How To Get Excited For Christmas

It has been Christmas season for a while now, but the truth is that the last few years it hasn’t been my favorite season of the year. Having a family full of adults and being on a long distance relationship it doesn’t help me to feel the joy of the Holidays.

Lately, all my mailboxes have been full with Christmas cards and good wishes. I’ve read a lot of posts about the holidays spirit and advices for next year. Even when it’s not something that really excites me, I’ve been trying to do some little changes on my attitude this year, so I can enjoy the holidays more than the past years.

I thought sharing this with you, just in case you are going through the same.

Remember It’s Just a Few Days

Fortunately, this year we won’t be having any visits, however things are not precisely easy because we do have a full house with my brothers and me in here. If you are dealing with aunts, grandparents and cousins invading your space, going all over your things and asking lots of questions about your life for the holidays, take a deep breath and remember it won’t last more than a few days. Be Positive. Hopefully You’ll Receive a Gift or Two

The hardest thing about growing up is lose that magical Christmas morning. Since everyone on my house became an adult, my parents give us money so we can buy anything we want  instead of presents. It is nice, but it kinda ruins the whole experience. So this year the only gifts I’ll be probably getting will be from Karen and my mother. Don’t be sad if you don’t get a lot of presents and remember you can always give something to yourself.

Enjoy All The Christmas Episodes of Your Favorite T.V. Shows

Do you remember Bart burning Simpsons’ Christmas tree or Ross Christmas’ armadillo? Get ready to all your old and new favorite TV Christmas Specials. Yes, I know the winter TV show is really annoying but starting next year we’ll have new episodes of all our favorite series. So for now let’s enjoy the reruns!

Try To Get Involved

If you like to make some handicraft you can participate on the decorations, or maybe like me you enjoy cooking. This year I choose to be on charge of all the desserts for the dinner. My brother will cook some fish, and my mother the turkey. This may not be my favorite time of the year but I always enjoy baking some cookies.

I’ve been involved on the whole process, since choosing the right ingredients to decorations. I’ve kept that on mind most of the time to help me be on a good mood. So it doesn’t matter if you cook something simple like a salad, or something complicated like the turkey, maybe you can  help a little on the kitchen. Just try to get involved on the Christmas process and enjoy it.

Think About The Dinner… And The Drinks!

No matter where you are from, I’m sure there are some dishes that you can only have on Christmas. My mom makes a great salad with pears, apples and grapes only for these days and a delicious ham!. Also we have cider, eggnog, hot fruit punch and several other Christmas drinks besides all the food you don’t easily have on other time of the year, so relax and enjoy!

So far this has helped me to survive Christmas. And I really hope it may help you too, just remember at the end of the day it’s all about being with the people you care and having a nice time, so relax a little bit, don’t be so harsh and remember, even the Grinch ended enjoying it a little bit so why wouldn’t you?.

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