How to get your ex girlfriend back fast

In this article I’m going to tell you the secret technique for getting your ex girlfriend back fast.

Guys you need to understand that getting back with your ex girlfriend fast is very very hard task. It works not every time, and u need to know that. Sometimes to get back is bad choice, sometimes it is good.

Analyze your case by yourself. But be aware that there are plenty of fish around and you don’t need a woman that disrespects you.

Reclaiming back lost love is never an easy endeavor not even for the most accomplished Casanova. The aftermath of a breakup can be very devastating and full of regrets depending on the nature of how things ended. You probably said things that you didn’t mean to and there were several accusations and counter-accusations. Most people invest in their relationships in a big way and whenever faced with a break up, they become confused, hurt and emotionally drained. A midst the confusion, most people end up making a lot of mistakes which can hurt the chances of getting back together.

Actually, there is nothing simple and straightforward when it comes to getting back your ex girlfriend. The doubts don’t make it any easier because when she said goodbye, she probably meant every part of it but then again she might be open to winning her over again. It’s more of a gamble but so is life and you got to do what you got to do. Before you get lost in your desperation and commit other mistakes, it’s imperative that you be informed about the best way to go about it without looking like a crazy stalker. If the heart wants what it wants, a little extra effort is worth it

To avoid the embarrassing mediocre moves, am going to work you through the three honest step plan to help you get your ex girlfriend back.

1. No contact period-Give yourself time and space.

The last thing you would want to do is to keep bothering her with endless calls, text messages or emails continuously begging her to take you back. This is the worst mistake you can ever make if you still want it to work. It’s recommended that you completely cut any communication with your ex for a short period of time. This is very important for three main reasons. First, it will help remove the negative associations and she will eventually start missing you. There is this misconception that if you don’t contact them they will forget about you. Reality is, if you fail to contact her, you will give her time to miss you and she will also be wondering why you are not contacting her.

Secondly, you also need that time and space. After a break up, it’s obvious that you are a mess and that’s why you need time to get a grip of yourself, calm down and put everything into perspective. Take that time to thoroughly analyze your relationship and to find out if it’s in your best interest to be or not be with her. Enjoy your life without her just to prove that you don’t need her to be happy. You might still want her but then again there is a difference with needing her.

Finally, you need that time to make positive changes in your life. Work on becoming the most attractive version of yourself by focusing on both your mental and physical health. All this is important because once the no contact period is over you want your ex to feel attracted to you again. Enjoy life and just be happy. The no contact period can be as long as it takes you to feel good about yourself without your ex girlfriend. Basically, it takes around 30 days but it can be up to 6 months.

2. Getting your life back on track/ Things to do during the no contact period

If you are not going to take care of yourself, then the no-contact period purpose will be defeated. Others will argue that they need time to grieve, which is okay but for how long are you going to sit around feeling miserable? Reality is, if you don’t go out there and do something positive for yourself, then nothing is going to change.

Physical change

There are some things she probably complained about when you were in a relationship and you just overlooked them. This is the time to do some self-improvement which is for a fact a plus. Well, get a new haircut, buy new clothes, get your teeth cleaned, enroll at the gym and sweat out all the unnecessary fats. Just do something positive on your appearance and trust me, your effort will not go unnoticed. Irregardless of how subtle the change might be, the importance will be clearer to her. Remember looking sharp is such an important aspect of physical attraction and if she sees you oozing greatness, it will be a direct indicator of forward movement.

Mental change

Confidence and happiness are important virtues that you should never allow to depart from you. The good news is, they can both be achieved by working on your mental health. Women are not attracted to desperate, needy, clingy men and it’s important to see to it that you are emotionally calm and controlled before wooing her back. Prove that you are self-sufficient, independent and you can deal with your life on your own. After taking some time to grieve, it’s time to face life head on. Do something on daily basis to make you feel good like go out with friends, write a journal, meditate and go out on a date.

Getting the right attitude

This is very important because women don’t want some sulky, jealous, demanding, dull couch potato. Learn to fight your jealousy and develop a good sense of humor. Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Learn how to be playful around her and crack some jokes for that will show that you are youthful and not aggressive.

Before making the move, analyze the pros and cons of your relationship and determine if all your dreams, future interest and plans align with your partners. See to it that you are happy on your own and letting your ex back into your life is the right decision. At this point, the reason of getting back together goes beyond loving her and missing her and it’s about what’s best for your life.

3. Contacting your ex girlfriend.

Always remember, when you broke up, she perceived you as this needy, desperate, clingy person with zero self respect. With time, all that fades away and she starts missing the positive things about you. The no contact period is enough for all this to happen then when you contact them and lay eyes on you, they will be left wondering what brought so much positivity in you.


It’s important that you apologize for it shows that you are capable of swallowing your ego and you care enough to accept that you were wrong. This can be done by sending her flowers , a letter or done in person. All odds are that she will love the flowers or a handwritten letter from you. Just acknowledge that neither the flowers nor the note will fix the mistakes that you made and you take full responsibility. See to it that you don’t sound aggressive, demanding or expecting anything in return but just to let her know.

Work on friendship

Text her about that movie date you have together and make her understand that you would love to do that again. Grab coffee or tea together, have conversations about the things you both find funny and do things for her without expecting anything in return. Build on the trust slowly, enjoy the company and just be concerned about her.

Make your intentions known

You can now tell her about your feelings. Remind her how she has made you a better person and helped tap the untapped energy in you. Let her know how you now know better about sharing love and you want to do it with her. Just assure her that you are ready to fix all the problems with her. Have a plan and discuss it with her and ensures it attacks all that might go wrong. Be very honest, exercise maturity through it all be confident.