P90X: Chest Shoulders Triceps + Ab Ripper

Day 29 of P90X of Chest Shoulders and Triceps was a pretty fun routine with a new crew consisting of Dave (a.k.a. “Davey”), Phil, and Laura (an older woman who survived P90X with her daughter; no her daughter is not on any of the instructional DVD’s). Anyways, today was a lot of fun because there were no “repeats” during the entire routine. Although I don’t mind repeating previous exercises for a second time through, I think that I am much more motivated to “bring it” when I know I won’t have to do the particular move again throughout the workout.

Slow Motion 3 in 1 Push Ups + In and Out Shoulder Flys

This workout started with “Slow Motion 3 in 1 Push Ups” which were not very difficult to do. I was able to do all three sets (wide, normal, and military (a.k.a. narrow)) and they weren’t very difficult. I even did 13 bonus reps of military push ups when the bonus time came around (it was surprising to have extra time on the very first move). After finishing the push ups, came “In and Out Shoulder Flys” – this move was not difficult, but kept the burn going after my push ups. I did a total of 16 reps using 10 pound dumbbells.Chair Dips + Plange Push Ups

Chair Dips came after the Shoulder Flys and they were tough. The reason that they were tough was because I decided to add a leg raise and use multiple chairs. It is easy to use one chair and do a leg raise with the other leg on the ground. But, when doing one leg raise with the other leg on another chair, it is easier to get more depth out of the dips. I was able to do a total of 21 reps and nearly collapsed at the end of this move; I know for a fact that I did my best for this one. After the dips got done destroying my arms, the Plange Push Ups required even more arm strength. These push ups are similar to military style, but your hands are further back and your fingers are splayed out to the side – in other words, they are pretty damn tough. I was able to do a grand total of 14 reps and was happy with my performance on this move.

Pike Presses + Side Tri-Rises

Pike Presses was what followed the Plange Push Ups – and they were not easy. I used bars (like Tony recommends) and it definitely helped me out. I did a total of 13 reps, but felt like I was going to smash my face or forehead by the final few reps. I thought that the move was pretty cool, but I was glad to have gotten it done with early in this workout. Side Tri Rises were after Pike Presses and I thought that I was going to be able to do a ton of reps. It turned out that my arms were fairly tired from the earlier workout moves and I was only able to do 15 reps on my right side and 12 on my left.

Floor Flys + Scarecrows

Floor Flys were somewhat tough to do, but I was happy with what I did. When doing Floor Flys, I had a paper plate that I could slide to each time so that I got good “flys.” Tony tells you to do 4 reps of flys on each side and then to switch (and repeat). I did a total of 12 reps on each side (e.g. 24 reps) and nearly collapsed. After taking a break for a few seconds, I did 4 bonus reps on each side. After the Floor Flys was a move called “Scarecrows” and I was able to do 9 reps with 10 pound weights; this felt like the perfect amount of weight for me to be using.

Overhead Tricep Extensions + Two Twitch Speed Push Ups

Overhead Tricep Extensions were easy for me to do at 10 pounds. In fact, I thought that after I was done that I could have easily done 12 reps using at least 15 pounds. On my worksheet, I made a note that I should be moving up next workout. Probably the toughest move in this entire workout was the “Two Twitch Speed Push Ups.” This particular move involves doing 4 fast push ups, followed by 3 slow ones, then 4 fast, 3 slow, and the sequence repeats itself. I nearly collapsed on the second round of 3 slow push ups. I was able to do a total of 12 fast and 6 slow this time around and felt good about myself, but I don’t know how the entire crew was able to do these without showing any signs of collapsing.

Y-Presses + Lying Tricep Extensions

One of my favorite moves in this “Chest Shoulders and Triceps” routine was definitely the Y-Presses. Doing Y-Presses is pretty easy to do, but if you pick the right weight, it should be plenty challenging. I used 20 pound weights and was able to eek out a total of 9 reps; my arms were tired, but I think I could have done more reps if this were more towards the beginning of the workout. After doing the Y-Presses, I did “Lying Tricep Extensions” which was pretty darn easy for me using only 10 pounds in each hand. I noted on my worksheet that it would be a good idea to move up in weight next time.

