Instantly Get Her on the Same Page with You


Last episode we were talking about why it is that the ‘shy guy’ can not only get the girl, but actually be better at it for being shy. It was a really good information and if you guys haven’t listened to it, please, go download it from itunes or get it from the site, It was a really fun episode and good info. So, don’t miss it. In that episode, I was alluding to the fact that I was gonna continue with a couple of ways to get the ‘shy thing’ to work for you and you know actually, I’ve been writing the course material for what I’m gonna present as probably The Narps Academy sometime later (God I don’t know when I’m gonna be finished with it—it doesn’t really matter to you coz you’re just listening to the podcast [chuckles]…)

That’s all just fine, but I’ve basically putting all the material that I’ve got throughout my life and putting it together in a format that I can distribute to people. While I’ve been writing this material, I was thinking that it might actually be more functional for you guys if I just gave you a little bit of blurb from this course material. So what we are gonna be talking about today, and the future segment of the episode is all about how to get you and her on the same page all the time, no matter what. And I like the ‘no matter what’ thing, because things that work all the time they’re based off of real principles.

First of all, real principles are always ethical and that’s what we’re about here. It’s good guy material, good guy stuff and that’s why you’re here. That’s why I’m here. So its principle and ethical and it doesn’t suck. So, It works all the time, not just situational and that to me, that’s one of the things you should always look for when you’re judging your material. Does it work all the time or is it circumstantial? That’s not to say that circumstances don’t happen, of course. But there should be things that work in all circumstances. So, this is one of those things, it’s how to get you and her on the same page all the time and not only that but instead of coming off like a sucker, or coming off like a jerk, right? To come off perfectly… Not just you’re in the middle, like you’re half a sucker, half a jerk [chuckles]. But to come clearly across as an individual who can, not only get on the same page quickly, but do so with charisma and charm and also guide the conversation the way the kind of a guy should. But basically give you a way to lead the conversation in a strong and assertive way that will achieve the results that both you and her want. Because once you are at the same page, you and her, then both of your results will be perfectly commensurate and perfectly congruent all the time. So you don’t need to come off like the ‘shy guy’ and you don’t need to come off like a jerk. Right? Cause jerkbags are—that’s not where we are going for [chuckles].

Okay, so essentially that’s what we’re gonna talk about here and the reason that we’re gonna talk about it and this is the reason it’s hugely important –I feel to get out there is because so many people miss out on this. It’s super, super simple and super, super easy and it’s not tricky, right? It’s just—it is what it is and it’s what makes sense all the time. And not only that, it’s also very fun and executing it is not a pain in the ass, right? So that being the case, I wanna mention really quick if you haven’t checked out Narps, I would LOVE it if you would go and do so. I’m just building that site out, and it’s ugly as hell, I tell ya… like— [chuckles] maybe you won’t think so, but it’s just there to give you information. So if you haven’t checked it out, please go bookmark it so you’ll be able to get the information as it goes up there. I plan on giving everyone a HUGE, HUGE amount of content and as I said, I’m building a lot of course material about this topic. I’m gonna put a crap load of it up on that site for free as well. So, that’s that and oh yeah, by the way, click the subscribe button. Everyone should always say that because we forget to subscribe to things.
And this is definitely worth clicking the subscribe button for.

So, the reason that we’re having this topic, instead of the one that I was thinking which I was gonna focus on– just a couple of ways to interject your amazing studly personality. Actually we’re talking about being total dorks like all of us. Like I was talking about World of WarCraft in the last episode and how I’m too stupid to not play that game [chuckles]. Actually, it’s kinda funny. One of my primary partners, her name is Apryl. She’s a fantastic, fantastic girl. She and I play World of Warcraft, almost daily. For like, at least two hours cause its cathartic. We like it. It’s a good release. So there are girls out there that do that and play World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons, which we were talking about last episode two. But the reason that I decided to switch topics from what I was thinking to do before to now is that I got another inquiry about— on the site of Narps there’s a place that you can enter your name and your question and essentially get a podcast like this one out of it. So, if you’d like to do that, please feel free. It’s a great opportunity. The question that I got was essentially “how to get on the same page with a girl”. Without going through the whole email, the question was essentially,” I never know what to say” and I get it. Like, knowing what to say all the time is a pain in the butt. We’re gonna solve that today. And essentially it went on to say “I never know what to say and I never know what she’s thinking… And so I never know what to do next”. And like here I was writing something for the course work that was about this specifically, and so I just thought that I’d just turn around and make a podcast out of it for everybody, so right. That’s where it came from and if you wanna take advantage of that, please feel free.

