How to learn Conversational Hypnosis

Can conversational hypnosis really allow you to get anyone you wish to do what you want, when you want it and in any situation just by using conversation techniques?

Conversational hypnosis is a method for interacting with human’s subconscious without them being aware of that, using direct speech. If you master hypnosis, you can dominate the beliefs and change the mindset of other people.

The power of this tool is extraordinary. So much so that this form of communication is regarded by some as being unethical when used for ill purposes. It will place in your hands the ability to change the behaviors and opinions of others. With the power of persuasion on your side you will be able to attract new clients, improve your dating situation, found new friends and make an influence to business contacts and not only have your superiors recognise your professional achievements but reward them with the income you deserve. But can YOU master this technique?

This is my BIG question.

There are certainly plenty of experts out there capable of harnessing the power of covert hypnosis but can an online course actually teach an average “joe” like you and me the skills needed to influence the values and opinions that drive the decision making of others, without their knowledge in a real life situation?


High Profile Sales People, Business Leaders, Politicians and Celebrities regard conversational hypnosis training as an essential skill.

It may come as a surprise to you but many of today’s world leaders and business executives regard the powerful communication abilities taught in conversational hypnosis as an essential prequisite skill to obtain success.

Did you know that in a survey of the world’s top self made millionaires it was revealed that they are NOT people of above average intelligence nor are they necessarily more physically attractive than others. However they are EXPERT COMMUNICATORS.

There is no “secret” method to obtaining “big time” success in your life other than to know the ways to read others, connect with their desires and effectively communicate how you can help them. The power of conversational hypnosis teaches you to raise your skill level at doing this to well above the average person – hence the incredible power of what this skill can accomplish.

Experts agree that the leading course on this subject is Igor Ledochowski’s The Power of Conversational Hypnosis. Igor is a leading hypnotist who has worked his way to the top of his field. He charges anything upwards of $575 per hour with a minimum of 12 sessions required!!!

You don’t have to pay anywhere near that much though to learn these techniques. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is an online course that has earned its reputation as it enables even complete beginners to be able to get results from conversational hypnosis in practical situations. You will finally have the ability to put even the toughest subjects under your spell and persuade them to do what you want, when you want. The best part is they will not even be aware of this process!

There are 3 courses that we recommend for you to master this highly effective technique. We examine the pros and cons of each course below and ultimately answer the question – will these courses give you the power of conversational hypnosis?

Top Recommendation:

1. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis by Igor Ledochowski

Why is Igor Ledochowski sought after by business professionals and the wealthy all over the world? Why do his fees begin at $575/hr? Because Igor’s proven instruction can give you the tools to make conversational hypnosis actually work in real life settings. What could you accomplish if you could grow your income exponentially and seriously influence the behavior and thinking of others?

We all have the potential to open the minds of those around us to the natural power of suggestion. Imagine how much our personal relationships can improve, how far we can progress with our careers and how assertive we can be? We all long to have greater control in our lives – this is possible with The Power of Conversational Hypnosis.

In the past conversational hypnosis has been difficult for the average person to learn. While many practitioners were happy to share the basics and give you the general idea, it was near impossible for someone outside the “inner circle” to master the critical skills that allow you to really connect with the subconscious desires of others and have true power to convince anyone to do what you want when you want it.

You don’t need to infiltrate a secret society or spend a fortune – one of the world’s top hypnosis instructors has finally come forward to share his powerful techniques and prove that anyone can learn conversational hypnosis fast and effectively.

In a short time you will be persuading others to see your point of view, ensuring clients unconsciously see your product as a NECESSITY that they simply MUST have and overcoming any professional or personal relationship issue easily. Imagine being able to solve any personal problem that you have with anyone you meet!

This is not just a reality for those who have a seemingly natural “gift”, who appear positive and almost “magnetic” whenever they walk into a room. It is simply the ability to connect with others and work this connection effectively through EXPERT COMMUNICATION and if you don’t have it naturally (very few people do) then don’t be naive enough to think that it cant be learned or that it isn’t learned by MANY of the world’s big players in business, politics and media!

The course is worth every cent and has been acclaimed not just by experts but by thousands of REAL USERS who have had their lives transformed by the power of conversational hypnosis. The materials are concise, to the point, and surprisingly rich in detail, giving you an instant toolbox to begin.

