Making Money Online – Doing Nothing

This post isn’t really about doing nothing. It is actually focused on setting up a team to help you with your blog. Doing nothing and making money online would be the extreme of what I’m about to tell you about but believe me, it is a possibility.

This post is will show you how to set up a team and how to make it work for you and your budget.

You’re not going to be an expert at everything. In fact there will be things that you are down right horrible at. Perhaps you don’t have time to write your posts or you have no clue how to work with websites. You can hire someone to do these for you! Don’t let your inabilities stand in the way of your success.

Several things you’re going to want to address are HTML, CSS, data analysis, graphical design, servers, copywriting, link building, content for your blog.

All these things are essential to your blogs success and fortunatly, they are all services that can be purchased easily.

As we progress through this series about building a successful blog and making money online I will be telling you to do many things that you may either not feel comfortable doing because you don’t understand the technology, or you may simple not have enough time to juggle it all. Keep this post in mind as these things come up and take advantage of my advice and hire someone to do it. You may really enjoy writing about coffee but link building is something you dread doing and therefore you don’t. But what if you did all the link building you should do? Your revenue may go through the roof! The idea here is to not let that one little thing stand in your way. Empower yourself and hire someone to do it for you. The trick is to hire someone who will do activity cheap enough so their actions make you more than they cost.

This is where the idea of making money online doing nothing comes into play.

You could literally hire someone to do every thing I’ll tell you in this series and likely still make a good profit!Here is how: and
These are my two favorite to use. I personally am not a big fan of link building so I have found a guy in Bangladesh who does it for me. He charges me a grand total of, get ready for this, $0.80 per hour! I can write as many posts as I want and then I have my guy do all the link building for me.

Since he is in Bangladesh, he is awake and working while I’m sleeping. This means TheHackedLife is working 24/7! You can double your output this way by removing yourself as a road block. If you only have 12 hours a day to work on your blog but hire someone else to work the other 12, you’re working 24 hours! This is true Hacker Style!

Making Money Online Doing Nothing

Here is how you do it. Go to and click “Hire” on the top right. Search for whatever you need, Link Builder, Article Content Writer, ect. By default Odesk organizes the providers by top contractor. Change this search parameter to lowest hourly rate and begin your search. Click on their profiles to see what kind of work they’ve done before and read reviews of them.

How You Pay

Once you find someone you like sign up for an account. You’ll need to provide a credit card. Odesk will charge your card a small fee and you will need to check your statement to verify these charges. I simply called my credit card the next day and got a summary of charges. The two small ones were from Odesk. Then I verified my card.Hiring

After that you are ready to hire this person. Make sure you give them increadible details on what you want them to do. Also add some incentives. If you’re paying them per hour they might want to not work on your stuff and take on another job that pays a higher hourly rate. Give them a bonus like, every link you build that gets me 100 visitors I’ll give you a $10 bonus. This will be about 2% or the revenue from those visitors but will be motivation for your provider to do an excellent job.


You’ll be able to monitor their work as time progresses. I pay my providers every Friday. They just charge my card for the amount of time they worked and I verify the charge and it goes through. Once you have a trusted source you can set them on autopilot and they’ll be getting you visitors and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

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