Okay, so I’m done with shameless site promotion. But I do want to thank the individual who wrote the question cause it’s leading to this podcast. Okay, with that in mind, who else wants to get into the secret of how you can get on the same page with a girl, all the time. Always know what to do and really, always know what to say to. That’s a big one, I remember that being a huge problem for me, as well. So raise your hand if you’re into it cause I’m into it. Let’s do it. One of the primary problems that men have in attracting and retaining a beautiful woman is that they do not begin in the proper mind frame. They begin in whatever the hell mind frame they’re in—like they just woke up, they ate breakfast and it was Cheerios and then they went to work and have roadrage on the way and their boss is a d*ck right? And so, you’ve got all these random craps in your head while you’re interacting with people through out the day and then suddenly around the corner “dundudundun!” comes a girl X. She’s there, she’s beautiful, you wanna say hello, you want to talk to her. In fact, you just barely said hello and now what?! “wah wah” right? Okay, I get it. I know what that’s like and you know what? Frankly, that still happens to me once in a while. I mean, I’m not going to lie. Frankly, there is no perfect guy who can just rock out any single situation 100% of the time. But you can get to 95. You can get to 97 and like where gonna get a lot of that right now, right here in the Narps podcast.

So talking about mindframe what we’ve got is a bunch of junk floating around in our heads, all the time. It doesn’t relate to women necessarily. It just relates to our disposition and when we approach a scenario we kinda need to clear our heads and like do so intentionally. Push the reset button if you will, right? You forget the road rage, you forget your boss, you forget the Cheerios, you forget your whole day, basically. And what you’ve got in front of you is really the only thing you wanna have in your head. That doesn’t mean loose your personality. Your personality is a very, very strong thing for you. But you just don’t want to have junk in your head. It’s like your computer when it slows down and it’s running way too much crap. Just clear your desktop in your head and focus on the situation at hand. Now that seems like really simple advice, but it’s certainly not where I’m gonna stop right? It’s just something that I want you to do and I want you to do actually right now. So clear your head of all the junk that you have in it today. And visualize the scenario with me and it’s essentially just you and “nameless” person in front of you. That person can be 20 ft. away and you’re just gonna walk up and say “hello!” or that person can be behind the counter because you’re checking out the Best Buy at Home Depot or whatever. Doesn’t really matter.

Kind of a case in point is that you have to begin. This is an old adage, it’s certainly not my own information. You probably heard this a million times– Begin with the end in mind. Now, that’s actually a marketing term and a self-esteem term and a million other terms, and the reason is because it works all the time, for everything. I used to use this when I was building clubs at out of state. I live in Utah, but like I’ve travelled down to other states to help people either plan or build night clubs and before I had the conversation with them on the telephone, whatever it was, like the critical conversation, or even the introductory conversation like we’re gonna talk about here. What would I do is– I would stop, reset my head, clear my desktop—like my mental desktop and write down in my head– like a jotted note about I wanna talk about A,B and C. And what I was doing was I was framing where I’ve wanted the thing to go, how I’ve wanted it to turn out, what I’ve wanted them to say in the end, right? You can get really specific with this. This isn’t actually what were gonna be talking about, but it’s just kinda of a guided tour of the direction that we will be gong from the get go, right? So, clear your head, use that trick really fast and it’ll just help out, okay.
So beginning with the end in mind, now the end that you want in mind, like of course, what is that? Is the end in mind kissing, making out, going on a date, seeing a movie, watching the sun go down? This is exactly where the problem is, right? The proper end in mind and you need to get together, but you can’t possibly know what that is, because you don’t know what’s in her head, because we haven’t had this conversation yet, right? So this works, what we are about to get into works for everybody, every single situation, every single time. That doesn’t mean you will say exactly the perfect thing. That does not even matter. Saying the perfect thing is actually a fallacy. It cannot happen. There is no perfection and so you cannot say the perfect thing. What you can either do is hit or miss. And this is a way to hit all the time.