Inside The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis you will learn:

The methods employed to get any individual to go along with you and do as you wishThe specific expressions which top bomb squad officials utilize in order to enforce compliance in critical scenarios involving seasoned terroristsHow to ensure your audience uncovers their genuine needs and ways to cause them to become hungry for whatever you are sellingHow to get any prospect to believe that they need to possess anything you are promoting as an essential item for their success.Tactics for getting folks you’ve only just connected with to share with you their internal views and ways to put these to work to be able to benefit from this information.How to “speak” with the subconscious signals which rule a target and supply them the correct signals to have them carry out what you would like and believe that the concept originated from inside their own mind.

The Standard Package comes with Manual transcripts, Audio materials and bonuses but for those who are serious about unlocking the potential of conversational hypnosis the Platinum package allows you unique access to Igor’s Private hypnosis blog, forum and online sessions.

Imagine having your own league of master hypnotists whose brains you could pick regarding any aspect of your conversational hypnosis experiments? This is the extra edge that will super charge your hypnosis abilities. You can finally develop your ability as a true practitioner – able to invoke hypnosis through conversation with even the toughest and most resistant audiences.

Find out exactly what you get in the 12 sections of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

2nd Recommendation:2.Underground Hypnosis by Taylor Starr

While Taylor Starr is not well known outside of hypnosis circles he is certainly known as an expert in the field to other hypnosis professionals. When you first read his site you are certainly confronted with a lot of hype – you can read the story of how Taylor infiltrated a “secret” society of “Black Ops” hypnotists who were practicing the “most powerful forms of hypnosis known to man”. They took him into his circle and taught him everything they know.

Now he has the ability to control and persuade anyone he meets. He can get what he wants, when he wants!While the site certainly does have its fair share of hype and a strong sales push don’t let this convince you that the material is not legit. The value of this course is truly found in the rare techniques that are exposed – those that professional hypnotists don’t want you to know about as it sets them apart from you! Hence this course is frowned upon by some of the hypnosis community – no “magician” wants to reveal their “secrets”.

Underground Hypnosis will teach you how to place any subject into a suggestive state through conversational hypnosis and use pre-planted power words to get them to do what you want when you give the command. Become a true business developer and use the techniques on your colleagues and clients to expand your income and further your career.

Take advantage of “knowing the right people” to get ahead in life. Not only will you know them – you will control them! You will learn techniques that are particularly effective for individuals, groups and even hypnotism via email! Yes conversational hypnosis techniques can be utilized in the form of readable text. Master copywriters are paid up to $1000/day and more to create profit pulling pages that sell – both online and offline. With this power you can create money on demand and your skills will be in constant demand. Good copywriters are sought the world over.

The most powerful part of all of this is your subjects will not even realise they are being hypnotised. They will know that they intrinsically believe your words without question and assume they came to this decision themselves.

You can study this course anywhere – on your way to work, on your morning jog or whilst driving in the car as the materials come in audio format (CDs are available for those who don’t wish to download MP3s). The course is as detailed as it is powerful and will really give you the keys to open up the hypnosis potential of the serious user.

Learn more about Underground Hypnosis

3rd Recommendation3. Covert Hypnosis by Kevin Hogan

Even though this product receives our 3rd recommendation it is still a solid course in conversational hypnosis and a much cheaper alternative at only $47. The advantage to this course is it will not only teach you hypnosis techniques for verbal conversation but it will also teach you how to invoke hypnosis through written materials.

Imagine being able to win any job you go for or be considered for roles and incomes higher than your current position. Using covert hypnosis techniques in your CV or your business proposal can make this dream a reality. Having this power can get you a better price when you write an advertisement to sell your car or enable you to be taken seriously if you write a letter to your local council. Our society relies so heavily on written materials – the possibilities are endless if you can invoke hypnosis and plant suggestions in the minds of your readers.

The downside to this course? It is very much written for a business/marketing audience. The information is substantial but still fairly standard when it comes to improving your personal relationships. You won’t find as many power strategies that apply to a general range of situations. This is a nice book for those that are seeking a guide to copywriting, business marketing and client visits/presentations but if you really want to get results from conversational hypnosis for a broad range of life situations (and even I found this is possible with the right techniques) then refer to our first recommendation.

If you are still keen to take a look at Convert Hypnosis, it consists of the Covert Hypnosis manual and 5 bonuses including:- 12 months subscription to the “Coffee with Kevin Hogan” newsletter- 59 minute audio Covert Hypnosis: The Master’s Techniques- 179 page ebook Breaking Through The Barriers of Communication- 2 hour teleseminar recording Time for Love, Time for Money- 161 page MYSTERY ebook about mind influence.

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