How to make new friends

When you are in a new place where you do not know anyone, it is awfully useful to have lots of ideas to meet lots of people.Being alone and cushy, it is. But having friends is not bad. The problem is we can not take with you when you move. It must meet all new, sympathize and eventually learn to keep them. For this, some action is required.How to meet new friends while
First, I do not stay in front of my TV. In my TV, I have great friends (Ross and Rachel, Starsky and Hutch, Buffy without vampires …), but they never listen to what I tell them. Also, to meet interactive friends, I absolutely extract from my couch and go in search of places that promote the exchange.

Too often “places that facilitate the exchange” means box, pub or private club. However, the people we meet in this context, we may experience difficulties in extract: the buddy Palace, we will review perhaps Macumba, but the hope is low the lead at the expo Cézanne. People of the night rarely emerge. To this must be added the difficulties of communication. First, to engage in conversation, there is a choice between “It is not bad, the last of Robbie Williams, right? “And” They cut the fleet, their gin and tonic or what? “. Exciting, but unlikely to trigger a debate of ideas. Technical difficulties then: ten million watts in the cabinets, the girl is forced to repeat three times his “I liked it better before, whiskey is not bad.” To force it discourages.

The bars, meanwhile, have an option. In this case, it is best to choose a special place in relation to our personal tastes: Brazilian literature, philosophy, Karaoke, Trivial Pursuit, jazz, Ricard without water. Logically, the customer – our future friends – should also appreciate the samba, Finkielkraut, Gilbert Montagne or basins at the foot of the bed. Already established a common ground. Remains to be done a long process of impregnation. Each day / week we return to become a regular and finally the bartender takes his role as a social link and presents other regulars. It may take time or not, depending on the bartender.

The most conducive to genuine exchanges places with things to talk about, to make services, common interests are associations, sports clubs and schools of music. Such registration will require a heavier than green tea at a local bar engagement. If, on the final day of handball, from dry to tan in Ibiza, and volunteering to Eating, that’s okay but only in August, we made few friends (but a lot of enemies are interested in us). We choose an activity which can meet the requirements. And corresponding us friendly firefighters may have advantages in terms of attendance, but if it does not support the sight of blood or pinochle, is about to pass a difficult year. Meanwhile, as we are looking for friends, an association with high added value it is friendly, it does not set his heart on the Club misanthropic seasoned. (Very hard to create links swimming the crawl, for example), and in school, you check the “group lessons” box team sports to individual sports are preferred rather than “private lessons.” It costs less and it pays more than friends. Once these conditions are combined, it is inevitable acquaintance: First, we meet at a fixed time every week. Inevitably, people greet, we exchange a few words, information is transmitted (“the teacher is absent on Friday, the neighbors no longer support the” Pink Panther “saxophone”). But above all it creates a sense of community, a real cohesion to the side of France soccer team is chicken feed. Because, to bring people together, nothing like success together (“We qualified for the quarter-final regional Dominos Day”) or, better yet, the failure in common (“Nobody heard the choir it was covered by the mistral, it was ridiculous “). Remains to draw our future friends in this group.

Office colleagues handpicked, if no hierarchical link comes unbalanced reports or hypothecate any chance of franchise. Friends of friends, cousins ​​of my cousins ​​who knows Machin Thing in the region forward my number, and one day I pick up the phone to hear “Hello, this is Sandrine” (which Sandrine I do not know of? Sandrine, me), “This is Machin gave me your number” (aaaah ouiiii, it’s true). , I reply: “Yes, Machin told me a lot about you, it’s very nice to call, you could go for a coffee, maybe? “It is well-placed friends: our neighbors. Enjoy Editions “Residents Party” to organize an aperitif.

How sympathize with all these new people

To sympathize, it must have the right attitude. We do not hit in the face, we do not insult people who are not presented, is given a reasonable time speech between two stories about our childhood in Mulhouse.

Following the principle that no two people will get along better on the back of a third, we tend to take the easy way. Nothing like a good gossip to brighten up the meeting, especially the lady at the bottom has orange hair, it looks like the wig Casimir, ah ah ah. Be. But besides the highly questionable aspect of the method, it is short term. First, if our friends are the kind of spiteful sneer of a girl they barely know, it means a tenth of their backs, and we get our share. It will therefore never friends. And if they are not the kind of sneer, then it is passing for a cowhide that could wreak havoc in the band. Negatives. It is well done, na, think orange lady who was the mother of our neighbor to the right.

All our concern not to offend anyone, we risk falling into another through: play the yes-yes. Always agree, never annoying, it welcomes every remark by a nod of approval. If indeed this method preserves us from wrath and spontaneous antipathies, it creates some animation. But in the end, friendship flourishes well in the conflict, as long as it remains good child “OL plays better than PSG,” “Next to Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey your face mime Marceau. ” Unless you come across any weirdos who rely on their dignity as trivial debates, thus entering a complicity squabble. This room, it rubs, it playful evening. We do not hesitate to offer an outlet valves admitting a minor weakness (“I’ve seen every episode of” Melrose Place “three times”). Armed with a funny superiority, our partners will be delighted to be unleashed.