Ok, so what we’ve got here with the ‘Begin with the end in mind thing’ is a quandary where you can’t have the proper end in mind, because the proper end has to be the same end that she might have in mind for you guys to be on the same page. So, we’re going to fix that. What we’ve got is the situation is a man who visualizes every single end that he desires, visualize them all at once, like kissing, sunsets, etc. and go for any of them that seem even remotely possible like any of them what would pop up at all. And that makes kind of a spastic and reactionary conversation. And when you’re coming across to someone, certainly just as men want beautiful and charismatic women, women want charismatic and solid men that are in their playing field. So that’s that. What you’ve got is a situation where currently you’re visualizing every single thing that you might possible want from a girl all at once. And like you would just kind of go for anything that pops up. This is a common, common, common mistake. And here is the method that is helping a lot of boys get past that. Ok, so this not only causes huge confusion, but more importantly, it causes huge timing problems. Beginning with or rather not knowing what end to have in mind, whether or not you begin with the proper end in mind, cause there’s a hundred million possible ends, right. So, attempting to achieve goals that are not set properly into a dating timeline, can have really dramatic and very dire effects on your outcome. So, when you have just met a girl, let’s take that for example. If you begin with a wrong end in mind, there will be huge incongruence in your trying to deliver a satisfying experience for her, in a conversation, and that’s the same thing if you’ve known her for two years if suddenly your working relationship with a girl is— if she respects you, you’re a programmer you know, she respects you-you’re a mechanic, she respects you-whatever and you have this kind of base work understanding and all of a sudden you come off all hot and bothered like ‘I need to take you out, I have just been thinking about it for the last five years and I’ve drawn little pictures of you in my house, and I have a voodoo doll of your ex-boyfriend with pins sticking out of it— it’s just incongruent and [chuckles] I know you won’t go that far. It isn’t something that any sane man does. Truth to tell, women can make men crazy. I’ve been crazy before, so tell you what, if you’ve been crazy before, I FORGIVE you [chuckles]. Just like do the quick cross across the chest and let’s move on and self-forgive. I forgive myself for being crazy cause girls make me crazy, so… ok, back to it.

Essentially, you’re delivering huge incongruence in trying to deliver her the experience that she is going to attach to. This is a key element… this is something that I’m writing about right now, I’m not going to get into it, but congruence leads to experience, and experience leads to attachment. That’s for later, we’ll get to it eventually. Go ask for a podcast about it [chuckles]. Ok, the reason for this—the incongruence and the lack of experience that you’re delivering to her – the reason for this is that it is almost impossible that you both have the same agenda in mind. Now this doesn’t mean whether it’s the first meeting or the 100th meeting, your brain can take in and achieve any number of scenarios at once. So no matter which meeting it is, first or 100th, it doesn’t mean that you both haven’t already considered all of the potential possibilities that are out there at all. You obviously want to introduce new possibilities to her which are your agenda, and she may actually want to introduce new possibilities to you which are her agenda. But you’ll never be able to figure this out, unless you get on the same page. You may have been thinking to yourself after the first ten seconds of meeting someone, you may have been thinking of getting together, she may also have been thinking of getting together, or going on a date, or slow romantic kissing, or sitting quietly together and watching the sun come up for example, or getting naked with wild abandon ‘coz like that will happen [chuckles] and it’s not a bad time. You might be thinking or she might be thinking that reading books to each other by candlelight will be a good time, or just hanging out or talking about work may be a good time ‘coz you got to start somewhere, right?

Or any of the 100,000 other things that are always possible between men and women. It can be romantic related or not romantic related. It doesn’t matter, you got to start somewhere. But it does mean that while you might consider the possibility of getting naked with wild abandon, she might be considering sitting quietly and watching the sun come up. Or vice versa, if you know what I mean. She might be thinking of a work scenario, while you’re thinking about getting naked with wild abandon or truth to tell, once you get good at this, she might be thinking about getting naked, while you’re just thinking about having a work discussion. Getting on the same page is really, really important coz then you’ll be able to judge these things and she will be able to as well, ‘coz believe it or not, women are not cruel, mean spirited people, sitting around waiting for an opportunity to bite a guy’s head off or send them spiraling down in flames [chuckles]. They have the same agenda that we do and they want to have clean, good visceral experiences that make golden memories just like you do. And so, we are going to deliver that now. In fact, we’re not only going to deliver it, we’re gonna tick off the points of how to deliver it every single time.

