How to Have Sex Dreams

lucid dreaming how to have sex dreams

So it‘s time for a video on a subject that i lot of you have been asking me about and that is how to have sex dreams (or lucid dreaming sex). Many people are interested how does lucid dreaming sex compare to regular sex? And short answer basically is different but at the same time it can actually feel just as good as the real thing and after you have woken up the experience might seem in hindsight like it was obviously a dream at the time lucid dreaming sex can feel extremely vivid and extremely real.

Having a sex dreams is a good experience for everyone, but it can be difficult for lucid dreams newcomers. But I‘m going to give you tips to making it more easy to achieve. So continue reading…

During the lucid dream there is a big chance, that sexual partner what you are planing to have sex with would evolve into another creature. That is a very usual situation for newer lucid dreamers. This happens because of your sub-conscious mind that is searching not for a one night stand partner, but for a real relationship with feelings.

So during the lucid dream try to get connected with another person, what you are attracted to. That will help you to trick your sub-conscious mind. Try to be open, try to feel emotions and feelings to another person. It takes time to master this, but it is worth it. Believe me.

If you want to master lucid dreaming and have sex dreams, first thing is to master normal and regular lucid dreaming. It is crucial to learn lucid dreaming basics before trying to have lucid sex. That is a great experience so I recommend you to try.

More tips:

  • Make eye contact in your dream with another person, that will help you to get connected.
  • Try to sleep on your stomach, that increase a probability to have sex dreams.
  • Do not use mobile phone, computer and don‘t watch a TV before going to sleep.
  • Switch your cell phone to the flight mode.
  • Don‘t watch porn movies.
  • Few days before stop masturbating.
  • Before going to sleep visualize your partner in your mind, create pictures of her body naked, beautiful curves.
  • During the lucid dream sex, skip the foreplay, because usually newcomers fail on this part, so better for uinexperienced dreamers is to skip this part and straight go to the sex part.

I hope this article will help you to get an answer for question how to have sex dreams. That‘s a fantastic experience that gives good sensations.