Side To Side Push Ups + Pour Flys

Doing the “Side to Side Push Ups” was pretty easy for me to do, even the advanced version. The move itself was not complicated, and I’m generally pretty good at doing any kind of push ups. Since my arms felt pretty good, I was able to do 16 reps, but towards the end I was struggling. Fortunately, there was a pretty fun move called “Pour Flys” to be done after the Side To Side Push Ups. For the Pour Flys, I used 10 pounds and did a total of 9 reps – I noted that it would be a good idea to stick with this weight for next time.

Side Leaning Tricep Extensions + One Arm Push Ups

Side-Leaning Tricep Extensions seemed like a good move to include in this workout because they did a great job at targeting my triceps (and they should with a name like “Tricep Extensions”). Anyways, I used 15 pound weights and did 10 reps on each side. After finishing these, Tony Horton decides that it’s a good idea to have the people attempt to (smash their face) doing “One Arm Push Ups.” At this point in the workout, doing push ups with one arm seems like a suicide mission; my arms are fairly wasted. I was not able to do any of these “one arm push ups” without going to my knees – I did my best and forgot the rest, but still do not understand why such an insane move was included this late in the workout! Had it been earlier, I probably could have done a few reps.

Weighted Circles + Throw The Bomb

Weighted Circles was also a particular move during this routine that I enjoyed. Although my forearms felt like someone poured gasoline on them and lit them with a Zippo before I was finished, I liked the move. I used 5 pound weights and barely made it through the last few reps, but I still survived. I made sure to note that the weight amount being used would be acceptable for next week as well. Following the “Weighted Circles” was an exercise called “Throw The Bomb” and it was pretty easy to do at just 15 pounds – I need to move up next time for sure.

Clap or Plyo Push Ups + Slow Moe Throws

When I saw the move “Clap or Plyo Push Ups” I immediately thought they were going to be tough. Anytime you see anything related to “Plyometrics” (e.g. Plyo), you know it’s going to kick some ass. Anyways, this move was very high intensity and it happens to be Tony’s personal favorite during this routine. I thought I did well with it, but came very close to smashing my face (sidebar: don’t smash your face). On the last few reps, my arms felt like buckling and I felt like quitting, but was able to finish doing 14 reps; I was happy with this amount. For the “Slo Mo Throws” I did 12 reps at 10 pounds – this was too light of a weight for me.

Front To Back Tricep Extensions + One Arm Balance Push Ups

Moving on to “Front To Back Tricep Extensions” wasn’t very tough, but doing 10 reps on each side was just fine at 15 pounds. I think that I will stay at the same weight next week for this move. Doing “One Arm Balance Push Ups” wasn’t very tough either, despite the fact that I thought they would be just as hard as “One Arm Push Ups” (that I had to do from my knees earlier). These “Balance Push Ups” were not difficult for me, so I decided that adding the “leg raise” was in order. I did a total of 13 in military push up style (e.g. hands close) with the leg raise; this move went well.

Fly Row Presses + Dumbbell Cross Body Blows

The last two moves of the workout were: “Fly Row Presses” and “Dumbbell Cross Body Blows” – which made for a great ending. I was able to do 10 Fly Row Presses using 10 pound weights – this was a good weight for me on this move. The last move of the workout was Dumbbell Cross Body Blows, and they were fairly challenging at 20 pounds each. My arms were tired and doing 10 reps on each side was a good challenge; I did it. I survived Day 29 of Chest Shoulders and Triceps and cannot wait for Plyometrics to start up again (or at least for today).

Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps VS. Chest and Back

There are a lot of people that like Chest Shoulders and Triceps better than Chest and Back. For one, I thought that it was an easier routine. I liked this routine and thought that it was good to break up the routine and confuse my muscles (e.g. muscle confusion – if it actually works). I personally like that there are no repeats in this workout and you don’t have to worry about doing the same move over again later in the workout when you’re feeling wasted.

However, I actually like Chest and Back better because it is more challenging than today’s workout. Sure, Chest Shoulders and Triceps is tough, plus Ab Ripper X comes after that too (and we all know that getting our abs ripped is no joke) – but it’s just not as tough and for me, just not quite as fun as doing the (more challenging) Chest and Back. Who knows though, this was my first day doing this routine; maybe I’ll feel different about it when it rolls around next week. Until then, it’s on to the next one!

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