Now the solution to this whole problem that we have been discussing for a minute is exceedingly simple, and I love—I found, this is only episode 4 right, but I found I love making podcasts about exceedingly simple things that work all the time. So here we go… in any interaction, whether it’s the first meeting, or the tenth meeting, or the hundredth meeting, you MUST do ONE THING to begin with and intermittently throughout the course of sharing space with any beautiful girl, ok. So once again, in any interaction with whether it’s the first meeting or the hundredth meeting, when it is time to intentionally start sharing personal space in a personal way, you MUST do ONE THING every time and then intermittently throughout the course—everything from conversation to just basic space sharing, you must do one thing and that thing is simply this: you need to begin with the proper end in mind. And we were describing all the possible ends that you could have in mind, wipe them out of your head and like we were saying earlier, reset your desktop, none of those things matter. There’s just this that matters: much as you want your situations to work out, any situations that you want to achieve, she has exactly the same agenda with her life and her day to day and her day next week and every other time you see this person, she exactly has the same agenda. So your end in mind, what you need to begin with, every single time, is to discover what she wants to achieve from this situation. And it takes a little bit of brain power in a sense, but we’re gonna get in to how to make it easy in cake, so it’s not a problem at all ever.

For a second, it seems like, ‘But that’s really hard! That’s mind reading’. It’s not mind reading. In fact, if anything, it’s much like regular reading, because this is an open-book situation. This is how you make it an open-book situation. Have you got your pencil out? It’s time to take notes. We already know that we have to do this one thing, which is discover what she most wants to achieve from whatever situation it is. Now, that’s going to be different for the hundredth conversation than it is for the first conversation. But here is how you discover it. Get your pencils out, if it’s not out, go get it. Push pause or something, ok [chuckles].
So doing this can be amazingly fun, and it can also provide you with a lot of content for her to enjoy. That in itself is worth an entire podcast and it’s also worth a thousand bucks. It’s worth a million bucks, ‘coz it’s a million dollar answer. How can you generate content? No place for anyone? I should sell that shit [chuckles]. This is one out of a million ways that I got to do this, and its super fun to do. So, here we go. I strongly recommend using the ff. methods. You got your pencil, let’s do it. There’s only two right, so it’s not that long, it’s not that tedious. I will give examples.

So number one of two things, I will give you both these two things first and then we will go over some examples.
1. Ask a lot of questions.
Questions are amazing. It does enormous positive things for you. The biggest of which is it buys you time ‘coz oftentimes we do not know what to say and asking questions give us time to think. The second thing that asking a question does is it gives you insight into her personality. Those are really, really, important if you want to connect with anyone. And magically, it’s also really, really important if you want them to connect with you. They are more interested in you when you are more interested in them in a genuine way. And asking questions generates this genuine interaction. There are a lot of gold nuggets to be had in that by itself. But that’s just number one, ask a lot of questions. I’ll give a bunch of examples of questions to ask. Write them down or at least notate them in your head.

2. And number two thing, after she answers any of your questions that you’ve asked her, you need to find a way, and this is VERY IMPORTANT—you need to find a way to strongly agree or to strongly disagree. Either one is fine, it does a number of things for you too. Much like asking questions does a number of things for you, this does a number of things for you as well:
• It evokes curiosity.
• It gives you a standpoint. Instead of being in firm and not having a standpoint where you are like ‘Yeah I guess that’s true, um’ OR ‘if you say so’, OR ‘I’ll agree with anything you say as long as you don’t leave’ [chuckles] So you need to find a way to strongly agree or disagree with what she says after she answers your question, right. What you want to do is ask a bunch of questions that are like the ff. questions. These are not exact because I am not exactly in your situation, ‘coz situations are always different. But they’re going to have content like this and they’re gonna be framed like this:

You are going to ask her about whatever situation you’re in right this second like go ahead and do it, it seems weird, but try it please, please just once this week do it, three times. Make a promise to yourself three times ok?

So you are going to ask questions about this situation you are in right this second and ask about for example: Ask about the last time she was in a situation and how did it go? That’s a really simple question. ‘So the last time you randomly met someone in Walmart, how did that go for you?’ and she will say ‘um, he was this cheezy guy and I hated him’. And you’ll find a way to strongly agree or disagree with him.

