How to last longer in bed?


Premature ejaculation can be your worst nightmare every time you have sex. So how to last longer in bed and have long sex? And how to stop premature ejaculation? Lasting longer in bed is crucial for every man…

There are millions across the world that are experiencing premature ejaculation not just occasionally, but on a regular basis, but because most men are so hesitant to share with this kind of a problem.

Studies estimate that up to 30% of men in the United States aren’t happy with their timing and would like to last longer. Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey once did a study that found that 75% of men cum within two minutes of entering a woman.

Since most women than 10 minutes or more to achieve orgasm, you can see how this can be a problem.

The good news is that of all of the men that take steps to learn how to control their cum and slow the ejaculation process, 90% to 95% are “cured” of their problems.

The first phase of ejaculation is called emission.

The second phase of ejaculation is the expulsion phase.

Problem is, if you haven’t controlled the emission phase, chances are you will just be holding back the cum as long as possible.


But what if you couldn’t experience the contractions and mental pleasure of cumming without actually expelling semen. That’s what we’re going to teach you to do in this guide!

Exercises to practice


There are tons of relaxation techniques you can use to calm down and clear your mind, but one of the most important is to control your breathing.

You can learn to control your breathing, though, and doing so can help you to control the urge to cum. Use the following step to learn relax your breathing, even when you’re at the height of your pleasure:

1. Lay down in a relaxed position, taking special care to ensure that your leg, genital, and anal muscles are as relaxed as possible.

2. Close your eyes and put your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This should help you to relax your jaw instantly.

3. Concentrate on every breath. You don’t have to change the way you are breathing. Just focus on how each breath is going into and out of your lungs.

4. As you begin breathing more slowly (this will happen naturally), open you mouth so your can breath more deeply. Place you hand on your stomach and take deep belly breaths, feeling each breath fill you completely.

5. Take the deep breaths a step farther, imaging the air flowing to the core of your body and to your pelvis. Don’t hold the breath and let it out in a burst. Instead, let the air slip out slowly and rhythmically, like a balloon deflating when it has just a small pinhole in it.

Practice breathing like this often and for as long as you like.

Muscle relaxation

Another important part of relaxation is muscle relaxation. You should practice this like you do with your breathing.  When you can control you muscle tension, you’ll be able to release the tension of your muscles in your butt, legs, and pelvis as you come close to ejaculation.

1. Lie down in a relaxed position that is comfortable for you.

2. Focus all of your attention on your toes. Tense them, wiggle them and then consciously relax then. Hold that relaxation as you breath, feeling the energy flowing out of them.

3. Repeat this same process with each part of your body, moving from your toes to your feet to your calves to your thighs, and continuing with each part of your body.

4. As you finish releasing the tension in your face, jaw, and neck, take stock of your entire body. Is there tension remaining anywhere? If there are any places in your body not relaxed, focus on relaxing those places. You can even go through the entire process a second time if  you want.

5. Lie still, relaxed for a few minutes. The focus shouldn’t be to fall asleep, but to allow the body to be consciously relaxed.

As you practice this method, you’ll be able to fall into it more easily.

Peaking technique

Here’s how to work at the peaking technique:

1. Start the same way you did before. Masturbate until you are at about a level six on the pleasure meter.

2. Instead of stopping, slow down just a bit and breathe in very deeply through your nose. Hold your breath. This should be a really big belly breath for a few seconds, continuing to pleasure yourself.

3. As you release the air slowly, imagine yourself cumming. Breath in again deeply, and as you breath in, imagine pulling all of that sexual energy into yourself and away from your dick.

4. Continue this breathing technique, mentally pulling the sexual fire into yourself until you are back down to a level two or three. During this entire time, you should still be playing with yourself at the same intensity. When you get down, start building up the orgasm again.

5. Use the step technique peaking process to build up the feeling higher and higher and bring it down each time once again.

Don’t be worried if you cum right away the first time. As you practice, you will get better at this technique. Remember to keep you muscles relaxed!

Sexual breathing and PC muscles (kegel exercises)

Learning sexual breathing is a daunting task, but doing so can really put you in tune with your body. When you’re having sex, if you’ve practiced sexual breathing, you can just slip into this process and avoid premature
ejaculation. There are five parts of sexual breathing. Let’s go over all five before I show you how to put them together:

Breathing: You already understand the actual breath techniques, right. As a review, you want to take deep, belly breaths and focus on breathing slowly.

PC Clamping: Do you know how to find your PC muscles?
Next time you’re in the bathroom, try to stop urinating midstream. Those muscles you’re clamping are your PC muscles. Clamp and release them slowly and you’re doing PC muscle clamps. Simple, right?

Pelvic Rocking: Elvis was a pro at this one. Rocking your pelvis is a lot like riding a horse. Actually, you also do the basic motion when you’re having sex in the missionary position. Rock your hips back and forth, keeping your torso and legs steady. This really is another simple movement!

Sensual Sounds: I know it sounds kind of silly, but don’t be afraid to make some noise on the exhale when you’re breathing. In fact, this is one of the most important parts of sexual breathing, and trust me, when you’re actually in bed with a woman, this is one of the sexiest things you can do while you’re with her. As you exhale, release low moans or groans – whatever comes natural to you. Of course, make sure you’re alone in the house before you practice!

Practice kegel exercises, that will help you to last longer and stop premature ejaculation.

Putting these four parts together is rather easy. Start with breathing and sensual sounds. If it makes you a bit uncomfortable at first, try doing it REALLY loudly. Then, lower it down and you’ll feel a bit more comfortable! (As a side note, all the sounds you’re making here are extremely sexy if you and you partner like to play sexually on the phone!)

Next, add the pelvic rocks, finding a rhythm as you breath. Continue with the sounds, doing whatever comes natural. Your rocking should be slowly and steady, nothing too frantic! When you feel comfortably in your breathing, start with PC muscle clamps. You should clamp as you rock in one direction and relax as you rock in the other direction. Which way you do it is up to you.

Never stop learning about yourself and you’ll find that you are able to achieve higher and higher sexual levels. I hope this guide will help you to last longer and stop, delay premature ejaculation.

We thank for our reader Lorenzo, who wrote and sent this article for us!