 which allows it to maintain native operating system capabilities.  Eachscape offers a few different packages with the “standard” package currently costing the user $2500 per month.Cloud Spokes

Cloud Spokes is and incredible company, actually it’s more like a community, that offers a wide variety of cloud based programming options including mobile applications.

Cloud Spokes is a community where businesses or entrepreneurs can take advantage of a huge knowledge base, about 44 thousands developers, and pay for results as opposed to industry standard of paying for the initial effort.

Basically, Cloud Spokes allows companies to outsource any form of cloud development to their community in the form of a friendly competition, known to the Cloud Spokes members as “Challenges”.

Deadlines and technical specifications are posted along with the related Challenge information, from that point developers can then submit entries that will be judged by developers, customers or CloudSpoke staff.

The judging process is unique in itself in the fact that fellow coders will judge and score designs and programs that were submitted by the community.  This approach gives the customer the power of tapping into the entire cloud’s knowledge base for their development project.

Picture 44 thousand developers judging programming options submitted by their fellow coders, that’s 44 thousand times the knowledge of just using one person or group to design your application.  All you have to do is sign up and get started, it’s that simple.Branded Business Apps

Branded Business Apps is an application company that focuses on helping small to medium businesses get an app developed and launched in the target time-frame of 48 hours.

The company uses a 5 step process to launch applications for churches, plumbers, construction companies, restaurants, health clubs and basically any service business you can think of.

The process begins with a simple questionnaire that will categorize the user into an app design template with a certain number of pages, a certain amount of  functions, and a limited amount of basic content. Once the design template is decided upon, the app can then be launched and used by the business owner.

Although the Branded Business Apps development and launch process is fast, the service does come with some drawbacks.  The Branded Business Apps are limited to about 40 basic functions and the look of the app will be based off of a template instead of a custom design.

However, Branded Business Apps states that the 40 basic functions that they provide with their service are more than enough to cover the basic needs of today’s small to medium size business. And considering the functionality versus the cost, the Branded Business Apps service should be more than enough to please any small business owner that needs to go mobile in a hurry. Seattle Clouds

Seattle Clouds is the perfect option for the start-up, small or meduim size business. They utilize the “cloud” to allow their customers to use their website interface to build and launch apps in a hurry.

They also offer an extremely affordable monthly service, along with giving their users a free trial period to build and test mobile applications before committing to the monthly service fee.

How it works is, the user simply visits, sets up an account and then gets started with the step by step app development process Seattle Clouds has in place.

Users do not need any type of coding, programming or development experience to use Seattle Clouds, they just have to sign up and follow the development process.

Being as affordable as $49.95 a month does come with certain restraints, like picking from a list of templates that are already in place and being limited on functionality.

However, even with the limitations business owners can upload their own content and utilize features like GPS, image galleries, subscription in app purchases, push notifications and several other mobile based features that enhance the mobile experience.

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