You can ask her about what happened in this situation the last time she was in it when everything went terrifyingly wrong, like terribly, terribly wrong. You can just phrase it just like that. So the last time you met somebody at Walmart and it was absolutely not going well, what did you do? And that’s the cutest thing to say in the whole universe, ‘coz if you’re sitting there with nothing to say… She’s gonna have to answer you. It will give you the time to think. It will give you all sorts of things, including huge props in her head for stepping up to the plate of being like ‘Yup I did not have anything to say there, I suck’. She’ll probably grin at you and answer your question. So don’t be afraid to do it. So we got so far: What did she do last time she was in that situation and how did it go? And that situation can be meeting someone at Walmart or it can be running into each other or(here’s a good one) accidentally walking in a women’s bathroom in a work party. Any situation at all these questions will work. The last time she was in this situation and how did it go? The last time she was in this situation where it didn’t turn out well at all like she did not like the results. That’s another one. You can ask-here’s another one: What are most of her friends do in this situation and then ask her to tell you about what she likes about that and what she thinks will be better or more fun. That’s a great one for a date, right. You’ve asked someone on a date and it’s the time to go:
You: ‘So what do you want to do?’
Girl: ‘Well what do you want to do?’
You: ‘Uh I don’t know I’ll do whatever you want to do’.
Girl: ‘No, I think that I want to do what you want to do’.

Ok just skip that and ask that question, right. What are her friends do in this situation? And then follow up with asking her to tell you about what she liked about what her friends did in this situation and what she thinks will be better or more fun. I will pause here for a second and I just want to say that you do not have to ask my questions. My questions come out of me really well and really smoothly when I am in this situation or in any situation ‘coz they are my questions, right? Just write this down as a basis and then scratch them out and modify them and make them your questions. That will go off twice as well, if not better. You can use mine if you want too, they’re legit and they work. But it will be more fun for you and that’s important—it will be more fun for you if they’re your questions. So write them down, strike ‘em out and modify them and then memorize them if you can. I suck at memorizing, but do what you got to do to get this out, ok.

So we got the one about her friends, just out just now. Here’s another one that I like to use a lot: this seems really funny from the get go, but I like to ask people what their parents would have done in their day in this situation. You’re thinking to yourself ‘oh great now she is thinking about her mom’[chuckles]. But it’s a legitimate question. What would her parents have done in this situation whether it’s in Walmart or walking into the women’s room. And then does she think that would be interesting of her parents? Or, is she more modern than that? Follow up, it is totally ok to follow up and particularly if it’s going well. If it’s not, just switch to a different question, ok. But ask a bunch of questions. Another question example, for fun, ask her what she would do in this situation that you’re in if there were no social boundaries at all. No social boundaries, no social norms – doesn’t matter. So that would work in the Walmart scenario or it would work in the bathroom scenario either way, ok. Like if there were no social norms, and no boundaries in the bathroom scenario, she might say ‘I might hit you with a chair’ [chuckles]. That’s gonna lead to an awesome conversation. It’s gonna be really funny ‘coz you might very strongly agree or disagree with that. If there were no social norms in the bathroom, she might say ‘I’ve always walked around in a corset with no panties on’. This happens, so give it the opportunity to happen by getting good questions to ask. Again feel free to pirate mine, I’m totally ok with that.

Here’s the last one. Ask her what her favorite pop idol would do today in this situation. And follow up with, would she like to replicate that? Now her favorite pop idol in Walmart might break out into song and she will describe it to you, if you know what I mean. And so then you can follow with ‘Well would you like to replicate that?’ it sounds really cool, like go out and break out into song. Again, you’re buying yourself amazing time to think and your endearing as hell. So it is what it is. So ask her what her favorite pop idol will do in this situation. And that one’s kind of a wild card, ‘coz her favorite pop idol might be Johnny Depp. Her favorite pop idol might be Bill Clinton. I’m sure you can look at her like ‘Really…’ for a couple of seconds long enough to be like ‘coz the Bill Clinton thing has the obvious implications [chuckles]. He was married right – we thought. And he didn’t inhale at all. So you can go in any direction you want to with that. And when she like to replicate that here and now I’m going off into attention and I don’t want to. I really did want to illustrate how fun this can be, ok. So get your list of questions and just get them straight, whether it’s on paper, or in your head. I have to do everything in my head ‘coz I can’t remember anything and I’m terrible at writing stuff down. So, I tell you guys, if I can do this, you can do this. Like you’re all probably smarter than me. I can’t remember anything!!! [chuckles] In like, I can’t remember anything.

