Law of Attraction Affirmations (techniques)


Let’s talk about Affirmations. You probably know what is the Law of Attraction, right? So let’s move on.. How many of you say “I hate my life”? Still remember what an anchor is? So what state are you associating with your life? Think about it. No. Don’t think about it. Think “I love my life” instead.

The negative affirmations are bad. And what we need to REALIZE is that the only reason we use them is the habit we acquired some time in the past. We don’t have to use negative affirmations! We are free! All we need to do is to use positive ones even if at the beginning you will FEEL like a nice GOOD dummy.

All you need to do in order to get into the mental (and then thirty to sixty seconds later − into the physiological) state is to describe this state to yourself. Any state, including the “I have a sore throat” state. In the article that you are reading right now I use it a lot to bring YOU in the GOOD STATE. While in the “flu commercials” they do just the opposite by describing your the negative state. How many people would hold on during the flu season by using their own immune system, if not for this commercials that HYPNOTIZED them into having the symptoms?

Same with those colleague in the office who is telling you every now and then how miserable the life is. Same with those books you read about poor abused people..

So stick with the winners. Stick with the optimists. What goes into your mind − stays there, so be very careful with all the mental garbage people are trying to sell you or to give you for free.

So what do we do about it? How do we resist the negative affirmations that are all around us? Very simple. We need our own affirmations. We need to tell ourselves how wonderful, smart and healthy we are. Too simple? All great things are simple. Besides − when was the last time you did something like that? Aha…

When you do your affirmations, remember that it is not an exercise I am talking about. It is the life style. Say you are walking outside with your friend and rain starts. And − what a surprise − your friend feels an obligation to let you know that weather sucks and that any normal person hates the rain. What do you do? How about telling (both to your friend and yourself) couple of nice stories about the rain? After all − the sound of the rain is so−o−o relaxing. And as YOU ARE LISTENING to it you might  also NOTICE that the air is much cleaner now, there is no dust, and have you ever noticed how PLEASANT is it − to TAKE A DEEP BREATH and to FEEL the freshness of this air. It is as if the rain is washing the old stuff away and something NEW and EXITING is about to begin. And… Wait a minute! Your friend seem to agree with you. AND your friend is smiling AND so are you! Wow! That was fast!

Let me illustrate this point with the VERY fast and VERY powerful technique for dealing with any problems − it is ancient Egypt unless you can prove me wrong.

Smile. Then take a deep breath. Visualize the golden 6 feet obelisk in front of you kind of the Egyptian design (I just watched the Stargate series that’s where the Egypt came from). And on this foundation there is your problem, sitting and waiting for you to worship it. Instead of worshiping, approach the problem (be covert 😉 and GIVE IT A KICK! That’s right. With your foot − imaginary one. See the problem flying away, and notice that, no mater what you felt before, there is nothing to worship in this situation. Really.

Keep smiling. I will make you to smile you know, even if it is the last thing you do in your life. And as you are smiling lets talk about this same “feel good by going this direction” approach applied to your body.

Ask ten people to name a part of the body that pops up to mind first and eight of them will say “nose” or “hand”. I don’t know why. (And I will not tell you what the other twenty percent will suggest 😉 OK, say you have a sore nose. What do you do? You hate it. This stupid nose. Can I just smash it? Should I take Tylenol? That’s your strategy for dealing with pain − you hate it. And does it help? Not really. Because you do not give your body any directions. You DO NOT want your nose to be sore − fine! But WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT? Have you EVER complimented yourself for feeling good? Then why do you expect your unconscious to do the “feel good” routine for you? Have you ever told yourself you are proud for doing two push−ups once a week − regardless the fact that you wanted two hundred every day? Do it − and the next time you might suddenly do three push−ups! I am not kidding, it is THAT powerful 😉

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  • Thanks man! Great article. Usually i use affirmations every day, and sometimes i get pumped up very high! Also affirmations helps you to deal with limited beliefs very well.


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