How to Improve Your Sleeping Habit

Sleeping is our routine. We need to sleep daily until forever. But do you sleep effectively? Experienced a middle-of-the-night wake too often? Continue your reading to find out how to improve your most important activity of the day.

What was your last good sleep?

Before we continue, please ask yourself first what was your last time you fall asleep immediately after hitting your pillow? The answer may probally varies by many factors: your age, occupation, social status, living environment and others. Some factors are uncontrollable while some can. Imagine yourself when you was 12 and you have no sleeping issue at all, why?? That’s because you don’t take external factors into account. And that is the bottom line on how to improve your sleep.

Others also sharing the same problem with you

You are not alone here. Insomnia is one of the most common issue to adults across US. But you need to be ready and accept this, you can fix this issue and improve your sleeping. It will see the result improving day-by-day and there is no need to be rush. You gather everything so much in the past few years so you can’t expecting to drop it all at once after finishing this blog.

Afterall, this is what Havard people said,

Improving Sleep is an instructive and fact-filled report from Harvard Medical School that explains why sleep often eludes us as adults. You’ll read about those habits and conditions that rob us of peaceful slumber. And most importantly, you’ll learn what you can do to again enjoy the satisfaction of a restful night’s sleep.

Improving Sleep: A guide to a good night’s rest

Sleeping Quality is Better Than Quantity

If you expect to wake up and refreshed after 10 hours of sleep, sometimes you may be disappointed. There are many studies confirm that what matter the most is number of “quality sleep”. So the number count is does matter, but not that important. Major issue that you need to focus is how you will get quality sleep enough for tomorrow.

How to get a better sleep

These are short summary that can help you get your long-awaiting quality sleep.Track your sleep.Getting to know your self how much you sleep per day. Did you have enough during the hard week? How about during your relax time? There are so many things that can help you nowadays like SleepBot so please, no more excuse tracking your own sleep..Find your perfect bedtime.The great things alway comes boring. Sleep routine, too, is also boring but as effective as you can imagine. Everyone has a clock for themself which help trigger when you need some sleep. Stop go to bed when you felt sleepy, instead try to prepare 10 minutes in advance by going to bed early. This will helps in long term. Trust me..Get some exercise.Get in shape is not the only benefits from exercise. It also helps making you become exhausted, which in this case helping to get a better sleep. On the other hand, if you don’t exercise regulary, there is more chance that you will find a hard time sleeping..Alarm is get your job done. But don’t overuse it.Afraid of arriving late at your workplace? Alarm can surely help you on this. But people nowadays overly using it. The negative thing of alarm is it disturbing your sleep cycle. So if you can sleep routinely, then you will autometically wake up rouetinely, too. If you can endure during the first 13 weeks, there is a good chance that you won’t need any more alarm after that..Get a new gearsEvery equipment has its own lifespan. Sometimes it’s better to grab a brand new gear for yourself as a present. New bed and pillow will surely do the job. You can find our recommendation pillow right here.

Once you starting to get use to your new habit, some good things will happens. But don’t make an excuse. If you believe in the theory, stick with it. Give them some time to work. And in the end it will become a magic to you.

Happy sleeping!!

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