There are many, many, many more questions like this that will engage any beautiful girl far beyond—and this is great. That will engage any beautiful girl FAR BEYOND what any of the other average guys out there are doing or saying or talking about or asking right because it works amazingly well. Okay, so beyond that and just being way cooler than all the other guys out there just using these questions, right? This is an incredible way to discover what her agenda is for this situation that you’re in because you have directly to asked her about it. And now you know beyond the shadow of a doubt what it is, right? And it’s a great way to know, once you know, you can shoot for it in a fun, interesting and engaging interaction for whatever time it is that you get to spend together in this period, okay? So moving on.

Now, number two, number one was ask a lot of questions so number two, as usually the two things here, this is easy as pie. Number two, after she answers any of the questions, whether it’s one or all, right? You need to find a way to strongly agree or disagree. Now again, either one is just fine. Because it evokes any number of very positive things, right? Okay, so here are some examples just like we gave examples of the questions, right? And like which questions you can use on how to play with that. Here’s some example on how to agree or strongly disagree that I like to use a lot and the reason I like to use them is because they engage the person, they promote reciprocity. They promote sharing in general, right? And they also extend the conversation and the more time we spend on conversation, obviously the better you’re doing. So, you can relate one of your own experiences. This is something I like to do a lot. I like to relate my experiences that strongly support her answers to my questions or don’t, right? I will be directly be like ‘yeah, I totally agree’ and this is why relate my experience or ‘you know I actually think that’s crap but this is why’. And give her one of my experiences to support that right.

So, you can relay a friend’s experience as well. That works really, really well, because you can take a third party perspective and you can have a conversation about it. Because in a third party perspective, she can have her opinion too, right? So relay a friend’s experience that strongly supports her answer or not. Again just the same as we just did. You can also take your agreeing or disagreeing a totally different direction if you want to. And use whatever you want to get it done. Let’s say that you’re particularly good at trivia, or historic people, or history in general, or whatever. So take it and tell her a quick story about how her answer could or has gone amazingly well in the past or how it could or has gone amazingly poorly for any historic figure that she would recognize—like Maddona, or Will Smith, or Jesus, or Harry Potter or anybody else that she would recognize or that you can describe in some sort of fun details. Like what would Jesus do in Walmart sort of thing? What would Jesus do in the women’s bathroom? That turns into a super fun conversation. Like you happen to know a lot about Jesus ‘coz you’re Christian right? That’s perfectly congruent. And you know a lot about his life. Jesus’ life is pretty historic. She is absolutely gonna know just about every detail of Jesus’ life ‘coz everyone does. And then just point out a couple of places where Jesus could have walked in a woman’s bathroom in Nazareth or something and how that could have gone. Or if you are a dork like me, use Harry Potter or anything at all. If you’re a music buff, I’m also a big, big music buff. Use the Madonna example. It doesn’t matter. The point is leveraging one of your strengths that tell her a quick story. In fact, the bigger point is that you’re leveraging one of your strengths to strongly agree or disagree. The last episode was all about that so go listen to it. Moving on with this, find a way to strongly agree or disagree based on just about anything, it doesn’t really matter. Don’t feel hesitant to look at her if you’re gonna disagree. Look at her, take a couple of seconds to think, just like furrow your brow, cock your head a bit, be dramatic about it. It buys you time, it makes you interesting, it makes you visually interesting. And that doubles the same thing, right now. It is just what is. Take time to smile shyly, you know. And look at her if you’re gonna agree and be like: Here’s a story about that. So Madonna, right? She’s the number one business woman on earth. So going on from there, you get what I’m saying?

Find a way to agree or disagree strongly with strength, okay? So now what we’ve got I wanna put everything together really quick. What we’ve got is now you will be able to start with the correct ‘end in mind’ because it is exactly the same idea that she has in mind because you have both come to it through this process. You know exactly what’s in her head about the scenario that you’re in, you no longer have to wonder what is she thinking. You know exactly what she’s thinking because you asked. And you asked in a way that was amazingly engaging and super fun for both of you, right? Makes sure it’s fun for you. You have to do that ‘coz fun is important to have in life. Please notice that you know exactly what’s in her head now, because you have come to it both at the same time through the process you just used. Now please notice that this will work in any situation at anytime and with any person no matter how long or short you have known this girl. It will work under any circumstances yielding amazing results, okay.