We are not yes-yes, okay, but we opted for a mimicry of good quality. It is especially not embody the dreaded cold fish group, one whose eye disapproving ice bursts of enthusiasm. Anyone who booked the restaurant for ten hate to hear “Oh well I, I do not like Asian food. Not even the rolls. Oranges or ice. “So it is good comrade and strives to be always up: Group wants a ride Republic Square? No problem, I put my hood and I’m coming. Tuesday, bungee jumping for everyone? Luckily, I have not finished my box of Valium. The key is to participate – as told Coubertin, who had lots of friends. You get into the atmosphere and, at this rate, we may even become a driving force.

Sympathize, it is also a matter of timing. You have to seize opportunities without too precede. Sixth drive handball, a player talks about his remarkable guard against the day before, do not hesitate to follow up and to open a door: “There are card players here? “However, we do not call five times to ask for news when you come to get a cell phone number. It’s crazy what people can scare invading the neighborhood. Blame the American thrillers without doute.On grant a motion of confidence and makes service. It does not pose the question of whether we happen to a pear or a pigeon, it offers help from quel’occasion occurs: the club would like to organize a barbecue for Christmas tree? OK, I bring skewers chestnuts, and a mini-oven, because one never knows. I come by car, will someone enjoy the journey? Our ego assayed. Get noticed, yes. Monopolize attention, interrupt, have instruction on everything and compete at the high level of decibels that drunk.

How to keep these new friends

Now that raises a host of friends cheering, it manages to retain them. History not to retype all the work from the beginning. Contrary to the claims of popular belief, keep his friends requires a minimum of effort. Exchange blood with rusty knife grandpa at the end of the colo, vowing to life to death, wooden cross, iron cross, if I lie I get tetanus, that’s fine. Accept the constraints imposed friendship is even better. Because yes, like children, love, dogs, cats, parents, friends prove binding to use. But it’s really worth it.

Delphine, Clemence, Elodie, Thomas and Amanda invited me to dinner. And I ate well. They remind me strongly for food. In addition, there is no banging dishes. The problem is that by they will get bored and wonder that I did not receive my turn. Yes, what they say, there are towers. They are not prepared to close the evening, but at the bottom of each friend beats a little counter which records our affection. So even if I did know how to cook the puree ham or chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce out of the box, I invite my friends to share this sumptuous feast (I only have to decorate with a nice nuggets . toothpick Or buy a raclette: no cooking, choose the cheese and charcuterie carefully, and voila). All cordons bleus laugh at me, but the real message is past: I also like to get together at home and I am ready to give my feelings for it.

Friends, you can always confide in, they are there to support us. That is true. Now, if every time you see Manon, place him on the eve of our dispute with Bertrand, our pain and our leader right toe exaggerates, with supporting details, she will envy Robinson Crusoe. Between whining, we develop a conversation more kids or more in relation to its interests. Although the exemplary color processing in “Boule et Bill” us indifferent. Because, honestly, our right toe as she against in-care.

Yet this story of beating counter: when it is still the same that calls for news, he finally noticing. Legend has it that between friends there is no need to say things. A glance is enough to understand. Yes, but it must be in the same room, then. In reality, Laurette like to know that her skirt is great, where you bought it, Laetitia reassures that yours for as funny as reliable, and I am delighted to learn that my squeegee was overcooked, but that we spent a stunning evening. It therefore shows caring: one phone, one maile it msn, we postcard for the holidays or on small-cadeaute. We glue Sticky or alarms for birthdays and tries to remember the names of the brothers, sisters, nephews. Always without invading that even with great friends, it’s still important. If difficulties are encountered in defining the limit, one watches the tone. When our “I do not know what to do Saturday night,” they say “It’s crazy right now work in the neighborhood,” we should not insist.

Our tolerance is assumed: when you get up to the song of awakening at seven o’clock on the nose dropped at midnight on Thursday night. So rather than saying “This is the last time I go out or get the week” is the tone at the outset: “If at midnight everyone has not decamped, I pass you through the window . “You do not become a follower of” No it between us. ” If so, between us as we watch polished fly on his nose before saying hello, we reimburse two euros of Milky Way, asked what to bring for the evening, no phone before ten o’clock in the morning, not after nine o’clock in the evening (plus nap Sunday). But if you call us in the middle of the night, they do not answer “No, but it will not, right? You could not break at a decent hour! “In general, meeting the great oaths of fidelity, the key is to stay tuned. Listening poles stretched, territories that are closed, susceptibilities of each. Best friends have big ears, no more than to grow.

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