A couple of examples from earlier in the discussion: It could be about a topic on what to do on your first date. Use any of those questions. What do your friends usually do on their first dates? Do you think that’s boring? Do you think that’s awesome? What would Madonna do on her first date? Do you want to replicate that? You know what I mean, like there that is. It could be about a topic about slow romantic kissing. If that’s the situation you’re in or about to get into, right? What would Jesus do [chuckles] in this situation? That would bring a conversation that is so memorable that she’ll never forget it. It can also be chatting with someone with the very first time. It will work on any situation. It’s almost impossible to get a negative response if you use this method. Now this means that this interaction will continue into the next interaction where you can use this method again to generate more amazing content and amazing fun and amazing results. When you discern what page she’s on at that step. And then you can use it again. For the next step and you’ll know what page she’s on at every single step. So you meet her at Walmart and you progress step after step using this method. And just this method. Forget everything that I ever said before. Forget everything that you’ve ever read before or heard before. Just this method step by step by step, and suddenly you’re reading books to each other by candlelight, or getting naked with wild abandon. Imagine any of those questions when you get to that step. And the conversations that wouldn’t ensue, right? Well, hopefully you won’t be pausing to have conversation at that point. But you know what I mean? Okay. Now the way this works is that by asking the questions you get her to lay down which she thinks what would be the best case scenario and she does this completely accidentally, right? It’s not insidious and it’s not tricky but she’ll just give you what she thinks because you asked her to, right? And by you answering the question, by strongly agreeing or disagreeing you get to have a lot of fun while—

Here’s something fantastic about this. I wanna point it out. You get to have a lot of fun, and at the same time you get to influence the outcome of the conversation or events that you’re planning during the conversation itself or discussing during the conversation itself whether it’s first meeting or planning of first date or whatever. She’s laying down what page she’s on and you get to help her write that page by strongly agreeing or disagreeing. And so you get to be attached to not only on what page she’s on and never have a question about that ever again in your life, but you also get to dictate how that page gets written.

This way no matter what you decidedly end, both of you together right or how it went during the conversation, you both agree that it is the perfect decision. And you’re both on the same page for certain and instead of being boorish like the jerkbags out there, right? Or being a pushover. And simply doing whatever she wants you to do. You have strongly led the conversation and achieve the results that you’ve both wanted and both agreed that you’ve wanted and you’re in any page. Works at any step, with any relationship, with any first meeting. Doesn’t matter if you have been with the person for ten years or if you just barely saw them at Walmart. This will make your life cake. This will make your dating life simple. This will make conversations in generating content instantaneous. You’ve got to try these guys. Please, please, please, just do it. This week, tomorrow— just do it. I was throwing down notes like I’ve said I’ve writing on this course material. I was writing about “The auto flirt technique” the automatic flirt technique. If you haven’t heard that podcast, you need to go hear it too. We’re only on episode 4 but I’m already completely stooped on what’s happens so far. [chuckles] Cause this is great material. ‘The automatic flirt technique’ it’s essentially its asking you to practice on non-scary people, practice flirting on non-scary people, right? Just listen to the whole thing, please. Cause that’s a really, really awesome topic but you can use the same principle here with this as well. Now just try this on your boss, try this on your mom, try it on your cat, try it on your grandma, try it on a lady with a blue wig. Like I think I’ve used that example in that podcast, right? Do whatever you need to do to get this done. You need, please, please, please. This helped me so much. Like, everything is so simple now. Please do this. Okay guys, we’re kinda running out of time. But I wanted to say thank you very much to the member who wrote in to ask for this information. It’s been really fun to put out. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed doing it. Here are some action step, please go click the subscribe button. Do it, I’d do it for you. That’s all I want and after you subscribe, go get your questions, hammer ‘em out. Use mine if you want to, modify ‘em if you want to, whatever you need to do. Go and try this. You’ll be amazed at how killer it is and it’s again, it’s for the good guys, it’s for you guys. You don’t have to do it the other way. You can do it this way. It’s so much more fun. While we’re talking about super easy to do, go and visit Narps. Look around the site. Please give me your comments on it. I want to know how you want it to go. I want to know how you want these podcasts to go, and I want to know what you want to know.